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Upoker Review by Somuchpoker

  • Access to Online Home Games
  • Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal options to serve all players
  • Play via a Trusted Agent:  Somuchpoker
  • iOS, Android and PC (via emulator)

– About Upoker –


Upoker is a playmoney app available on iOS, Android and PC (via emulator at the moment).

This new application – similar to PPPoker – is used to host private games.

Just like PPPoker, its main appeal comes from the fact that Upoker offers “a home game experience” via mobile device.

The games run in Upoker Chips, with value depending on the rules of each private club.

– Play on Upoker with Somuchpoker –

  Why Trust Somuchpoker Agents to Play on Upoker ?

We only work with trusted private clubs.

We help you process your cashins and cashouts quickly.


  Which are the Softest Upoker Clubs?

We currently offer a few very nice clubs on Upoker

As the application is quite new, we do our best to offer more clubs as soon as possible, depending on the popularity of the application.

Please have a look at our Upoker club list.

  Is there Rake on Upoker?

The general rake on Upoker private clubs is around 5% with a cap for small games, depending on the clubs.

However, smaller rakes are usually applied for bigger games.


Can I get Rakeback on Upoker? 

Attractive Rakeback deals depending on Club. Contact us for details.


Contact Somuchpoker to try Upoker App!


– Games on Upoker –

 How good is Upoker software?

Upoker offers iPad, iPhone and Android applications.

Upoker is available directly from their website, App Store and Play Store. All of them are very stable and easy to use.

Unlike PPPoker, on mobile devices you can also multi-table!

It is possible to play on PC via an emulator. We can recommend you a stable, good, and, easy to use emulator to also enjoy playing Upoker on PC!


Is there any HUD available for Upoker?

At the moment, since the app is very new, there is no HUD or Handgrabber available for Upoker (yet).


  What Games of Poker can we play on Upoker?

Hold’em, Omaha, OFC, Short-Deck, MTTs are all available on Upoker.

You will find consistent action from NL13/PLO13 up to mid stakes.

          Bondi Beach Lobby

Bondi Beach Tables

Contact Somuchpoker to Try Upoker!

– How to Download and Get Started on Upoker App? –


Upoker can be downloaded through the Google Play Store/iOS App Store.
Click on the following links to download:


Apple Store Download Link:
Download Upoker iOS App

Google Play Store (Android) Link:
 Download Upoker Android App

– How to Install Upoker App? –


After downloading the application, follow the steps below to get started on Upoker instantly:

How to Register Upoker 1

  1. Upon the UPoker Welcome Screen, click on the “Register” Button.
  2. Choose a Username, and enter your chosen Password twice.
  3. That’s it ! Your Upoker Account is now Created. You can now join a Club.How to Register Upoker 2
  4. On this next screen, enter a Club ID advised by one of our Somuchpoker Agent.
  5. When the selected Upoker Club appears, simply click “Join” and start playing on any of the Upoker Home Games available.

– Payments and Transactions on Upoker –

  How to make a deposit on Upoker?

To deposit money on Upoker, simply contact Somuchpoker.

We offer multiple deposit options to serve all players, Contact us for help

  How to make a withdrawal from Upoker?

We offer multiple withdrawal options to serve all players, Contact us for help


  How is the Security on Upoker?

Somuchpoker works only with the most trusted Upoker clubs and we process all your transactions quickly.

– Conclusion –


 Private Poker Clubs avoiding regulations
  Great mobile experience (multi-tabling possible)
  Great PC experience (via emulator – but ability to multi-table through the app)
  Very Soft Games


  Not available on MAC

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