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Hold’em Manager 2 (HEM2) is one of the most widely used poker software in the industry.

Used by the best professional poker players

  Detailed actionable information on your opponents

  Review and analyze your results

  Make better in-game decisions


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– Hold’em Manager Explained –

  • Hold’em Manager 2 is the top-selling poker software. It was launched in 2007 and it is owned by Max Value Software, LLC.
  • Along with the suite of integrated HM apps, Hold’em Manager 2 is a collection of the most intuitive, effective and useful tools designed to improve your poker game.
  • Offers a 30-day free trial period
  • WIndows supported


Why use Hold’em Manager 2?

Hold’em Manager is software that is used to track the hands that you play online. If you are serious about poker and improving your game, this kind of software can help you. The tracker collects the data from the hands that you and your opponents play to give you:

  • In-game statistical information about your opponents. This information can then be used to make the best decisions. This is also very useful for multi-tabling because of the difficulty to keep an eye on all of your opponents while playing massive amounts of hands and tables.
  • Reviewing your hands/sessions.
  • Tracking your results in $/bb (big blinds) and your win rate.

By using this you are able to maximize your profits and minimize the unnoticeable mistakes that you make.

maximize your profits

minimize the unnoticeable mistakes you make

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Why create a Hold’em Manager account with Somuchpoker ?

By creating a Hold’em Manager with Somuchpoker you can benefit from our support to guide you and get help setting up the software. For questions you can contact us and chat with us directly.

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Hold’em Manager 2 price

  Hold’em Manager 2 pro

The most popular version. All hold’em games and stakes covered.

  Small stakes version

Not compatible with most limits. Supports Hold’em games up to NL50.

  Pro combo 2: Hold’em+Omaha

Save when you buy Omaha+Hold’em together.

Note that Hold’em Manager accepts manual payments from Bitcoin plus these major 5 cryptocurrencies:

  • Ether (ETH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Zcash (ZEC)

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How to download Hold’em Manager 2

  1. Simply visit the official Hold’em Manager website and either download the 30 day free trial or choose the best package suitable for you.
  2. Arranging your Hold’em Manager 2 is simple both for new users and previous Hold’em Manager 1 users.
  3. Hold’em Manager 2 offers “HM Apps” that can be used with the software . These apps include:
  • Hold’em Manager Table Scanner ( perfect for getting assistance finding the most profitable tables)
  • Table Ninja ( a suite of invaluable tools for multi-tablers)
  • Leak Buster (which assists cash game players in finding leaks to improve on)
  • NoteCaddy ( for adding useful information to your heads up display)
  • SitNGo Wizard ( for SnG players to analize and improve their play)
  • Tilt Breaker (a bankroll management tool)

Compatible poker sites

– Hold’em Manager 2 is compatible with many sites such as: 32RedPoker, BetFair, BwinPoker, Software, EverestPoker, Full Tilt Software, Ladbrokes, Pacific Poker, PKR, PokerStars Software, Red Kings, Titan, Winamax

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Useful Resources

Hold’em Manager 2 has the following tools built-in its software:

  • FAQ – as you navigate through HM2, the interactive FAQ will update with teases to several common questions with hints and tips. In order to get more information, simply click on the tease.
  • Video Resources – HMTV is built into HM2 Home View and also you can visit a youtube channel dedicated to all types of training videos related to HM2
  • Automated tool for adding starts to reports – 50+ categories available to choose from, while adding stats to your report. Matching stats will appear as you type the description. For example, if you type 3B, 3-bet or 3bet it really doesn’t matter. HM2 will quickly help you find the stats that you want.

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