Chase Cup Cebu 2024: Main Event – Day 1A (Live Updates)

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Joshua Figuerres tops Main Event Day 1A

Joshue Figuerres at Chase Cup
Joshue Figuerres

Date: May 1, 2024
Buy in: PH₱ 18,800 (~USD 327)
Guarantee: PH₱ 5,000,000 (~USD 86,900)
Day 1A: 41 entries
ITM: 6 players

Rank Player Stack BB
1 Joshua Figuerres 611,000 122.2
2 Peter Ang 193,000 38.6
3 Anthony Bryan 135,000 27
4 Jonele Oswa 124,000 24.8
5 Michael Bagdas 107,000 21.4
6 Eugene Dy 60,000 12

23:10: JRV falls on the bubble
Level 13: 3000-5000 ante 5000

JRV at Chase Cup

From the big blind, JRV three-bets all in preflop, initial raiser Michael on utg and small blind Joshua Figuerres calls. Michael and Figuerres check down the board Jh7h3dQh3s. Michael has Kd10d air, Figuerres  2s2h. JRV Ac9d. Pocket twos take it.

Joshua Figuerres – 611,000 (122 bb)
Michael – 107,000 (21 bb)
JRV – Eliminated

22:33: Eugene Dy doubles up 
Level 13: 3000-5000 ante 5000

First all in showdown of the bubble round, Eugene Dy limps, button Peter Ang raises 15,000, Dy three-bets 83,000 (leaving 5,000 behind), Ang flats. On the flop Jd9dJh, Ang bets 5,000, Dy tosses in his last chip. Dy has QsQh, Ang AsKs, the turn 5h and river 3d are good for a double up to Dy.

Eugene Dy – 189,000 (37 bb)
Peter Ang – 180,000 (36 bb)

22:25: Robert Chracciola eliminated, bubble round to start
Level 13: 3000-5000 ante 5000

Robert Cracchiolo at Chase Cup
Robert Cracchiolo

Robert Chracciola defends the small blind by calling cutoff Joshua Gutierrez’s raise, then both head to the flop 5h8h8d. Chracciola check-calls another 10,000 bet by Gutierrez. On the turn 8s, Gutierrez double barrels 23,000, Chracciola toughens up with a check-raise of 46,000, Gutierrez calls. On the river 2s, Chracciola leads 40,000, Guttierrez raises all in for 165,000, Chracciola calls for his tournament life and shows 2h2d full house. Gutierrez has him beat with KcKd higher full house.

Joshua Figuerres – 241,000 (60 bb)
Robert Chracciola – Eliminated

Event now enters the bubble round.

22:15: 8 players remaining
Level 13: 3000-5000 ante 5000

Getting close to ITIM with 8 players remaining. Event bags up at 6 remaining.

22:12: Jonele Oswa’s small pair holds
Level 12: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Facing a raise by Robert Chracciola, small blind Jonele Oswa three-bets all in for 50,000, Chracciola calls to try to eliminate. Chracciola flips open As4d, Oswa with 6c6h. Chracciola’s small card pairs up on the board 4h2c8s10h6d but still behind Oswa’s pocket pair.

Jonele Oswa – 110,000 (27 bb)
Robert Chracciola – 128,000 (32 bb)

22:10: Eric Alcantara eliminated
Level 12: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Eric Alcantara at Chase Cup
Eric Alcantara

Lojack Robert Chracciola opens 10,000, big blind Eric Alcantara three-bets all in for 145,000, Chracciola call with less and turns over KdKs. Alcantara flips AcQs. The board runs 9dKc3sQh10d. Chracciola soars to 222,000, Alcantara plunges to 10 bb.

Several hands after, Alcantara goes all in from cutoff holding QdJs runs into Anthony Bryan’s AdKd. Though live, no help comes on the board Qs9d3c7cAc.

Robert Chracciola – 222,000 (55 bb)
Anthony Bryan – 143,000 (36 bb)
Eric Alcantara – Eliminated

22:05: Final Table
Level 12: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Seat Player Stack BB
1 Michael 115,000 29
2 Peter Ang 255,000 64
3 Jonel Oswa 55,000 14
4 Eric Alcantara 145,000 37 BB
5 Anthony Bryan 93,000 23
6 Joshua Figuerres 153,000 38
7 Eugene Dy 125,000 31
8 Robert Chracciola 105,000 26
9 JRV 48,000 12

21:50: Eric Alcantara cleans out Mac Mantoy on a flip
Level 12: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Cutoff JRV opens 12,000, button Eric Alcantara three-bets all in for 79,000, Mac Mantoy has less yet calls and shows KsQh. Alcantara has 8d8h. The board runs 4s7hJc9s4c.

Eric Alcantara – 140,000 (35 bb)
Mac Mantoy – Eliminated

21:35: Eugene Dy on the best end of a cooler
Level 12: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Cutoff opens 9,000, button Eugene Dy three-bets 20,000, cutoff shoves 220,000, Dy calls with about half. Dy goes on to double up with KsKh over QcQs on a blank board.

Eugene Dy – 220,000 (55 bb)

21:26: 10 players remaining
Level 12: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Getting close to ITIM with 10 players remaining. Event bags up at 6 remaining.

21:12: Anthony Bryan makes the flush 
Level 11: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Anthony Bryan at Chase Cup
Anthony Bryan

Cutoff raises 7,500 and finds three callers to the flop 4s8d3s. Big blind Anthony Bryan shoves 37,000, cutoff calls, two others fold. Bryan has As2s flush draw, cutoff As8d, the turn Qs ensures the win for Bryan.

Anthony Bryan – 205,000 (68 bb)

21:07: Robert Chracciola spikes lucky river
Level 11: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Robert Chracciola defends the big blind on a 4,500 raise by utg+2 then go to a flop Ac7c9h. Initial raiser c-bets 7,500, Chracciola check-raises 20,000. The turn 5d, Chracciola bets 68,000, utg+2 shoves 87,000, Chracciola calls.

Robert Chracciola Ah7s two pair
Utg+2 6h8s straight

The river Ac is the money card for Chracciola to improve to a full house and ship it.

Robert Chracciola – 230,000 (76 bb)

20:55: Eugene Dy doubles through with aces
Level 11: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Hijack opens 10,000, big blind Eugene Dy three-bets all in for 43,000, hijack calls to put Dy at risk. At the showdown, Dy is way ahead with AcAs, hijack with AdKh. The board runs Qs3s2hAh9d.

Eugene Dy – 87,500 (29 bb)

20:48: Big slick earns a pot for Clive Preece 
Level 11: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Two players in on a raised pot and go at it on the flop 8cJh9s. Hijack bets 5,000, button Clive Preece shoves 53,000, hijack calls with less chips. Preece flips over AcKc, hijack has KsQc, the turn and river are 5d9d. Preece’s ace-high wins it.

Clive Preece – 97,000 (32 bb)

20:43: 14 players remaining
Level 11: 1500-3000 ante 3000

14 players remaining as they hunt down ITM round with only 6 advancing.

20:36: Kristian Cortes’s pocket pair holds
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Kristian Cortes at Chase Cup
Kristian Cortes

Kristian Cortes opens 4,500 from utg+2, cutoff three-bet shoves 5 bb. Cortes calls with 10c10d. Cutoff has Qh9h. The board runs 6d3h2sAh5c.

Kristian Cortes – 73,500 (36 bb)

20:30: JRV claims a splash of chips
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Five players in on a limped pot and head to the flop 10h3d5d. Action folds around to the button who bets 3,000, and finds two callers to the turn 7h. All three check to the river 2d. Big blind JRV bets 14,000, button calls. JRV wins the pot with 4d6d straight over As10c.

JRV – 90,500 (45 bb)

20:17: Eric Alcantara outkicks to kick one out
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

On a raised pot preflop, two players stare down 5sAh8d. Small blind shoves 31,500, utg+2 Eric Alcantara calls. Alcantara’s As10h dominates Ac4h. The turn and river 3dJs are good for Alcantara’s kicker to play and kick one out.

Eric Alcantara – 132,000 (66 bb)

20:13: Anthony Bryan takes it on check-raise
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Cutoff Anthony Bryan opens 4,500 and heads to the flop 5dJcKh with two callers. Bryan c-bets 5,000, only button player calls. On the turn 7c, Bryan checks it, butotn takes a stab for 15,000, Bryan raises 35,000, button folds.

Anthony Bryan – 150,000 (75 bb)

20:08: Eric Alcantara dominates to boot one 
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Eric Alcantara calls utg+2’s shove and is ahead AsJs over Ah10s. The board runs Qd2h3s7h9h both miss. Alcantara ships and boots one in the process.

Eric Alcantara – 79,300 (40 bb)

20:02: Mac Mantoy wins despite missing the flush
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Mac Mantoy at Chase Cup
Mac Mantoy

Mac Mantoy opens 4,500 from utg+2 and goes to the flop 4c6h2h with two callers. All check to the turn 3d. Mantoy bets 2,000, hijack shoves a massive 90,700, big blind folds, Mantoy risks his lesser stack and flips over AhJh draw. Hijack turns over Qd9d bluff. The river 8s secures a double up for Mantoy.

Mac Mantoy – 59,100 (30 bb)

19:53: Runner runner flush for Robert Chracciola
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Under the gun opens 4,500, button calls, then faces a three-bet jam of 38,500 from the big blind Robert Chracchiola. Initial raiser calls, button folds, cards turn up. Utg has AcJh. Chracchiola dominates with AdQd, both players find the board 4h5c3dJd2d with Chracchiola’s flush the better spread.

Robert Chracchiola- 82,500 (41 bb)

19:52: Registration closes at 41 entries, 17 players remaining
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Day 1A registration closes at 41 entries. 17 players remaining. They play down to ITM of 6 players.

18:45: Eric Alcantara takes it with a higher two pair
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

Udner the gun Eric Alcantara limps, utg+1’s raises 3,300, button calls, Alcantara calls and all three head to the flop 2c2sQd. Utg+1 c-bets 5,000, button raises 8,000, Alcantara check-calls, utg+1 opts to fold. The turn 4s, button bets 6,100, Alcantara check-calls again. Both proceed to check the 7c river. Alcantara has QhJd two pair and claims the pot over button’s 4h3s lower two pair.

Eric Alcantara – 97,500 (81 bb)

18:33: Michael outkicks to win the pot
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

Three players limp in, Michael on the button riases 4,000, and the three limpers call. Michael proceeds to bet 6,000 on the flop 9h6h10s and only utg calls. The turn 2c utg bets 10,000, button calls. Both check the river 3c. Utg opens Qd9d, Michael outkicks with Ah9s.

 Michael – 126,500 (105 bb)

18:27: Robert Chracchiola claims the pot
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

Under the gun opens 2,500, two players call to see the flop 8s4hKc. Initial raiser c-bets 1,600, and get called by both players. The turn 3c, small blind Robert Chracchiola leads out 3,000, utg folds, button calls. Again Chracchiola bets 8,000 on the river Qs, button folds.

Robert Chracchiola – 72,300 (60 bb)

18:24: Blinds up, last level to enter
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

18:23: Robert Chracchiola doubles up with cowboys 
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Following a raise and a call, button Robert Chracchiola three-bets all in for 24,800, big blind joins in for 45,400, initial raiser and caller both fold. Chracchiola flips over KsKd, big blind has AhQd. Big blind connects on the board 2hQs3h8h3c but still not enough to beat cowboys. Chracchiola doubles up.

Robert Chracchiola – 54,300 (54 bb)

18:19: Eric Alcantara bets every street
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Hijack Eric Alcantara opens 4,000 and finds one caller in cutoff. Alcantara continues to bet the flop 3,700 and turn 10,000 9h10h3s and cutoff calls. On the river 3h, Alcantara fires 10,000 again and this time wins it without a challenge.

Eric Alcantara – 80,200 (80 bb)

18:05: Honer Vargas outdraws aces 
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Honer Vargas at Chase Cup
Honer Vargas

Action folds around to the small blind who opens 2,500, big blind Honer Vargas defends, both see a flop 10s5cJc. Vargas bets 5,000, small blind check-calls leading to an action packed turn 6s. Vargas bets 10,000, small blind check-raises all in for 36,500, Vargas calls and flips over 10c10d set. Small blind has AsAd. The river 5s is not the out for aces to bust to Vargas.

Honer Vargas – 99,500 (99 bb)

17:55: Michael’s set knocks out  a player
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Hijack Michael opens 3,000 and is called by two players. All three check to the river 9dKh10hAh7d. Cutoff bets all in for 20,200, one player folds, Michael calls and ships it with 10d10c set.

Michael – 75,300 (75 bb)

17:44: A.K. wins it with ace-high
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

A.K. at Chase Cup

Utg opens 2,500, utg+1 A.K. calls, small blind three-bets 8,500, initial raiser folds, A.K calls. At the flop 6h3d5h, A.K. bets 5,000 and gets check-called. No bets come on the turn and river Qc9h. A.K. takes it with AhKc over small blind’s Jh10c 

A.K. – 55,700 (55 bb)

17:37: Blinds up, 35 players
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

A couple of more entries to bring the tally to 35. There is still one hour to jump in with registration closing at the start of Level 9.

17:33: Ray Ferolino racks up with aces
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Rey Ferolino at Chase Cup
Rey Ferolino

Three players al in preflop opens with Ray Ferolino raising 5,000, small blind three-bets 15,000, big blind calls, Ferolino four-bets all in, big blind calls again.

Rey Ferolino AdAc
Small blind 10c10h
Big blind 9d9h

The board runs 3hKh4sJsJc. Ferolino doubles up and boots one in the process.

Rey Ferolino – 51,300 (64 bb)

17:28: Raymond Gomez spikes the two-outer
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Raymond Gomez at Chase Cup
Raymond Gomez

Utg+1 Raymond Gomez opens 5,000, small blind three-bet jams 39,700, Gomez calls and shows JsJc which is behind small blind’s QcQs. The board runs 4d5s3h9cJh. Gomez spikes the two-outer to ship it and boot one.

Raymond Gomez – 86,700 (108 bb)

17:11: Peter Ang lucks out on the river
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Utg+1 opens and cutoff Peter Ang calls, flop runs 10c4h3s. Utg+1 c-bets 2,000, Ang calls. The turn Jc, utg+1 bets all in for 25,600, Ang calls and is behind QdQc overpair to utg+1’s Jh10h two pair. Luck comes for Ang on the river 3c for a higher two pair to send one packing.

Peter Ang – 91,200 (114 bb)

17:06: Adrian Jaime doubles through 
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Adrian Jaime opens 2,000 from cutoff and bb defends to head to a flop Kd9h2s. Jaime c-bets 3,800 and gets check-called. On the turn Qh Jaime shoves 11,100 and gets check-called again. Jaime turns over AdJh, bb has As3s. The river 10c gives Jaime the straight.

Adrian Jaime – 34,000 (42 bb)

16:56: Blinds up, 33 players
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Field is now up to 33 players. There is still plenty of time to jump in with registration closing at the start of Level 9.

16:39: Peter Ang earns a meaty pot with trips
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Plenty of chips splash preflop starting with utg min-raising, cut-off Peter Ang and small blind call. Big blind three-bets 4,800, utg calls, Ang calls, small blind folds. Three players head to the flop 10h3dQc, big blind bets 3,000, both opponents call. On the turn 3h, utg leads out 11,000, Ang calls, big blind folds. On the river 9h, Ang shoves 12,200, cutoff check-calls then mucks to Ang’s Ac3c trips.

Peter Ang – 49,800 (83 bb)

16:30: Adrian Jaime sends one out
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Cutoff Adrian Jaime ipens 1,000 then calls big blinds 4,300 three-bet. At the flop Qc5s2s, big blind shoves 12,300, Jaime calls. Both players open air, Jaime As9d, big blind Jc10h. With the turn and river 9cQd, Jaime ships it and cleans one out.

Adrian Jaime – 43,600 (72 bb)

16:22: Charles Kim ships a huge pot 
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Charles Kim at Chase Cup
Charles Kim

Under the gun Charles Kim opens 1,000, cutoff calls, small blind three-bets 4,300, Kim and cutoff call for a three-way. At the flop Jc8s10s, small blind shoves a huge 31,200, Kim goes over the top with a 45,700 shove, cutoff folds.

Small blind AsQd
Charles Kim Jh10h

The turn 10c secures the win for Kim.

Charles Kim – 91,600 (152 bb)

16:02: Blinds up, 29 entries
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

A few more entries, field is now up to 26 players. Plenty of time to jump in with registration closing at the start of Level 9.

15:55: Rondo Rahl doubles up and more
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

Rondo Rahl at Chase Cup
Rondo Rahl

Heavy preflop action opens with utg+2 raising 3,000, cutoff three-bets all in for 3,400, small blind Rondo Rahl four-bets all in for 10,400, back to utg+2 who cals to put both shovers at risk.

Utg KcJs
Cutoff 8s8d
Rondo Rahl As10c

The board runs 2cAc6dQc5s. Rahl doubles up and more while railing a player.

Rondo Rahl – 25,400 (50 bb)

15:42: Rey Forolino doubles up
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

Heavy preflop action opens with utg raising 3,000, utg+2 Rey Forolino calls, big blind three-bets all in for 14,300, initial raiser utg calls, Forolino makes it a three way. At the flop 2h3cJd, Forolino shoves 11,300, big blind calls, utg folds. Forolino with 10d10s, big blind with Ah9c. The turn and river 6c9d is a double up for Forolino.

Rey Forolino – 45,300 (75 bb)

15:30: Richard Tolentino puts some muscle on it
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

Richard Tolentino opens 1,100 from utg and finds two callers to the flop 6dAh8s. Tolentino c-bets 1,500, button raises 4,5000, big blind folds, Tolentino answers with an 11,000 three-bet, button folds.

Richard Tolentino – 33,500 (67 bb)

15:22: Blinds up, 26 players
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

Several more players have signed up, Field now up to 26 players. Plenty of time to jump in with registration closing at the start of Level 9.

15:13: Raymond Gomez rivers the bad beat
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Cutoff opens and finds two callers to the flop 10h9cKs. Both check to head to the turn 5h. No checking this time, instead button Raymond Gomez bets 3,000, small blind check-raises all in for 5,300, easy call for Gomez as cutoff gets out of the way. Small blind opens KdQd top pair, Gomez with Ah5s bottom pair. The river 5c comes down for Gomez to improve on a bad beat.

Raymond Gomez – 37,000 (92 bb)

15:02: Kristian Cortes doubles through
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Kristian Cortes
Kristian Cortes

Kristian Cortes calls utg’s 2,000 raise and both go to the flop 2cJd9c. Utg bets 2,000, Cortes answers with a 5,000 raise and is called. On the 3d turn, utg bets 5,000, Cortes raises all in, ug calls. Cortes has Ac4c flush draw, utg Kc10c lower flush draw, the river 9d makes ace-high good for a double up to Cortes.

Kristian Cortes – 47,300 (118 bb)

14:56: Easy money for Hya Satera 
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Four players limp in to an all heart flop 10h8hJh, small blind bets 2,000, big blind folds, utg+1 raises 6,000, button Hya Satera calls, small blind folds. On the turn Qd, Satera calls another 12,000 bet, then calls the shove of 8,500 on the river Kc. Satera ships the pot with Qh2h after utg+1 shows the Ks5c bluff. Utg+1 busts.

Hya Satera – 53,500 (133 bb)

14:48: Jonele Oswa cracks and busts aces
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Johel Oswa
Johel Oswa

Utg+2 limps, next to act Jonele Oswa raises 1,300, small blind three-bets 3,000, only Oswa calls and head to the flop 10c3dKs. Oswa leads out 2,000 and is called. The turn 9h, Oswa bets 3,000, small blind jams, Oswa calls and flips over Kh10d two pair ahead of small blind’s AcAs. The river 7c secures the win for Oswa as one player goes bust.

 Jonele Oswa – 41,800 (104 bb)

14:43: Michael doubles up but still short
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Michael three-bets from 800 to 3,400 all in from the big blind and gets called. Michael’s 6c6s holds firm against caller’s AdJc on a board 5dKd2c{6d{}8h}.

Michael – 7,800 (19 bb)

14:35: Lots of limpers
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Five players in on a limped pot and see a flop 9d10c5h. R.Nikanor bets 1,500, only cutoff Jessie Dy calls. Big bets land on the turn Js with Nikanor betting 2,500, Dy raises to 5,500, Nikanor folds.

Jessie Dy – 33,300 (83 bb)
R. Nikanor – 20,400 (51 bb)

14:27: Blinds up, 12 players
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Blinds are up, the field has now doubled to 12 players over two tables. Plenty of time to jump in with registration closing at the start of Level 9.

14:07: Gal Hans continues to dominate the table
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

This level is all about Gal Hans who picks up another two pots. First one, utg limps, utg+1 Hans raises 2,800, button calls, utg folds. At the flop 4dKhAd, Hans c-bets 2,500 and wins it.

Several hands after, utg+2 opens 900, cutoff and button Hans call. Hans bets 900 on the flop KdAc5h, utg+2 check-calls, cutoff folds. Switch up on the turn Kc with cutoff leading out 2,000, Hans calls. The river 8d, cutoff folds to Hans 1,000 bet.

Gal Hans – 40,800 (136 bb)

13:56: Gal Hans always in the action for another two pots
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

Despite losing a few small pots, Gal Hans continues to get in the action. On a three-way limped pot, the flop comes 4d3h7d. Big blind Hans bets 1,000 and finds one caller in the cutoff. Hans bets 1,000 again on both the turn 6s and river As, gets called. Hans flips over 7c4h and wins the pot.

Three hands later, facing two limpers, Hans raises 1,800 from cutoff and finds one caller in utg player. At  the flop and turn 8c5dQh4c, Hans double barrels 2,000 and 3,000, utg check-calls both times. On the river 3s, no bets land. Hans flips over KcKd and utg mucks.

Gal Hans – 33,500 (111 bb)

13:45: Blinds up, 6 players 
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

13:34: Gal Hans with many outs
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

Gal Hans at Chase Cup
Gal Hans

Another pot for Gal Hans who opens 500 from utg, button three-bets 1,100, the blinds call, and Hans makes it a four way to the flop 2d10c4d. Action is checked to the button aggressor who c-bet 2,000, blinds fold, Hans calls. No bets land on the turn 7h to bring the river 6s. Hans takes a stab with a 1,600 bet, gets the call, then wins the pot with 8d9d straight on the river.

Gal Hans – 35,000 (175 bb)

13:23: Gal Hans claims an early pot
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

Big blind Gal Hans calls a 600 button raise then check-calls 1,100 on the flop QdQs8h. Both players check the turn 8d. Hans then leads out 1,000 on the river 6c and takes down the pot.

Gal Hans – 27,000 (135 bb)

13:15: First good pot goes to Hya Satera
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

Hy Satera at Chase Cup
Hya Satera

With a 500 button raise before him, Hya Satera defends the big blind then check-calls down bets were 700 and 1,400 7h8sJd5s. Then on the river Js, Satera check-raises from 2,700 to make it 6,500. Button player folds.

Hya Satera – 37,800 (189 bb)

13:08: Cards in the air!
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

The first deal has been tabled. Only four players so far but that should increase quite fast with players already at registration.

Chase Cup

Welcome to opening day of the first ever Chase Cup! This weeklong event immediately kicks off with its headliner Main Event featuring a ₱5 Million (~USD 86,90) guarantee! Yes, that’s a sevend digit PH₱ guarantee in Cebu, Philippines. 

This will truly be one of the most exciting events in the country and for numerous reasons. Apart from the substantial prize pool, the inaugural winner will lock up an iconic Rolex Submariner timepiece. All the action takes place at Poker8 Cebu. 

Good luck to all!

Date: May 1 to 7, 2024
Buy in: PH₱ 18,800 (~USD 327)
Guarantee: PH₱ 5,000,000 (~USD 86,900)
Starting stack: 30,000 (150x starting blinds)
Day 1 Starting blinds: 100-200 ante 200
Level increases: 40 minutes
Registration: ends at start of Level 9
Bagging time: 12.5% of the field

This is a shot clock event which means the Action Clock will be in place from the start. Each Day 1 player will be given five time-banks worth 30 seconds each.

Chase Cup – Schedule

Chase Cup ₱5 Million guaranteed