Online News: Natural8 – GGNet’s newest SNG format; Flip & Go format enters the live arena; Another juicy $12.5M GTD APL series underway; PokerStars’ system and Bounty Builder updates

In this column, we deliver you the latest and most interesting online poker industry news from across the world and all platforms. Natural8 – GGNet’s newest game: Battle Royale, Sit & Go Survival The fastest growing platform has aggressively captured the attention of the entire online poker scene in the past few years or so […]

Dan Bilzerian doubles down on dubious poker claims

The snapshots of Dan Bilzerian’s life which are offered to us through the medium of Instagram can be described in many ways. Lavish. Extravagant. Offensive. Exuberant. Repulsive. It all depends on your point of view, which is one of the many things Bilzerian couldn’t care less about. The self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” has happily described […]

Top 5 Biggest Poker Cash Games

  It has been said that tournaments are where the spotlight is, and cash games are where the money is. Unfortunately it’s hard to unearth all the details of these games. Despite that fact, we have managed to gather some details about the Biggest Poker Cash Game.  #5. Molly’s Game   It has been said that […]

OFF Topic: Dan Bilzerian Spreading STD, Neymar’s Royal Flush, Daniel Cates losing big

Dan Bilzerian spreading STD Dan Bilzerian, proclaimed as the king of instagram after regularly posting about his wild lifestyle, was left infuriated recently after gossip website ‘The Dirty’ featured a random commenter suggesting she had caught Chlamydia from him. Dan Bilzerian was not pleased about this, and responded in an understandable and balanced manner, with […]