USOP Danang 2024: Mini Main – Day 1B

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Le Ngoc Minh catapults to a million at Mini Main Day 1B; 51 players advance to ITM round

Le Ngoc Minh at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event
Le Ngoc Minh

The USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main wrapped up its second flight with Le Ngoc Minh leading the 51 survivors list. Le was seen railroading the table and earned most of his chips on a nasty bad beat with pocket Kings flopping the set to dust Charles Pham’s pocket Aces. Le has now taken the top spot in the Day 2 lits. We await the results of Day 1C to see if it holds.

Buy in: VN₫ 12,000,000 (~USD 494)
Guarantee: VN₫ 3,000,000,000 (~USD 121,000)
Day 1B: 408 entries (302 unique) / 51 ITM

Rank Player Flag Stack BB
1 Le Ngoc Minh Vietnam 1,091,000 91
2 Nguyen Manh Hung Vietnam 805,000 67
3 Wan Hao Zhao China 712,000 59
4 Suya Lee Korea 528,000 44
5 Lee Jung Yeol Korea 521,000 43
6 Lee Sung Hyun Korea 489,000 41
7 Bi Hai Sheng China 413,000 34
8 Terence Stevens Australia 403,000 34
9 Ivan Ermin Russia 390,000 33
10 Nguyen Anh Minh Vietnam 370,000 31
11 Giuseppe Murabito Italy 357,000 30
12 Park Chul Woo Korea 356,000 30
13 Yu Xiao Tong China 330,000 28
14 Zhang Cheng China 326,000 27
15 Jin Hyeok Seo Korea 325,000 27
16 Wang Hui China 321,000 27
17 Chen Bo China 302,000 25
18 Bui Khac Hoang Giang Vietnam 282,000 24
19 Seung Min Kim Korea 255,000 21
20 Lee Tse Ian Malaysia 254,000 21
21 Trinh Anh Duy Vietnam 238,000 20
22 Ye Jun Kim Korea 199,000 17
23 Doan Quang Trung Vietnam 198,000 17
24 An Ji Hyeon Korea 190,000 16
25 Bhavik Kha India 184,000 15
26 Andrey Lyubovetskiy Russia 174,000 15
27 Sithanh Deuansavanh Laos 164,000 14
28 Phan Antoine Vietnam 160,000 13
29 Pisan Kumpree Thailand 154,000 13
30 Joseph Talamayan Zimbabwe 143,000 12
31 Scott Shore Canada 135,000 11
32 Zhou Zhen Gong China 128,000 11
33 Le Van Son Vietnam 115,000 10
34 Jooree Kim Korea 114,000 10
35 Rob Sherwood UK 109,000 9
36 Czar Ian Marcos Philippines 106,000 9
37 Zheng Wei China 87,000 7
38 Do Tien Vu Vietnam 74,000 6
39 Dinh Tien Thanh Vietnam 73,000 6
40 Dang Quyen Anh Vietnam 70,000 6
41 Tracy Crisostomo Philippines 70,000 6
42 Tran Thanh Hung Vietnam 69,000 6
43 Ngoc Ha Alice Vietnam 68,000 6
44 Kostiakov Konstantin Russia 61,000 5
45 Su Young Song Korea 57,000 5
46 Johnatan Tan Singapore 52,000 4
47 Ming Jiang China 51,000 4
48 Yuan Xin China 51,000 4
49 Whi Jian Hua China 50,000 4
50 Qiu Quan China 47,000 4
51 Kiyoshi Kiyomoto Japan 41,000 3

USOP Danang 2024

Chips in play: 12,240,000

22:18: Bubble bursts! Terence Stevens rails Joel Jeremias
Level 19: 5,000-10,000 ante 10,000

Terence Stevens at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event
Terence Stevens

After 13 hand-for-hand rounds, Terence Stevens finally served up the bubble in Joel Jeremias. Jeremias shoved his last 3 bb with {a}{9}, and was called by three players. All checked the flop 6s9h4d then Stevens bet the turn Qd, but no takers to deny a side pot. Jeremias showed his Ad9c pair, Stevens had better 9d6d two pair, the river 2d more than ensured the win for Stevens to send  Jeremias out on the bubble.

Bubble time at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B

22:15: Nonstop double ups!
Level 19: 5,000-10,000 ante 10,000

Bubble time at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B

For over an hour, the bubble round saw at least ten players double up. Ian Lee attempts to send two players home, calling both shoves in separate hands. The first hand was against Ye Jun Kim who was very thrilled to see his QcQs prevail against Lee’s AhKd on a Jack-high board. Bi Haiseng was the other happy camper whose KcKd held against Lee’s AdQh on a board 5hQc10h8c9c.

Tracy Crisostomo at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Tracy Crisostomo

Shi Jian Hua also found luck on the board with JcJs further improving against {aj}Jd on board 10dKc7c4c6c. Short stacked Tracy Crisostomo watched her stack drain to 15 bb and sent it all in with KsQs. Scott Shore had 8s10s. Both players missed the board, Crisostomo doubled up.

From small blind, Lee Jungyeol calls cutoff Ivan Ermin’s raise and both see the flop 8h2d3d. Lee proceeds to check-call 25,000, and again check-calls 40,000 on the turn 6d. On the river 9s, Lee leads out 65,000, Ermin tanks using a time-bank, calls then mucks to Lee’s Ad9d pair.

Quan Qiu at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Quan Qiu

Another double up was Quan Qiu with AsQs pairing the ace on the board Ah8d8h5d7d to survive Suya Lee’s QhQd. A few hands later, Qiu lost some of those chips to Harsh Bhai Kha whose QhQc stood firm against Qiu”s10d9d.

20:45: 52 players remaining, it’s bubble time!
Level 19: 5,000-10,000 ante 10,000

20:45: Le Ngoc Minh cracks Charles Pham’s aces to collect a massive pot
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Le Ngoc Minh at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event
Le Ngoc Minh

Facing a raise, Charles Pham AhAc three-bets, bigger stacked Le Ngoc Minh KdKh four-bet, initial raiser tank-folds, Pham five-bet shoves, Le uses up a time bank then makes the call and sees he is behind. But not for long as the flop lands 9c3dKc for a set. The turn 2d and river 7s end the board, Pham is eliminated.

52 players remaining.

20:42: Seungmin Kim gets max pay for his boat
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Nguyen Ngoc opens from utg+2, lojack Seungmin Kim calls, no other takers for both to go to the flop 6hJsQs. Nguyen c-bets 16,000 then calls Kim’s 46,000 raise. On the turn Qh, Kim fis 52,000, Nguyen check-raises all in, Kim calls his last 17 bb and has JhJc full house. Nguyen has outs with KhQc but it doesn’t materialize with a 4s river.

Seungmin Kim – 424,000
Nguyen Ngoc – 30,000

20:40: Ivan Ermin outdraws the big cards
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Ivan Ermin at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Ivan Ermin

Ivan Ermin shoves his big stack from cutoff and button takes the chance. Ermin opens 5h6h and is live against button’s AhJs. The board favors Ermin as it runs 6s2h3s5c6c.

Ivan Ermin – 780,000

53 players remaining

20:30: Cowboys to nuts for Giang Bui cracks Lee Gwan Woo’s set
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Giang Bui at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Giang Bui

Utg+2 Lee Gwan Woo opens 14,000, lojack Giang Bui calls, both see a flop 6c5c4s. Lee c-bets 20,000, Bui raises 50,000, Lee shoves, Bui calls with less chips and turns over KcKd only to find he is behind Lee’s 6s6h set. Hoping for the two outs, the board instead gives Lee the 2c and river Ac for the nut flush. 

Giang Bui – 304,000
Lee Gwan Woo – 150,000

20:20: Chip leaders at the break
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

59 players remaining, getting close to bagging time with 51 guaranteed to advance. Here are the current chip leaders:

Ivan Ermin – 555,000
Le Ngoc Minh – 487,000
Nguyen Manh Hung – 540,000
Quan Qiu – 530,000
Giuseppe Murabito – 360,000

20:06: Giuseppe Murabito cleans out with big slick
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Giuseppe Murabito three-bet shoves from hijack and initial raiser calls for everything and shows Jc10s. Murabito is ahead AdKs. The board runs 8d5dQcQs5s, Murabito drags it in.

Giuseppe Murabito – 357,000

19:35: Quan Qiu outkicks and sends out packing
Level 15: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Another all in preflop shove, Quan Qiu is ahead AdKs and proceeds to finish off a shorter stack Ac9c.

Quan Qiu – 465,000

19:34: Nguyen Manh Hung wins the flip, soars to the chip lead
Level 15: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Nguyen Manh Hung at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Nguyen Manh Hung

Nguyen Manh Hung opens then calls a three-bet with AsQc flipping against 10h10d. The board runs QsKh3d8d7d, Nguyen spikes the higher pair and soars to the chip lead.

Nguyen Manh Hung – 560,000

19:29: Le Ngoc Minh gets there on the river for a big pot
Level 15: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Lojack Le Ngoc Minh raises to 11,000 and is joined by two callers to the flop 8sJd10h. All three check for a free look at the turn 6c. Action is checked to cutoff who bets 22,000, big blind folds, Le check-raises 67,000 and is called. On the river Qs, Le fires 97,000, cutoff calls and shows QcJc two pair, Le dominates with Kc9c straight.

Le Ngoc Minh – 480,000

19:03: Lee Suya dominates the three way
Level 15: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Three way all in preflop, Lee Suya with AhKd stays ahead of Ad7s and AsJs on a board Qd6d4h9c10s to boot one.

Lee Suya – 309,000

18:57: Full board saves Le Van Son 
Level 14: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Le Van Son at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Le Van Son

Le Van Sen four-bet all in for 91,000 with AcAh then sweats it against a bigger stack’s KhKc set on the flop Jh9cKs. With the turn Qc and river 10s, Le is saved to ship a double up.

Le Van Sen – 192,000

18:50: Giuseppe Murabito cracks aces
Level 14: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Cutoff Giuseppe Murabito opens 5000 and is called by the blinds for a three-way to the flop Kc5s9h. Small blind leads out 9000, big blind and Murabito call. Small blind shoves his last 15,000 on the turn 10h, big blind folds, Murabito snap calls and shows QdJd straight. Small blind has AcAh and is drawing dead.

Giuseppe Murabito – 190,000

18:33: Cheng Dong Li successful on defending his big blind
Level 13: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Cutoff Quan Qiu opens 6500, Cheng Dong Li defends the big blind. Qiu bets the flop and turn Ah5cQc8s, Li check-calls the 6000 and 17,000 bets, then both check the river 5d. Li shows KhQh mid pair, Qiu mucks.

Cheng Dong Li – 140,000
Quan Qiu – 300,000

18:23: Le Ngoc Minh outkicks and ships it
Level 13: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Le Ngoc Minh is ahead at the showdown with Ac10h dominating Ah3h. His hand stays ahead on board 5s7c8dQc4d to ship it and boot one in the process.

Le Ngoc Minh – 237,000

18:05: Ivan Ermin gives Romain Bier the boot
Level 13: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Ivan Ermin’s KcKh stands tall against Romain Bier’s AhJh that misses the board completely.

Ivan Ermin – 300,000
Romain Bier – eliminated

17:49: Another takedown by Lee Junggyeol
Level 13: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Lee Jungyeol at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Lee Jungyeol

From cutoff, Lee Junggyeol calls a raise and sees the flop KhJs8s. Initial raiser utg+2 c-bets 4,000, Lee raises to 12,000, utg+2 three-bets 40,000, Lee shoves, utg+2 calls and is covered. Utg+2 has Jc8h two pair, Lee KdJd higher two pair. Lee goes on to ship it after the turn 6d and river 2c.

Lee Junggyeol – 350,000

17:43: Lee Junggyeol’s small pair stands
Level 13: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Off the bat, cutoff shoves 31,000, button Lee Junggyeol three-bets, no other takers. Lee’s 5h5c goes on to win against QdJc on board 6c2c3c6s2h.

Lee Junggyeol – 265,000

17:30: Czar Ian Marcos outkicks Jinlong Hu
Level 12: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Cutoff Czar Ian Marcos opens 4,500, button Jinlong Hu three-bets 25,000, Marcos four-bets all in, Hu calls and is covered. Marcos is ahead AsKs, Hu Ac4d, board runs Js6h8d2h7c. Hu is eliminated.

Czar Ian Marcos – 200,000

17:24: Wang Hui soars, Bien Mai plunges
Level 12: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Wang Hui at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Wang Hui

Catching the action on board 8h5h9d4dAs and 61,000 in the pot, small blind Bien Mai shoves (82,000), big blind Wang Hui tanks while using up all of his time-banks then finds the courage to call for all of his chips. Mai has 8c2c pair, Wang with 3h2h straight.

Wang Hui – 224,000
Bien Mai – 500

16:50: Cheng Zhang cleans one out
Level 11: 1000-1500 ante 1500

Cheng Zhang at USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event Day 1B
Cheng Zhang

All in preflop, Cheng Zhang ships it with QcQs staying ahead of QdAd on board Js4d7c10h8c.

Cheng Zhang – 120,000

16:35: Random stacks
Level 11: 1000-1500 ante 1500

Le Ngoc Manh – 190,000
Doan Quang Trung – 215,000
Lai Zijian – 175,000
Moon Janhoo – 150,000
Gyeong Byeong Lee – 19,000
Le Ngoc Minh – 75,000
Vamerdino Magsakay – 25,000
Dhaval Mudgal – 30,000
David Erquiaga – 25,000
Dang Minh Dat – 100,000
Romain Bier – 35,000
Khoi Nguyen – 50,000
Ngo Minh Tien – 47,000
Justin Geronimo – 25,000
Vladimir Litasov – 140,000
Jinlong Hu – 60,000
Raju Jaruplavath – 90,000
Bien Mai – 45,000
Guy Taylor – 30,000
Alok Birewar – 35,000
Lee Suya – 60,000

16:30: Day 1B closes at 408 entries
Level 11: 1000-1500 ante 1500

Incredible turnout at Mini Main Day 1B with 408 entries on register! Combined with Day 1A that’s 691 entries that sent the prize pool to VN₫ 7 Billion! The next step for the players is to reach one of the 51 spots in the money round. Currently 200 players still in the field which means three-quarters will miss that chance. However, there is still Day 1C for those that fall before that final flight closes.

15:50: Last level to enter Day 1B
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

Bustling room with Day 1B recording 370 entries so far. This is the last level to jump in this flight. If you miss that window, Day 1C picks up at the close of this one at 4:30pm.

13:40: Halfway through Day 1B registration, 234 entries and rising
Level 6: 300-500 ante 500

Players continue to file in for the highly popular Mini Main Event with 234 entries so far. Only five rounds left to join this heat, closing at the start of Level 11. The pot is currently at VN₫ 5.2 Billion.

11:30: 47 players and rising
Level 2: 100-100 ante 100

The field has more than doubled with 46 players registered plus 1 re-entry. Registration is open until the start of Level 11 at approximately 4:30pm.

11:00: Cards now flying at Mini Main Day 1B!
Level 1: 100-100

Shuffle up and deal! Cards are now being dealt at Mini Main Day 1B with 21 players getting on the felt early.

USOP Danang 2024 Mini Main Event trophy

The USOP Danang 2024 Min Main Event is a three-day tournament featuring a VN₫ 3,000,000,000 (~USD 121,000) guarantee. This is another highly popular event with structure exactly like the Main Event except with faster blinds. To enter, three flights are scheduled. The first flight has already drew a massive 283 entry field which is very close to matching the guarantee. As seen at the festival’s early events, the guarantee will be crushed, how high is anyone’s guess. As a gauge, the Mystery Millions ballooned to 2.5 times.

The last two flights take place today with Day 1B starting at 11am and Day 1C at 4:30pm.

Buy in: VN₫ 12,000,000 (~USD 494)
Guarantee: VN₫ 3,000,000,000 (~USD 121,000)
Starting stack: 30,000
Level intervals: 30 minutes

Day 1A: 283 entries / 35 ITM
Day 1B: March 26, 2024 at 11am / closing at start of Level 11, approximately at 4:30pm
Day 1C: March 26, 2024 at 4:30pm / closing at start of Level 11, approximately at 10pm
Bagging time: ITM of 12.5% of the field

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