WPT Korea 2024: Main Event – Day 1A (Live Updates)

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01:00: Lin Yan stands as Day 1A chip leader
Level 11: 1,500 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Lin Yan
Lin Yan

The first flight of the Main Event is in the books after eleven hours of play with 84 runners out of the 319 entry field making it through to Day 2. Leading the pack is Lin Yan with a massive 836,000 chip stack to end the night. Lin was amongst the top counts by the time registration closed and soared to the lead after scooping up Zhang Jiintao’s entire stack late in the day. Lin maintained his advantage over the field all the way, bringing a whopping 278 BB through to the next round.

Chip Counts

Pos. Last Name First Name Flag Chip Count
1 LIN YAN China 836,000
2 MAO RENJI China 545,000
3 WANG GUANG China 418,500
4 ZHANG LEI China 378,000
5 NORIETIS ROLANDS Latvia 375,500
6 QIU CHENG China 346,000
7 Tai Hsing-Hsiung Taiwan 338,000
8 DAI LINGHUI China 329,000
9 YU ZHICHEN China 318,000
10 TIAN HAO China 301,500
11 KIM VLADISLAV Uzbekistan 295,000
12 CHUANG HAO Taiwan 294,000
13 LI WEI China 294,000
14 SHEN SHUEN China 291,500
15 XU ZHIXIN China 289,500
16 LI ZHE-MING China 269,500
17 Yu Lei China 264,500
18 LIANG TIEN-MIN Taiwan 259,500
19 WANG ZHIYI China 259,500
20 ISHIKAWA SOMA Japan 254,500
21 CHEN RONGHUI Australia 247,500
22 Zhu Jing China 242,500
23 WANG YANFENG China 241,500
24 GOPEZ EDILBERTO Philippines 240,000
25 CHENG CHAO TING Taiwan 239,500
26 HONGRU ZHANG China 235,500
27 CHI YANFEI China 234,500
28 CHEN MINGCONG China 230,000
29 CHOU YA-TING Taiwan 230,000
30 ZHOU ZIJIE China 226,500
31 GUODONG SUN China 221,500
32 GOTO DAISUKE Japan 218,000
33 JORSTAD ESPEN UHLEN Norway 214,000
34 MEREMANS ANTOINE Belgium 210,000
35 KIM JINWOO United States 208,000
36 LI XIANG China 205,000
37 LIU LIJIANG China 203,000
38 WANG WUYI China 200,500
39 SHI ENZE China 198,000
40 Liu Yin China 196,000
41 HU CHAO China 194,000
42 LUO XI XIANG China 194,000
43 ZHOU YAJIE China 193,500
44 SUN BIN China 183,000
45 CHEN YEN-HAN China 182,500
46 LI XIAOLING China 181,500
47 XUE SONG China 170,000
48 YAMAMOTO KAZUO Japan 166,500
49 REN YICHENG China 158,500
50 WANG CHAO China 156,500
51 LEI XIANG China 150,500
52 NIELSEN MARTIN Denmark 146,500
53 CHEN KAILE China 141,500
54 MEIAN PAN China 138,000
55 SONG MAOLIN China 138,000
56 QIU RUYU China 128,500
57 PARK CHRISTOPHER YOUNG United States 125,500
58 ZHENG GUOFENG China 123,000
59 LIN BAOJIE China 116,000
60 XU JIE China 110,000
61 WU PENG-SEN Taiwan 109,000
62 FAN CHIH-WEI China 104,000
64 HEUNG TSZ KIN China 103,500
65 ZHANG LEI China 103,000
66 WU TUNG JUNG China 98,500
67 TANG TIANYUAN China 90,500
68 CHEN KUAN HAN Taiwan 89,000
69 BEI XIAO China 88,000
70 TSAO TSU-LIN China 84,000
71 NGUYEN PHAM DUY KHANH Vietnam 81,000
72 JIN XIN China 80,500
73 QIDONG HE China 78,000
74 LUO JIANMING China 71,500
75 WANG CHUNQING China 66,500
76 NISHIOKA TOMOAKI Japan 65,000
77 AHN ERIC United States 62,500
78 HANUSI MILAN Hungary 57,500
79 HOU DONG China 57,000
80 HONGO KANATA Japan 52,500
81 HANUSI MATE Hungary 52,000
82 WANG YU-TANG China 52,000
83 DUAN QIFENG China 50,000
84 SHIBAZAKI TAKAO Japan 34,500

00:59: Fan Chih Wei wins flip to survive
Level 11: 1,500 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Utg Norietis Rolands opened to 6,000 and was followed by a three bet to 14,500 from Fan Chih Wei. Norietis shoved all-in, called by Fan for his remaining 37,000.

Norietis 10h10s
Fan AsQc

Down to the last hand of the day, Norietis found his stack crash after the board 9sQh7cKd9h ran in favor of the overcards.

Fan Chih Wei – 104,000
Norietis Rolands – 42,000

00:21: Kings no good for Chen Wen Wen
Level 11: 1,500 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Chen Wen Wen
Chen Wen Wen

An all-in preflop situation, two stacks rushed to the middle – Chen Wen Wen with KcKs against Chou Ya Ting’s AdAs. Chen at risk, landed a set on Kd6d4h2d10d but was knocked out shortly after the board ran a once card flush for Chou.

Chou Ya Ting – 320,000
Chen Wen Wen – Eliminated

00:12: Wang Yanfeng lands a full double up
Level 11: 1,500 – 2,500 ante 2,500

Cutoff opened and was followed by a three bet to 17,000 from button Shi Enze. Big blind Wang Yanfeng fired a four bet to 46,500 and called off for his remaining 76,000 after Shi moved all-in.

Shi AcKh
Wang QhQc

Up for a flip, the board 6d7s3c5h7h spared no overcards, giving Wang the pot.

Wang Yanfeng – 263,000
Shi Enze – 176,000

23:46: Break Time!
Level 11: 1,500 – 2,500 ante 2,500

98/319 players left on the felt for the Main Event Day 1A games. Action will conclude by the end of this level.

Top Chip Counts

Lin Yan – 1,000,000
Mao Renji – 400,000
Chen Shaoyi – 350,000
Tai Hsing Hsiung – 320,000
Wang Guang – 310,000

23:36: Goto Daisuke gets back at Liang Tien Min
Level 10: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

With a 19,000 pot in the middle on board Qs10c6d2d10d, action was seen on Liang Tien Min with a 32,000 bet. Goto Daisuke check raised to 87,000, Liang with a tank fold.

Goto Daisuke – 280,000
Liang Tien Min – 230,000

23:28: Cheng Chao Ting wins crucial flip
Level 10: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

Cheng Chao Ting
Cheng Chao Ting

Facing an utg open, Cheng Chao Ting bumped it up to 11,000. Yan Jingyao two seats after raised it to 30,000. Action back on Cheng, he moved all-in for 136,000 slightly covering Yan. Yan makes the call with QhQs and finds himself in for a flip against Cheng’s AsKs. Cheng instantly landed top pair on board Kc3d8hJh6h to capture the win.

Cheng Chao Ting – 276,000
Yan Jingyao – Eliminated

23:17: Chen Mingcong gets caught with a bluff
Level 10: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

With a 20,000 pot in the middle on board 9c6h2c9h2s, Chen Mingcong was spotted firing a 41,000 overbet. Hongru Zhang in the tank, eventually made the call with 8d8s and is good against his opponent’s Kd3h.

Hongru Zhang – 244,000
Chen Mingcong – 120,000

23:05: Lin Yan surges to the top
Level 10: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

Mp Zhang Jiintao opened to 4,500 and was met with a three bet to 18,000 from small blind Lin Yan. Zhang fired a four bet to 54,500, called by Lin. Flop came 7c9d2d and saw Lin lead for 55,000. Zhang shoved all-in for 161,000 and Lin made the call with 7s8s. Zhang shows AdKd for overcards and a flush draw. The turn 9s and river Qc however, bricked for Zhang, sending him out of the Main Event flight while Lin rises to the lead.

Lin Yan – 740,000
Zhang Jiintao – Eliminated

22:49: Blinds up!
Level 10: 1,000 – 2,000 ante 2,000

135 runners remain in the Main Event Day 1A games with play set to conclude after Level 11.

22:47: Stephen O’Dwyer suffers bad beat
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Stephen O'Dwyer
Stephen O’Dwyer

Button Stephen O’Dwyer opened to 3,500 and found small blind Wu Chia Yun fire a three bet to 8,500. O’Dwyer shoved his 58,000 in and was called by Wu with 6d6c. O’Dwyer is ahead with 7h7d yet was instantly crushed after the board 6h2d4sQd9c gave Wu a set.

Wu Chia Yun – 140,000
Stephen O’Dwyer – Eliminated

22:29: Bold call by Liang Tien Min
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Action on flop 8c7cKs was seen with Goto Daisuke sending out a 7,000 bet. Goto fired another 21,000 on turn 9c and a final 50,000 on river 10h. Liang Tien Min called all three streets and scooped up the massive pot after Goto showed bluff AcQs, Liang with two pair Kh7h.

Liang Tien Min – 295,000
Goto Daisuke – 80,000

22:25: Yan Jingyao pulls a squeeze
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Qiu Cheng opened to 3,000 and was called by three other players. Big blind Yan Jingyao squeezed all-in for 146,000 and picked up the dead money after no callers were seen.

Yan Jingyao – 158,000

22:19: Jianguo Shu spikes two outer
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Qi Xuming
Qi Xuming

A three way all-in situation was seen in Table 2 with Qi Xuming ahead with JhJs against  Jianguo Shu’s 7s7c and Guo Lin’s AhKh. The board ran 2s7h6s5h10c, earning Jianguo a set for a nice triple up.

Jianguo Shu – 90,000
Qi Xuming – 40,000
Guo Lin – Eliminated

22:07: Daniel Lee shoots down
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Hijack Daniel Lee opened to 3,000, joined by button Zhendong Li and the big blind on flop 7dAcQc. Lee continued for 5,000, raised by Li to 15,000. Lee stuffs it in and Li calls off his remaining 19,500.

Lee Jc7c
Li Kc8c

Both looking for a club, the turn 3c sealed the win for Li with a higher flush to claim the double up.

Zhendong Li – 79,000
Daniel Lee – 15,000

22:04: Shen Longhao fires four bet
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

Following an open, Shen Longhao sent out a three bet to 8,500 and saw big blind Hongru Zhang put in another raise to 21,500. Shen answered with a heftier 46,000 and picked up the pot after Hongru Zhang made the fold.

Shen Longhao – 180,000
Hongru Zhang – 225,000

21:52: Yu Chia Yun doubles with kings
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

With an open and a three bet in front of him, Tsujisaka Tetsuya moved all-in for 37,000 with Qc8c and was called by original raiser Yu Chia Yun with KdKs. A huge underdog, Tsujisaka landed two pair on flop QsAs8s6cKc but was crushed when the river showed a king.

Yu Chia Yun – 66,000
Tsujisaka Tetsuya – 10,000

21:47: Registration is closed!
Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 ante 1,500

That’s it for Day 1A with a total of 319 entries recorded across eight levels of registration. 166 players remain on the felt. Play will conclude at the end of Level 11.

Top Chip Counts

Chen Shaoyu – 375,000
Lin Yan – 353,000
Shi Enze – 315,000
Mao Renji – 290,000
Goto Daisuke – 290,000

Average stack: 95,509
Total chips in play: 15,950,000

21:29: Wang Zhiyi throws it in the muck
Level 8: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Cutoff Wang Zhiyi defended his open and called an 8,000 three bet from Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh behind. Flop came Ah2s7s and Wang proceeded with a check call for 5,000. Turn 8c went check check, pushing Wang to fire the river 6d. Nguyen calls and wins the pot with no showdown after Wang threw his hand in the muck.

Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh – 90,000
Wang Zhiyi – 120,000

21:04: Xu Zhixin wins race
Level 8: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Yang Peng
Yang Peng

Utg Xu Zhixin opened and called off a 41,000 all-in from button Yang Peng.

Yang AdQs
Xu KsJh

In for a race, Yang exited shortly after a king high board turned up on the felt.

Xu Zhixin – 120,000
Yang Peng – Eliminated

20:53: One bet does it for Shen Longhao
Level 8: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

Cutoff Shen Longhao opened to 2,500, called by the small blind. Big blind Wada Hidetomo threw in a three bet to 8,500 and found Shen with another raise to 18,500. Small blind folds and Wada puts in the call, revealing flop 8s3s4c. Shen continues for 13,500 and picks up the pot after Wada folded.

Shen Longhao – 135,000
Wada Hidetomo – 116,000

20:30: Blinds up!
Level 8: 600 – 1,200 ante 1,200

A whopping 300 entries in for today’s Main Event Day 1A with registration open until the end of this level.

20:22: Zhou Zijie pays off Christopher Park
Level 7: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Christopher Park
Christopher Park

A 25,000 pot was already in the middle on board 5cKdQhJc3c. Zhou Zijie sent out a 15,000 bet and shortly called off Christopher Park’s 56,000 all-in. Park reveals Kc7c for a backdoor flush, crushing Zhou’s nut straight Ac10h.

Christopher Park – 140,000
Zhou Zijie – 68,000

20:18: Li Hang fills up on the river
Level 7: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

An all-in preflop ensued with Li Hang going with Ac10c for his last 27,000, up against Wang Afu’s JdJc. At risk, Li luckily spiked the flush on the river 9c2hQcKs8c to survive through.

Li Hang – 56,500

20:10: Hanusi Mate doubles up
Level 7: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Hanusi Mate
Hanusi Mate

Facing an utg open, Hanusi Mate shoved his 21,000 stack in with 4d4c and was followed with another all-in from Chzhen Evgenii. Original raiser got out of the way and Chzhen shows AdJd for a flip. The board ran Qd3sQc6d4s, landing Hanusi a full house for a double up.

Hanusi Mate – 87,000
Chzhen Evgenii – 78,000

19:52: Chen Mingcong lands a set
Level 7: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

With 24,000 in the middle on 6d3hKc8s, Chen Mingcong fired a 10,000 bet, called by Yun Bawoo. River 10h completed the board and saw Chen bet for his opponent’s remaining 28,000. Yun tank and called off with KsJs top pair, no good against Chen’s 6h6c.

Chen Mingcong – 205,000
Yun Bawoo – Eliminated

19:46: Shi Enze busts Hanusi Milan
Level 7: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Folded to small blind Shi Enze, he opened to 2,500 and was met with an all-in from big blind Hanusi Milan for 19,000. Enze puts in the call with QcJc and is dominated by Hanusi’s KcQs. The board however, ran 5cAh7dJs4c giving Shi a pair to knock his opponent out.

Shi Enze – 253,000
Hanusi Milan – Eliminated

18:32: Dinner Break!
Level 7: 500 – 1,000 ante 1,000

Players are on a 60 minute dinner break. 263 entries have so far been recorded for today’s Main Event flight with two more levels to go before registration closes.

18:28: Sun Bin flops quads
Level 6: 400 – 800 ante 800

With 25,000 already in the middle preflop, Liu Lijia was seen pushing out a 19,000 bet on flop KdKhKs. Liu continued to fire both turn 10s and river 3h with Sun calling down all three streets for his tournament life. Liu shows JsJh, no good against Sun’s AdKc quads.

Sun Bin – 210,000
Liu Lijia – 30,000

18:18: Sawairi Shun wins preflop war
Level 6: 400 – 800 ante 800

Facing an open, button Sawairi Shun bumped it up to 4,500 and was met with another raise to 10,900 from small blind Tang Zhen. Sawairi clicked back to 21,000 and picked up the dead money after Tang threw in the fold.

Sawairi Shun – 99,000
Tang Zhen – 90,000

18:02: Philip Yang takes it down
Level 6: 400 – 800 ante 800

A three way raised pot saw flop Kd7h9d face up on the felt. Early limper Philip Yang led out a 5,000 bet and was raised by Chi Yanfei to 11,300. Yang goes for the shove for 47,500 total and merited a fold shortly after.

Philip Yang – 69,000
Chi Yanfei – 100,000

17:32: Blinds up!
Level 6: 400 – 800 ante 800

256 entries in for today’s Main Event Day 1A with registration open through Level 8 @21:45.

17:30: Kim Andrei chips up
Level 5: 300 – 600 ante 600

Kim Andrei
Kim Andrei

With an open and a call in front of him, button Kim Andrei sent out a 6,000 raise, called by both players. On flop 7h6sJc, Kim continued for 11,000, check called by original raiser Ma Yanjun. Turn Ac saw Kim gun for another 12,000 and Ma throws in the fold.

Kim Andrei – 95,000
Ma Yanjun – 42,000

17:07: Yu Xiangyu claims the pot
Level 5: 300 – 600 ante 600

Utg+1 Yu Xiangyu opened to 1,200 and called a 3,700 three bet from Sun Bin right behind. Flop came 7s3h8s and Sun continued for 2,500. Yu pulled a check raise to 7,000 and barreled another 10,000 on turn 9d. Sun called both streets but was unable to call off Yu’s 17,500 all-in by the river for the loss.

Yu Xiangyu – 60,000
Sun Bin – 29,000

17:04: Hu Chao double barrels through
Level 5: 300 – 600 ante 600

Li Tuo defended his open and called a 4,800 three bet from button Hu Chao. On flop 8c9h8d, Hu continued for 3,200, check called by Li. Hu barreled a heftier 15,500 on turn 2c, convincing Li to throw it in the muck.

Hu Chao – 62,000
Li Tuo – 65,000

16:56: Chen Shaoyi piles it high
Level 5: 300 – 600 ante 600

Chen Shaoyi
Chen Shaoyi

Hijack Hu Tianshi opened to 1,500 and was met with a three bet to 4,000 from button Chen Shaoyi. A four bet five bet exchange led to all the chips rushing in to the middle, Hu at risk for his 110,000 stack.

Hu AdKd
Chen AhAs

An ace high board rolled on the felt, leaving Hu still crushed entirely.

Chen Shaoyi – 250,000
Hu Tianshi – Eliminated

16:20: Break Time!
Level 5: 300 – 600 ante 600

A staggering 230 entries have so far been recorded for the first flight of this season’s Main Event! Registration continues through Level 8 @ 21:45.

16:16: Bottom pair good for Li Xiang
Level 4: 300 – 500 ante 500

Li Xiang
Li Xiang

With an open and a call in front of him, button Shi Qizheng squeezed to 6,500. Both players completed and headed to flop 6d8s9c. All three checked it down, peeling turn 4c. Original raiser Li Xiang led for 4,000, called only by Shi. On river 9s, Li pushed another 5,500 in, Shi with a final call. Li tables 3d4d and takes it down.

Li Xiang – 55,000
Shi Qizheng – 40,000

16:04: Mamo Yin gets coolered
Level 4: 300 – 500 ante 500

An all-in preflop situation, Mamo Yin was in huge trouble after he got his last 83,000 in with KdKs against Wang Wuyi’s AdAc. Already drawing slim, an ace high board turned up on the felt, knocking Mamo out of the table.

Wang Wuyi – 162,000
Mamo Yin – Eliminated

16:02: Chen Kaile jams it in
Level 4: 300 – 500 ante 500

Hijack Chen Kaile opened to 1,200 and found Chen Yubo firing a three bet to 3,800. Kaile clapped back with a raise to 11,500, Yubo with a call. Flop came Qh5s5d and Kaile continued for 11,000. Yubo calls behind, but gives it up after Kaile moved all-in on turn 7s.

Chen Kaile – 120,000
Chen Yubo – 58,000

15:33: Suen Wai Kin ships it in
Level 4: 300 – 500 ante 500

Huang Peng
Huang Peng

A three bet pot, four players headed to flop 8h7c4d. Action was checked through to turn 2h where original raiser Suen Wai Kin threw in an 8,000 bet. Huang Peng one seat after made the call and paid up a final 20,000 bet on river 3c. Suen reveals 6h6s and Huang throws his hand in the muck.

Suen Wai Kin – 103,000
Huang Peng – 22,000

15:26: Bei Xiao fires triple barrel
Level 4: 300 – 500 ante 500

Bei Xiao
Bei Xiao

Hijack Bei Xiao opened and called a three bet to 3,300 from small blind Tian Kaile. Board ran 5s6d4h2s7c and saw Tian check call all three streets down to the river. Bei Xiao reveals 4d7d for two pair, Tian with a muck.

Bei Xiao – 81,000
Tian Kaile – 42,000

15:22: Meng Meng ahead all the way
Level 4: 300 – 500 ante 500

Valeriy Pak
Valeriy Pak

Utg+2 Meng Meng opened the action and was called by two other players behind. Cutoff Valeriy Pak squeezed to 6,800 and Meng moved all-in for 15,300 total. Pak calls with 10s10c and is largely behind Meng’s JsJc. The board Ad2d7cKs5s faded Pak’s two outs, earning Meng the double up.

Meng Meng – 33,000
Valeriy Pak – 63,000

15:17: Blinds up!
Level 4: 300 – 500 ante 500

189 entries in so far for today’s Main Event Day 1A games. Registration open through Level 8 @ 21:45.

14:44: Lin Yu Ping gets railed with queens
Level 3: 200 – 400 ante 400

With 30,000 in the middle on board 10h8h2d6c saw Zhang Jiianhao continue for 12,000. Lin Yu Ping behind, shoved all-in for 16,500 more and was called by his opponent.

Lin QdQh
Zhang AdAs

Drawing to two outs, the river 3s wasn’t one, knocking him out from the qualifier.

Zhang Jiianhao – 110,000
Lin Yu Ping – Eliminated

14:36: Cbet does it for Wang Yongqing
Level 3: 200 – 400 ante 400

Chen Xiaoru
Chen Xiaoru

Utg Wang Yongqing opened to 1,100 and was met with a three bet to 3,200 from Chen Xiaoru. Wang answered with a four bet to 10,000, called by Chen. On flop 10sAhQd, Wang fired a 9,000 bet and took down the pot after Chen folded.

Wang Yongqing – 67,000
Chen Xiaoru – 25,000

14:20: Trip kings no good for Zhang Chi
Level 3: 200 – 400 ante 400

On a board of Ks8c3sKh6d, Zhang Chi found himself in trouble with KdQd as his opponent Chi Yanfei revealed 8h8d for a full house. Chi scoops up the pot, knocking out Zhang of the Main Event games.

Chi Yanfei – 150,000
Zhang Chi – Eliminated

14:03: Break Time!
Level 3: 200 – 400 ante 400

141 entries in so far for today’s Main Event Day 1A with registration open for seven more hours.

13:51: Taira Marai runs into aces
Level 2: 200 – 300 ante 300

Luo Jianming
Luo Jianming

Facing a three bet and a call, Taira Marai shoved her last 3,600 in with JsJc and ran right into Luo Jianming’s AhAs. No help came on board 8d2d5cQh8c, sending her out of the Main Event games early on.

Luo Jianming – 62,000
Taira Marai – Eliminated

13:31: Yiming Li gives it up
Level 2: 200 – 300 ante 300

Chi Yanfei with an early open faced a three bet to 3,900 from big blind Yiming Li. Chi with a call, headed to flop 4c6s6h. Yiming barreled 4,500, and another 14,500 on turn 9c yet was not able to continue after Chi moved all-in for 53,000.

Chi Yanfei – 84,000
Yiming Li – 46,000

13:13: Meremans Antoine reaches 100K mark
Level 2: 200 – 300 ante 300

Meremans Antoine
Meremans Antoine

With only 1,600 in the middle, action was seen on Suen Wai Kin with a 20,000 raise. Meremans Antoine just behind shoved all-in for 49,300 and was called by Suen with AcQh. Meremans is ahead with QsQc and shipped the six figure pot after the board rolled 4sJd4dJs4c.

Meremans Antoine – 100,000
Suen Wai Kin – 5,400

13:04: Blinds up!
Level 2: 200 – 300 ante 300

85 entries have been recorded so far for today’s Main Event Day 1A. Registration open through Level 8 @ 21:45.

13:01: Monster flop for Dai Linghui
Level 1: 100 – 200 ante 200

A fourway three bet pot saw flop 7h7d6c. Aggressor Dai Linghui continued for 2,000 and found Ruan Jiayu next to him bump it up to 6,000. Dai continues, peeling turn 3h. Both check it through leading to river 9c. Dai led out for 7,000, Ruan with a final call. Dai shows 7s5s and takes the pot with trips.

Dai Linghui – 67,000
Ruan Jiayu – 34,000

12:42: Goyal Abishek lands a full double up
Level 1: 100 – 200 ante 200

Hijack Tan Yubing opened the action to 600, called by two players behind. Small blind Goyal Abishek raised it to 1,200 and saw the big blind come along. Tan answered with a raise to 4,800, called only by Goyal. Flop came Kh2c4s and Goyal pulled a check raise to 12,000. Tan makes the call and jams the turn 3d. Goyal check called for his remaining 16,400 with JdJs and finds himself ahead of Tan’s AsQs. The river 6c changed nothing, earning Goyal the full double up.

Goyal Abishek – 69,000
Tan Yubing – 27,000

12:34: Davis Morris gets value
Level 1: 100 – 200 ante 200

Davis Morris
Davis Morris

With 2,500 in the middle on board 4h8s7s10s7c, action was seen on Davis Morris with a pot size bet. Yu Zhichen bumped it up to 7,000 and faced a raise to 15,000 from Davis. Yu makes the call and mucks after Davis shows 8d8c for a boat.

Davis Morris – 60,000
Yu Zhichen – 30,000

12:03: Shuffle up & deal!
Level 1: 100 – 200 ante 200

Main Event Day 1A action begins, good luck to all the players!

wptcards 1

The anticipated WPT Korea Main Event action kicks off this Wednesday, March 28th, playing through the first of three flights available. Each entry will set players back KR₩ 2,800,000 (~US$ 2,100) for a starting stack of 50,000, equivalent to 250 times the opening blinds. Structured similar to that of the WPT Main Tour, 60 minute levels will be up on the clock all the way down to the Final Day.

Action starts at 12 noon.

Date/s: March 28 – April 2, 2024
Buy-in: KR₩ 2,800,000 (~US$ 2,100)
Guarantee: KR₩ 2,000,000,000 (~US$ 1,500,000)

Day 1A: Thursday, March 28
Day 1B: Friday, March 29
Day 1C: Saturday, March 30
Day 2: Sunday, March 31
Day 3: Monday, April 1
Day 4: Tuesday, April 2

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