Asian Poker Festival Vietnam 2023: Live Updates

Key Info Asian Poker Festival Vietnam 2023

  Location: Royal Poker Club

  Dates: December 7 - 13, 2023

  Main Event Buy-In: VND 25M

Schedule: Asian Poker Festival Vietnam 2023 Schedule

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The countdown to Asian Poker Festival (APF) is nearing its end. APF is touching down in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the first time, running between December 7 and 13, 2023 at the Royal Poker Club.

Spearheaded by legendary poker champion and APF Tournament Director Roberto Wong, the competition brings impressive Chinese players to the Southeast Asian battlefield for 25 trophy events. Buy ins range from VN₫ 1,800,000 ~($74) to the costliest of VN₫ 108,000,000 (~$4,450).

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Highlighting the festival is the substantial VN₫ 27 Billion (~$ 1.1 Million), guarantee of which the Main Event offers the biggest bulk of VN₫ 15 Billion (~$616,650). This title holds the highest prestige, as the victorious player will also be honored as the inaugural champion of the APF.

Key Event Packages

Event Date Guarantee in VN₫ Buy in in VN₫
APF Kick Off December 7-9 1,500,000,000 6,600,000
High Roller Warm Up December 7 1,000,000,000 33,000,000
High Roller Single Day December 8 1,200,000,000 44,000,000
MAIN EVENT December 9-13 15,000,000,000 25,000,000
Super Star Challenge December 10 2,000,000,000 108,000,000
Mini Main Closer December 12-13 1,200,000,000 3,400,000
Super High Roller December 12 2,000,000,000 88,000,000
Superstack Closer December 13 1,000,000,000 8,800,000
High Roller Last Chance December 13 1,500,000,000 55,000,000

Main Event info


Dates: December 9 to 13, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 25,000,000 (~$1,057)
Guarantee: VN₫ 15,000,000,000 (~$616,650)

Day 1A: December 9, 2023
Day 1B: December 10, 2023
Day 1C (turbo): December 10, 2023
Day 1D: December 11, 2023
Day 1E (turbo): December 11, 2023
Day 1F (super turbo): December 11, 2023

To get in for cheap, APF offers four Main Event Satellites leading up to the final starting day, December 11, 2023. Buy in is a very affordable VN₫ 2,400,000.

High Roller lineup

High rollers will be very busy with five events on tap. The most coveted will be the Super Star Challenge. A Vietnam homegrown event, its popularity has seen a sharp rise this year. Players can expect some of Asia’s top players bringing in the heat.

New APF Player Guide

No APF tournament is complete without the long-awaited Player Guide. Maximize your experience by studying structures, rules, and formats. Everything is covered from uber-fast plays to gradual blinds, including highly popular deep-stacked events of varying buy ins. 


Early Bird Packages & Accommodation

Players taking the Early Bird Packages will enjoy accommodation at the Dream Hotel and Apartment, a green oasis at the city’s center. There are 70 fully furnished studios with extensive greenery space—an ideal place to recover after a long day of competition. 

In addition, the Dream Hotel and Apartment is just a stone’s throw from Hanoi’s most iconic landmarks, including the Temple of Literature and Thang Long Imperial Citadel. 



APF Limited Edition Gifts


Just announced! APF merchandise for select players! APF players are entitled to limited special gifts, including the following:

  • 1 APF cap (buying in at Level 1 Side Event)
  • 1 APF mask (buying in at Level 1 Side Event)
  • 1 APF hoodie (buying in at Level 1 Main Event)

Watch Your Favorite Players Compete LIVE!


Features and final tables will be live-streamed and hosted by Vietnam-based commentators Luckent and Kzo. Exciting battles and edge-of-your-seat play-by-plays are in store!

Stay tuned for more updates on the livestream schedule on the Asian Poker Festival facebook page.

Hanoi’s Poker Boom


Hanoi has recently established itself as a poker tourism destination, hosting record-breaking festivals and events. In addition, the location is Vietnam’s art capital, chock-full of colonial facades, and world-class restaurants perfect for an after-game night off. Here are some important bits of information to help you get by.

Noi Bai International Airport to Royal Poker Club – 45-60 minutes
Best form of transport – Grab
Vietnam currency – Vietnamese Dong
Weather in December – 15 degrees to 22 degrees (cool and dry)
Language – Vietnamese but you can get by if you speak English

*Article by Zoe Alcazaren

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