APPT Cambodia 2022: Live Updates

Main Event Day 1A ends with Nam Hyung Kim bagging the largest stack

DSC 7448
Namhyung Kim

After 14 rounds of 40-minute blinds, Day 1A of the Main Event concluded and navigating his way to the top once again was none other than Korea’s Nam Hyung Kim. Stunningly, this is the fourth time Kim has dominated the counts. He bagged up 410,000 which is over 100 BB. 21 players advanced to the next stage. We will have the list up shortly.

Top 5 players in chips

Player Chips BB
Nam Hyung Kim 410,000 103
Renniel Glavez 347,000 87
Chris William Backhouse 289,000 72
Tzai Wei Phua 279,000 70
Masamichi Hayashi 246,000 62


22:40: Tzai Wei Phua outkicks Madsen for the pot
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

DSC 7473
Tzai Wei Phua

A pot of 53,000 is in the middle and a board of 7sAh8sQh6c. Tzai Wei Phua bet 35,000 that sends Lars Madsen tanking. He eventually calls and shows AcJc. Phua wins it with AdKc higher kicker.

22:25: Ceesvin Abdulla busts to Autran
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

Action folds to the blinds, Ceesvin Abdulla shoves, big blind Jean Robert Autran calls. Adbulla AdJc, Autran 10d10s, no help arrives on the board for Abdulla and is eliminated.

22:15: Christopher Backhouse takes it with a straight
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

DSC 7391
Christopher Backhouse

Zhao Feng and Christopher Backhouse build a 63,500 pot preflop, the cards land 5h9h8c, both check to the turn 7c. Feng bets 32,000, Backhouse calls. On the river 4s, both check. Backhouse wins it with 6s7s straight.

22:00: Jean Robert Autran double barrels
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

By the turn, a pot of 55,000 has been built, and a board Kd2s9dQh. Jean Robert Autran bets 26,000 Daniel Smiljkovic check-calls. On the river As, Autran jams and takes it with no challenge.

21:50: Markus Garberg cleans out Nevan Chang
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

Short stacked Nevan Yu Chung Chang all in for his remaining 21,000 stack and gets called by Markus Garberg. Chang’s AdQs fails to improve for Garberg to collect with KcKs.

21:45: Vincent Huang gets paid for higher straight
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

On a board that completed 4h6s7c5d8s with Finn Penderak initiating the betting action, on the river Vincent Huang jammed with a straight showing and Penderak called. Huang showed his Ah9c higher straight to win it. Penderak had Qd10s.

21:40: Tzai Wei Phua with quads
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

Tzai Wei Phua banked another big pile of chips, this time taking all of Hwany Lee’s stack. According to Pokernews reporter Christian Zetzsche who saw the action, Lee risked it all with just top pair while Phua had pocket Fours turned quads. Phua soars over 300,000 and is now closing in on chip leader Nam Hyung Kim with nearly 400,000.

21:30: Zhao Feng rails a buddy
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

Singaporean player shoves his very short 11,500 stack, it finds three callers until landing on Zhao Feng who joins the shove and says “protecting my buddy” and laughs. Action folds around to Lars Madsen who gives it a thought then opts to fold. Zhao opens AsKs and eliminated his buddy AhQc on a dry board. Zhao up to 113,000.

21:20: Markus Garberg enjoying the new table
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

DSC 7532
Markus Garberg

According to the table chatter, Markus Garberg entered the table with just 20,000 and has now driven it to 141,000. The latest hand that helped get him there saw Garberg raise from under the gun, called by three players. At the flop JhKh5s Garberg c-bet 5,000 that finds two callers. On the Qs turn, Garberg bet again, Marc Joseph jams, one player folds, snap call by Garberg.

Joseph QcJc
Garberg Ah10h

The river As is not what Joseph needed for a big double up to Garberg. Joseph dropped to 88,000.

21:15: Hoa Thinh Nguyen shows rockets
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

On a board showing 8c8s6cKd, Hoa Thinh Nguyen bet half 6k which is half the pot, and Minxuan Fu calls. On the river Jh, Nguyen bets 22,000 and gets the check-call from Fu. Nguyen shows AdAh, Fu mucks.

21:10: Eric Wasylenko vs Vincent Huang
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

By the flop, Eric Wasylenko and Vincent Huang build a 12,000 pot to see a turn board Jh9d5sJd. Wasylenko bets 4,000, Huang check-calls. The river comes 8c, check again by Huang who then folds to Wasylenko’s 14,000 bet.

21:00: Rajeev Kanjani jams into Phua’s cowboys
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

Rajeev Kanjani attempted to push out Tzai Wei Phua in a preflop raise war instead got the boot with pocket Sevens dominated by pocket Kings. Phua shipped a big one and is at 170,000.

20:40: Hoyt Corkins returns and doubles up 
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

DSC 7486

On his first bullet, Hoyt Corkins plunged on a sick bad beat with Ori Elul hitting the one-outer. Corkins was then eliminated on a losing end of a flip against Tzai Wei Phua. With one re-entry allowed, he re-entered and picked up a double up. Corkins all in with AdKh, Rajeev Kanjani with QdQs, an Ace landed on the board As4s6c2h7c for a double up to Corkins to 64,000.

20:30: Lars Madsen scoops up Lai’s chips
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

After Marc Joseph eliminated Natalie Teh, he paid off short stacked Zhao Feng, then another all in followed. Benjamin Lai risked it with AhJd, Lars Madsen looking to bust him with KhKs. The board ran a low Nine-high to lose Lai next. Madsen chipped up to 210,000.

20:20: Dhanesh Chainani goes bust to Autran
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

Another all in with Dhanesh Chainani sending his 22,000 stack in with 5h4h. He was called b Jean Robert Autran who had AsJc. The board landed JhKd7h5s10c and down went Chainani. Autran up to 130,000.

20:15: Marc Joseph eliminates Natalie Teh 
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

Marc Joseph has been quite at the table, nurturing his big stack until he woke up with KsKc. Music to his ears to hear Natalie Teh announce all in and show 7d7s. The board ran 2h8h5h8dJh to ship it and send Teh packing.

20:00: Registration closes with 113 entries 
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

That’s it! Day 1A closed with 113 entries, 20 of which were re-entries. Four levels left to play out before the player bag up.

19:50: Hoyt Corkins loses the flip to Tzai Wei Phua
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

314932255 850999142701414 5670033372692531584 n

Several hands after losing to a one-outer, Hoyt Corkins was all in with pocket Sevens to battle with, Tzai Wei Phua called with Ad10d. A Ten found the board for a higher pair to Phua. Corkins will have to settle for late registration or sign up tomorrow.

19:45: Ori Elul sick one outer against Corkins 
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

If there was a bad beat jackpot here, Hoyt Corkins would have won it. All in on a flop 9h2d8s, Corkins had 9c9s set that was way ahead of Ori Elul’s 8d8s. The turn 5c was a dud but the river 8h was the one out to save Elul. This sent Corkins down below 15,000 while Elul doubled up over 125,000.

19:30: Ceesvin Abdulla bags a double off Collin Ho
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

Another all in preflop situation with Ceesvin Abdulla’s pocket Fours holding against Kuen Seng Collin Ho’s AhKs that missed the board. Abdulla up to 60,000.

19:25: Finn Penderak ends Huu Dung Nguyen’s run
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

Second bullet also not good for Huu Dung Nguyen who takes a stand with pocket Fours. He is called by Finn Penderak with pocket Sixes. The board doesn’t improve Nguyen. Pender chips up to 110,000.

19:20: Nam Hyung Kim rails Ido Aboudi
Level 9: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

DSC 7447
Nam Hyung Kim

Big stacked Nam Hyung Kim raises from under the gun, acting next was Ido Aboudi who shoves all in for 28,500, Kim calls showing AdKc, Aboudi with 9h9c, the board runs 10d5cJdAh10c which send Aboudi up and out. Kim rises to 270,000.

19:10: Second bullet also no good for Crawshaw
Level 9: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

Re-entry player Hamish Crawshaw is all in on flop 9h6c2h and shows Ad9s top pair, however, Masamichi Hayashi turns over JcJs over pair with holds to the end 5s turn and 5d river. Hayashi rises to 105,000.

19:00: Yu Qi Zhao pushes out Appledorf
Level 8: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

On a flop 2d9d5c, Yu Qi Zhao bet 1,000, Huu Dung Nguyen calls, then Howard Appledorf three-bets to 7,000, back to Zhao who calls, Nguyen folds. On the turn 7h, Appledorf bets 21,500, Zhao shoves, Appledorf tank-folds and drops to 57,000. Zhao chips up to 180,000.

18:50: Minxuan Fu ends Fechter
Level 8: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

On a turn board 8s7d6h8c with 7500 in the pot, Trent Fechter Jc9c was all in for 15,100 and was drawing against Minxuan Fu’s Ac6c. The river As were not Fechter’s out so out he went.

18:30: Zarvan Tumboli doubles up to starting
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

315005416 857314168603130 2502009010346853109 n

All in preflop, Zarvan Tumboli Ac10s, called by a player with Jh10h, the board runs low for a double up to Tumboli to starting stack.

18:20: Nam Hyung Kim boots a champion
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

DSC 7427

We’ve been wondering how Nam Hyung Kim builds a big stack and we caught one hand that certainly answered it. From mid position he raised with then four-bet Florencio Campomanes three-bet. Campomanes called and the flop came 7h6dQc, Kim c-bet and Campomanes called. On the turn 8h, both were all in. Kim with 4d5d  straight, Campomanes was drawing dead with AdQd top pair. The river was Qc. Campomanes eliminated, Kim zoomed to 185,000 and was now one of the leaders.

18:10: Jean Robert Autran rails one 
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

315104450 1129295244363967 622881336041245265 n

Jean Robert Autran and a player are all in at the flop of 8h6hJd. Autran with 10hQh, at risk player with Kh7h. The turn As gives Autran more outs which comes on the river Ks for a winning straight. Autran rises to 105,000.

18:00: Seongmin Lee shoves for the pot
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

Facing a board Ah5c10dAsJd with 20K in the pot, APPT National champion Seongmin Lee is all in for 19,300 with two players to decide. Both opt to fold for Lee to scoop it up and rise to nearly 40,000.

17:50: Eric Wasylenko jams on Villanueva
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

On a flop 10hAhQh and 21,600 in the pot, cutoff Eric Wasylenko bet 4500 and Renato Villanueva Jr check-calls. The turn comes Ah both players check it. The river 10c, Villanueva takes a stab with 3400 bet, Wasylenko slides out a stack of oranges that well covers Villanueva. Quick fold from Villanueva.

17:30: Big stacks
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

Christopher Backho – 170,000
Marc Joseph – 127,000
Nam Hyung Kim – 100,000

17:20: Florencio Campomanes overbets the river
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

On a board 6hKs4c9d10h, Florencio Campomanes bet 15,000 onto a pot of 11,000, one player folds, Koen Breed opts to join the fold.

17:15: Christopher Backhouse takes from Elul
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

DSC 7391
Christopher Backhouse

On a flop 4c2hAs, sb Ori Elul bet 3500 and button Christopher Backhouse calls. On the turn 10h, Elul continues with an 8,000 bet and this time Backhouse raises to 23,500, Elul folds. Backhouse up to 170,000.

17:00: No stealing allowed
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

Akshay Kapoor opened for 1500, Zhao Feng three-bet to 4500, big blind player Jose Colada shoved, the raisers quickly folded.

16:30: Fritz Douhan busts to Christopher Backhouse
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

Fritz Douhan is all in for just under half stack with 8h7h and Christopher Backhouse calls with better AcQs, the board further improves Backhouse to broadway and out goes Douhan. Backhouse up to 80,000.

16:20: Pocket threes good to Suparerk Totsaponisad 
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

Suparerk Totsaponisad is on tournament life support with just under 7,000. He risks it all with 3d3h and has to dodge AsQh. The board runs 3s8dKh8c5c for a full house and a double up to half starting stack for Totsaponisad.

16:10: Double KO! Marc Joseph zooms to 150K
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

DSC 7365
Marc Joseph

All in preflop with Marc Joseph holding the nuts AhAs against KcQc and 10d10c, the board runs 9d2d3h9c7c. Joseph sweeps it to rise to around 150,000.

15:50: Selim Souissi triples up
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

Selim Souissi struck a deal at last night’s Main Event qualifier that ended up costing him $800 for his ticket today. Action before him sees two players shove and he joins in for a three-way. Facing pocket Kings and Ace-King, Souissi had pocket Fives. Getting ready to pack up on the Jack-Jack-Ten flop, the turn was a Five and Souissi roared his luck, the Three assured the triple up to 54,000.

15:40: Ji Jun Xu rails Victor Chong
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

Victor Chong is a newcomer to this level but is unable to survive the heat. He sends his short stack all in with King-Ten and is dominated by Ji Jun Xu with King-Queen. No help comes for Chong. He quickly heads to reg to take advantage of the lone second bullet he is allowed.

15:10: Marc Joseph shoves, climbs to 90K
Level 3: 100-300-300 BB Ante

Catching the action on a board 2d9s7h8d8h and a pot of 16,700 brewed, big blind positioned Marc Joseph check-jams Huu Dung Nguyen’s 19,000 bet. Nguyen tanks then gives up his stake on the pot. Joseph climbs to 90,000, Nguyen drops to starting stack.

15:00 Minxuan Fu gets some pay for his straight
Level 3: 100-300-300 BB Ante

On a flop 7s5cKh, Minxuan Fu check-calls a 2500 bet by Howard Barry Appledorf. Both players check the 8s turn to see the river 4c. Fu leads out for 5,000, Appledorf calls then mucks to Fu’s Ac6c straight.

14:50: Lars Madsen wins a good pot
Level 3: 100-300-300 BB Ante

From hijack, Lars Madsen opens for 800, finds two callers in cutoff Huu Dung Nguyen and the big blind player. At the flop 8dJc4c, Madsen c-bets 1600, both players call. On the turn 2c, Madsen fires 3600, Nguyen continues while big blind check-folds. The river 6s, Madsen checks, Nguyen checks back, Madsen shows 10c9s flush to claim the pot. He climbs to 48,000, Nguyen drops to 43,000.

14:40: More late arrivals
Level 3: 100-300-300 BB Ante

More players trickling in. Among the late arrivals are Pham Bao, Bonil Koo, Chi Ling Tsang, Hwany Lee, and Hua Wei Lin. Filipinos on their maiden international voyage as well, Jose Colada and Bonifacio Mondalo.

14:20: Masamichi Hayashi doubles up then folds queens
Level 2: 100-200-200 BB Ante

DSC 7367
Masamichi Hayashi

Catching the action on a board 3hQhKc4c7h, Yu Qi Zhao puts Masamichi Hayashi all in, Hayashi finds the courage to call and shows Ks9h to beat Zhao’s AhQd. On the next hand, preflop raise war with Harry Ross firing a massive four-bet of 6,000. Hayashi tank-folds, Zhao folds right after. Hayashi shows his QdQc, Ross returns the gesture showing his AsKs. Both players – Ross and Hayashi – have 32,000.

14:00: Luke Oliver Keay relieved at the split
Level 2: 100-200-200 BB Ante

Re-entry player Luke Oliver Keay is on his second bullet having lost his first one on the losing end of a straight. Once again he is under pressure with Huu Dung Nguyen pushing on a board 7sQc3hJc. Keay calls it and is relieved to see both of them have Queen-Jack offsuit to split the pot. The river comes 2s.

13:45: More players arrive; 37 entries so far
Level 2: 100-200-200 BB Ante

DSC 7353

The Main Event is starting to pick up with 37 entries now on the board, 2 of those are re-entries. Players need to keep in mind only one re-entry is allowed per starting day. Among the late stragglers are the French contingent – Jean Robert Autran, Vincent Chauve, and Leo Soma. Also jumping in was Sweden’s Sofia Lovgren Fullmer.

13:10: Newcomers 
Level 1: 100-100-100 BB Ante

More players have arrived. Pulling up seats are WPT Vietnam champion Hamish Crawshaw, Zhao Feng, Calvin Tan, Hoa Thinh Nguyen, and Monster Jam Poker Tour’s Marc Joseph.

13:00: Cards in the air for the APPT Main Event!
Level 1: 100-100-100 BB Ante

And we are off! The first deal of the inaugural APPT Cambodia 2022 – Main Event – has been felted here at NagaWorld Phnom Penh. Slow start however with only 12 players seated at the moment. The pot is currently at a guaranteed $400,000 and is expected to be breached with a total of three starters to qualify for Day 2. Currently seated are last night’s Bounty champion Yu Qi Zhao, and known players Ceesvin Abdulla, Ori Elul, Fritz Douhan.

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Main Event Day 1B closes with 32 players and Valeriy Pak up top

DSC 7830
Pak Valeriy

After 14 rounds of scheduled play, Day 1B of the Main Event bagged up with 32 players remaining. Up top was Russia’s Valeriy Pak with 409K in chips, just 1K shy of matching up to the Day 1A leader. We will have the chip counts posted shortly. Congratulations to the qualifiers! For those that missed the mark, Day 1C is  still ongoing. Registration closes at 12:40am.

Day 1B – Top 10 in chips

Valeriy Fedorovich Pak 409,000
Omair Javed 397,000
Brett Colmar Pullen 396,000
Quoc Huy Phan 381,000
Jonathan Wayne Sanborn 313,000
Chhay Lem Lim 291,000
Abbouchi Mohamad 262,000
Zdravko Duvnjak 258,000
Hwany Lee 235,000
Bryan Diwei Huang 229,000


23:10: Benjamin Sai lays down top pair to Mohamad
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

DSC 7851

Last hand of the night and it’s quite intense with Benjamin Sai facing a big raise. On a flop Ks7d4s, Sai bet 25,000 onto a pot of 46,000 and Mohamad Abouchi fires a raise of 80,000. Sai tanks for a some time and finally folds while showing KcQc top pair. Mohamad returns the gesture and shows 4s4d set.

22:40: Calvin Tan falls to Chik Fatt Chan
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

312595855 1560847351034858 6773671423847923904 n

Calvin Tan goes all in on a board 10d4d2c6c and Chik Fatt Chan calls, costing him only 36,000. Tan is behind with Ad2d and is only hoping for the flush against Chan’s Ac10s. However the river is Qh to end his run.

22:35: Zdravko Duvnjak ends Mangal
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

Christopher Mangal all in on a flop 4hQcJc with 8h9h and is called by Zdravko Duvnjak who is also looking for the flush with Kh3h. The turn comes Jd and river 7s to end Mangal’s day.

22:30: Hak Do Kim sends Minami to the tank
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

314711148 485088816929077 146570385101899323 n

With 43,500 in the pot and a board showing [ah}3h8h9c, Hak Do Kim check-shoves Keita Minami’s 20,000 bet to make it 142,000. Minami tanks for a long time and folds when the clock is called.

22:25: Brett Pullen picks up a pot with cowboys
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

Catching the action on a board 3s8c5d4c8d, Brett Pullen calls the 26,500 bet and wins the hand with KhKd. He is over 280k.

22:20: Corine Shi dusts it all to Sanborn
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

Corine Shi’s aggression got the best of her while all her chips went to Jonathan Sanborn. The hand saw a raise war preflop that began with Sanborn calling a raise from the button, big blind Shi three-betting to 24,000, initial raiser dropped out, Sanborn flat. At the flop 2sJh5s more chips found the pot with Shi betting 16,000 and Sanborn calling. The turn 4s was checked by both. On the river 2c, Shi jammed with Ah7c, snap-called by Sanborn with AsJs nut flush. Shi packed up as Sanborn stacked up nearly 400k.

22:00: Corine Shi ends Newey’s day
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

Paul Newey moves all in for his remaining 32,000 with AsQs and is called by Corine Shi with QhQc. A queen finds the turn to ensure the win for Shi as Newey packs up to go.

21:45: Jacob Yong rails Ido Aboudi
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

DSC 7762
Jacob Yong

Jacob Yong all in preflop with 9h9c and is called by Jacob Yan Chee Yong with QcQd. No help for Aboudi on the board to pack up and go. Yong rises to 145,000.

21:30: Jonathan Sanborn eliminates Harry Ross
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

DSC 7626
Jonathan Sanborn

Utg Harry Ross raises preflop and gets called by utg+1 Jonathan Sanborn and big blind Hak Do Kim. At the a flop 3c5h2h, Sanborn bets 7500, Kim check-folds, Ross check-jams to send Sanborn tanking. He eventually makes the call and is ahead with 8c8s, Ross with AhKd. The turn 7d and river 10s are no help to Ross to leave the field. Sanborn climbs to 277,000.

21: 20: Corine Shi goes aggro
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

DSC 7631
Corine Shi

Cutoff player raises 4000 and big blind Corine Shi defends. At the flop 2s{d}4c, Shi check-raises from 4000 to make it 11,500, and is called. On the turn 2c Shi jams, player folds.

21:10: Guodong Shi shoves for the pot
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

DSC 7826
Guo Dong Shi

On a turn board 3dJc5c4h, Guodong Shi check-jams Yota Mitusi’s 15k bet and takes it. He chips up to 82,000.

20:50: Quan Qiu claims the pot
Level 11: 800-1600-1600 BB Ante

From utg, Pak Valeriy raises and gets called by the blinds. On the flop 7d2d3s, Valeriy c-bets 6500, Quan Qiu goes check-raises to 18,000, big blind folds, Valeriy calls. On the turn 6s Qiu shoves for 41,800, Valeriy folds.

20:40: Michael Soyza vs Keita Minami
Level 11: 800-1600-1600 BB Ante

Catching the action on the river with a board showing QcJh3sKcJd, and 28,000 in the pot, Michael Soyza bets 10,000, Keita Minami thinks about it then folds. Soyza at around 125,000, Minami sitting on 130,000.

20:25: Short stacked Paul Newey survives overcards
Level 11: 800-1600-1600 BB Ante

DSC 7819
Paul Newey

Short stacked Paul Newey tosses it all in with 8s8d hole cards, he is called by Nevan Yu Chung Chang with As10h. No bad beat lands on the board for a double up to Newey to 50,000.

20:20: Day 1B closes with 186 entries
Level 11: 800-1600-1600 BB Ante

That’s it! Day 1B registration closed with 186 entries. Combined with Day 1A, that’s 199 entries. For those that missed the mark in this heat, Day 1C is up next.

Day 1B continues for another four rounds. 70 players remaining.

20:15: Harry Ross doubles through Yota Mitsui 
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

All in preflop with Yota Misui Ah9s and at risk player Harry Ross with AdKd. It ends with a Jack-high board with no hits for either player for a double up to Ross who is up ot 41,000. Mitsui down tom 51,200.

20:10: Keita Minami soars, Kristian Lunde plunges and out
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

DSC 7797

Utg player Keita Minami raises for 1300 and big blind Kristian Lunde defends to see the flop land 10d4h7h. Lunde checks, Minami c-bets 4000, Lunde jams 55,400, Minami tank-calls.

Lunde 10c7s two pair
Minami 10h9s

The turn Ks doesn’t help Minami but the river 9h awards him a higher two pair to double up to 109,200. Lunde plunges to 3000 then busts on the next hand.

20:00: Mohamad Abbouchi doubles up through Yu Qi Zhao
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

Mohamad Abbouchi bags the max through Yu Qi Zhao with pocket Jacks staying ahead of pocket Sixes. He is up to 45,000.

19:50: Nines good for Lim to win it
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

On a flop 8c5h2s and 16,500 in the pot, Chhay Lim check-calls 8500. On the turn 8h, same betting action with Lim check-calling a 15,000 bet. On the river 8d, both players check, Lim has 9h9s full house and wins it.

19:40: Vu Thai Bao rails Sanh Bao Huy Thai
Level 10: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

DSC 7789
Vu Thai Bao

From hijack, Vu Thai Bao raises to 2400, small blind Sanh Bao Huy Thai shoves his 29,000 stack, Bao tanks then makes the call.

Vu Thai Bao 8c8d
Sanh Bao Huy Thai Ad10c

When the flop comes Qc5cKc, Sanh is adds outs to his overcards but the turn 6h and river 5d aren’t them to bust. Vu chips up to 70,000.

19:30: Sofia Lovgren cleans one out
Level 9: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

Sofia Lovgren is now at 170,000 having just eliminated a player who calls her river shove. Both players face a board Kh7h2c8s3d with 65,500 in the pot. Lovgren lays out a stack of oranges that covers her opponent’s stack. He tanks for a long time then decides to risk his tournament life. Lovgren shows AdAc which is way ahead of his 7d5d.

19:20: Shaun Conroy rails Hua Wei Lin
Level 9: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

Hua Wei Lin shoves with Kd10h and is denied the blinds and antes with Shaun Conroy calling with KcJc. No help arrives for Lin to send her to the rail.

19:10: Brett Pullen vs Hwany Lee
Level 9: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

Hwany Lee raises to 3000 preflop and big blind Brett Pullen defends. The flop comes 2dJcQs, Lee bets 3000 and Pullen check-calls. On the turn Js, both players check it and the river lands Qh. Pullen leads out 7000, Lee raises to 20,000, Pullen calls. Lee shows 6d6h and pays Pullen’s Qd10h boat. Lee down to 113,000, Pullen up to 215,000.

18:50: Mai Bien rails Erquiaga
Level 9: 600-1200-1200 BB Ante

DSC 7574
Mai Bien

NagaWorld Kickoff champion Mai Bien sends David Erquiaga to the rail with AhJc staying ahead of Qs10h on a dry board. Bien rises to 170,000.

18:40: Dale Townsend pushes short stacked Zong Chi He
Level 8: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

DSC 7774
Dale Townsend

Dale Townsend and Zong Chi He stare down a board 8d7dKh4s, Townsend bets 1500, Zong calls. On the river 7s, Townsend lays down a stack of yellows that well covers Zong’s stack and wins the pot then and there. Zong down to 17,000, Townsend up to 118,000.

18:30: Rajeev Kanjani on the rise
Level 8: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

 According to players at the table, Rajeev Kanjani was down to 800 in chips and has now won his third all in to jump back to 18,500. The hand was all in with Qc10d over 10s9c, Queen on the flop to hold.

18:20: Leo Soma vs Kristian Lunde
Level 8: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

DSC 7752
Leo Soma

Leo Soma and Kristian Lunde go head to head in back to back hands. The first clash saw a flop 2d6h3h and 6000 already in the pot. From late position Soma bet 4000, sb Lunde called. On the turn 4d, Lunde led out for 4000, Soma raised to 8000, Lunde called. The river 9c both opt to check. Lunde shows Qh2c bottom pair, Soma takes it with 8c6c second pair.

On the very next hand, Soma raised to 2200 and button Lunde called. At the flop 3s6d10s, Soma check-raised from 7000 to make it 17,000, Lunde answered with a three-bet all in, Soma folded. Soma down to 33,000, Lunde back up to 84,000.

18:00: Pak Valeriy claims a good one against Campomanes
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

DSC 7733
Pak Valeriy

A pot of 18,000 is in the middle and hijack Pak Valeriy and cutoff Florencio Campomanes are staring down a board 3d5sQd2dJh. Valeriy checks to Campomanes who bets 10,000, Valeriy raises to 32,000, Campomanes tanks then calls showing JcJs. Valeriy opens Kd10d flush and wins it. Campomanes down to 49,000, Valeriy rises to 130,000.

17:45: Konstantin Pogodin down to one 100 chip, doubles 3x then falls
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

DSC 7713
Konstantin Pogodin

Down to 13,200, Konstantin Pogodin sends all his chips out front with AcQs and is joined by Oliver Schulze with 13,100 and a better AdKh. At the runout, it is a Jack-high board. Schulze doubles up to 30,000, Pogodin chunked down to one 100 chip.

Pogodin wins the next two hands to rise to 1400 but no chip and a chair story as he busts on the next shove.

17:35: Chhay Lim mucks to Minh A Nguyen
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

The board drops the turn Jd2s4h9s with 8,900 in the pot. Minh A Nguyen calls Chhay Lim’s 4500 bet and the river comes Kd. Lim sends out 7500, Nguyen doesn’t hesitate to call all his chips. Lim quickly mucks. Nguyen takes it without having to show.

17:30: Quang Nguyen rivered by Soyza
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

APPT champion Michael Soyza ships himself a stack while apologizing. Facing Quang Nguyen’s all in, Soyza calls. Nguyen ahead with AhQc, Soyza AdJd, the board is good to Nguyen until the river slaps down a Jack. Nguyen busts and Soyza climbs to over 50,000.

17:25: Hak Do Kim jams for it
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

314626938 859046941963650 5232611861986341776 n

Hak Do Kim shoves his remaining 11,900 stack on a board of Qd3cKd4s7s and a pot of 16,000. Vu Thai Bao doesn’t bite and folds.

17:20: Hieu Ngo’s bluff exposed, Quan Qiu doubles up 
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

On a board of 3dJd10s4sAs and 17,5000 in the pot, sb positioned Hieu Ngo shoves and mp player Quan Qiu calls for his tournament life. Ngo showed 5d6d bluff, Qiu wins it with KdQh straight. Ngo drops below starting to 21,000, Qiu rises to 53,000.

17:10: Clement Van Driessche and Hwany Lee 
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

DSC 7731
Clement Van Driessche

Three way to the flop 3sQh6c and 5600 in the pot, Clement Van Driessche bets 1700 and only Hwany Lee calls. On the turn 2c, both check it to get a free river 5c. Lee leads out for 6,000, Van Driessche raises to 21,000, back to Lee who tank-folds. Van Driessche takes it to rise to 68,000, Lee dips to 100,000.

17:00: Sofia Lovgren doubles up through Aaron Lam
Level 6: 300-600-600 BB Ante

DSC 7608
Sofia Lovgren

On a board 3s4s9c7dJc and a pot of 26,000 brewed, Sofia Lovgren goes all in and sends Aaron Lam tanking. She shows 7c7s set, Lam mucks, she doubles up to 74,000. Lam down to starting stack.

16:40: Ceesvin Abdulla zooms over 100K
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

As told by the winner of this hand…. Action folds to the small blind who raises to 1500, big blind Ceesvin Abdulla three-bets to 5000 and is called. On the flop Kx9x7x, both players check. The turn 4x, sb bets 4000, Abdulla calls. The river Jx, sb risks it all, Abdulla calls and ships it a set of Jacks over pocket Aces. Abdulla climbs over 100K.

16:35: David Erquiaga folds to Chik Fatt Chan’s river shove
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

On a board that completes JcKd7d10s5h and a pot of 26,600, Chik Fatt Chan is all in for his remaining 25,500. David Erquiaga tanks then folds.

16:30: Zong Chi He wins the raise war
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

Action opens with Chi Ling Tsang with a 1200 raise, Mohamad Abbouchi three-bets to 3600, Yu Qi Zhao calls, Zong Chi He four-bets all in, no callers and no show.

16:25: Luke Oliver Keay jams and takes it
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

DSC 7681
Luke Oliver Keay

On a flop As4h4d, hijack player Luke Oliver Keay bets 8000 then faces a raise to 18,000 from the button player. This sends Keay tanking and says “I am not calling. Just deciding if I push or fold, that’s it.” After several seconds, Keay shoves for a total of 45,200 and wins it with the raiser folding.

16:15: Cao Ngoc Anh doubles up
Level 5: 200-500-500 BB Ante

Cao Ngoc Anh is all in with AhQc and needs to hit the board with his challenger showing 7d7h. The board grants it as it runs 10sJd9d4cAs. He doubles up to over 40,000.

16:10: Tung Nguyen versus Chi Ling Tsang
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

Tung Nguyen raised to 1100, called by two players, Chi Ling Tsang three-bets to 4000, called by Nguyen and another player. At the flop 4sJd4c, Tsang c-bets 9000 and takes it without further challenge. He says “just this time” then shows KdKh. Tsang chips up to 45,000.

16:00: Akshay Kapoor’s failed bluff boosts Holmedahl
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

DSC 7686
Daniel Holmedahl

On a flop Ac3c8d, cutoff Akshay Kapoor bets 1800 and hijack player Daniel Holmedahl check-calls. On the turn 3h, same action with Kapoor’s 3500 bet called. On the river 9c, Kapoor shoves and still can’t push out Holmedahl to have to show his KdJs bluff. Holmedahl ships a double up to 45,000 with As9s top two pair.

15:55: Champions go head to head, Seongmin Lee busts
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

DSC 7605
Seongmin Lee

With 9000 already in the pot by the river Ac9s7s9hQc, small blind High Roller champion shoves his 20,200 stack, APPT National winner Seongmin Lee tanks with less chips. Lee eventually risks it all and shows Ah10d two pair then busts to Van Driessche’s Kc9c trips. Van Driessche up to 40,000.

15:50: Sofia Lovgren triple barrels 
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

Button player Mohamad Abbouchi raises to 400, gets called by the small blind but big blind Sofia Lovgren three-bets to make it 1800 to go. Only Abbouchi calls and the flop comes 6sJd2c. Lovgren c-bets 1800, Abbouchi calls. The turn Ks, Lovgren sends out 3500 and wins the pot as Abbouchi folds.

15:40: Fritz Douhan jams for the pot
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

Fritz Douhan is on his second bullet today and isn’t afraid to test it against his new tablemates. Action opens with cutoff player raising to 1000, button Douhan and sb David Koy call, big blind re-raises to 5000, and loses only the initial raiser from cutoff. At the flop 9c[6c}2h, Douhan jams, no callers.

15:35: Terry Nguyen wins a pot versus Breed
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

DSC 7619
Terry Nguyen

A pot of 5,500 is in the middle and a board Ah2d8c6h. Koen Breed bets 1100 then faces a raise of 6700 from Terry Nguyen. Breed calls and the river is Qd. Breed checks to the aggressor Nguyen who sends out 16,000, Breed folds.

15:30: More notables flood the felt
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

More notables at the scene, Hieu Ngo, Terry Nguyen, Maggie Chien Chih Wei, David Erquiaga, Zong Chi He, Chi Ling Tsang, and Vu Thai Bao.

15:20: Level 4 begins with 104 entries
Level 4: 200-400-400 BB Ante

DSC 7625

Three levels have come and gone. Players are back from the first break of the day. Day 1B has already breached the 100 marker and should exceed the 113 Day 1A entries before the level closes. Among the new arrivals are APPT champion Florencio Campomanes, NagaWorld Kickoff champion Seongmin Lee, Poker Dream champion Minh Anh Nguyen, two time WSOP bracelet winner Pete Chen, High Roller winner Clement Van Driessche, Natalie Teh, Hak Do Kim, and Vietnamese pro Cao Ngoc Anh.

14:30: New level, 80 entries and climbing
Level 3: 100-300-300 BB Ante

Another 40-minute level has gone by. The field has now climbed to 85 entries with more seen at registration. If this pace keeps up, we should see the $400K guarantee breached. Among the late arrivals are Akshay Kapoor, Zarvan Tumboli, Benjamin Lai, Satoshi Kuriga, and Hwany Lee.

14:15: Vietnam in the house
Level 2: 100-200-200 BB Ante

More Vietnamese players have joined the action. Seen out there are Harry Duong, Tung Nguyen, Xuan Van Nguyen, Dang Duy Thanh, and Le Ngoc Khanh.

13:50: New level, more notables 
Level 2: 100-200-200 BB Ante

New level with more notables around the room, Super High Roller winner Gary Thompson, Sofia Lovgren, Huu Dung Nguyen, Quang Nguyen, Jun Hao Wu, and Konstantin Pogodin. Currently over 50 players seated.

13:40: More arrivals
Level 1: 100-100-100 BB Ante

The entries have now more than doubled with 46 seated. One table has APPT National runner up Freezeout winner Hassaan Arif, WSOP bracelet winner Leo Soma, and NLH KO champion Yu Qi Zhao.

13:10: Cards in the air!
Level 1: 100-100-100 BB Ante

Cards in the air for Day 1B of the Main Event! The screens currently have 17 players with more lined up at registration. Among the early birds are Hamish Crawshaw, Aladin Reskallah, Rajeev Kanjani, Dale Townsend, Ceesvin Abdulla, Fritz Douhan, Masatoshi Tanaka, and NagaWorld Kickoff champion Mai Bien.

Welcome to Day 1B of the Main Event $400K GTD!

Good afternoon players and welcome to another day at the Main Event. Today’s schedule is Day 1B with 10 levels of late registration open, closing at the start of Level 11. Buy in is $1,500. For those that enter by the starting gun, you start with a 30,000 stack which is equivalent to 300 times the opening blinds. Blinds increase every 40-minutes.

This is a single-re-entry tournament which means you are only allowed one re-entry per starting day. Multiple stacks are not allowed.

At yesterday’s Day 1A, 93 players entered with 20 using their second bullet for a total of 113 entries. Nam Hyung Kim bagged up a massive stack of 410,000, he will be the player to catch for today’s race. You can read up on the action via the Day 1A LIVE UPDATES.

Good luck to all!

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Main Event Day 1C ends with 22 remaining led by Yu Qi Zhao

DSC 7885
Yu Qi Zhao

Main Event Day 1C is a wrap! That means all three starters have completed. Bagging up the chip lead was USA’s Yu Qi Zhao with just over 200K. We will have the complete Day 2 chip counts via the link provided.


01:50: Good pot for Florencio Campomanes
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

DSC 7894
Florencio Campomanes

The board completes 7h5s9s8d8c with Florencio Campomanes laying out a 28,000 bet onto a 31,000 pot. Haozhen Gu tank calls. Campomanes has Ad6c straight that beats Gu’s Ah9c trips.

01:45: Chen Yong rails Max Menzel
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

Max Menzel all in with 9s9d, Chen Yong puts pressure with KdQh overcards. The flop runs clean 2s2h3c but the turn Kc and river Kh spelled the end for Menzel with a full house to Yong.

01:40: David Erquiaga rivers it to stay alive
Level 13: 1000-2500-2500 BB Ante

David Erquiaga three-bet jams with AsQh and initial raiser Seongmin Lee calls iwth 9d9h. An ace turns up on the river for Erquiaga to survive.

01:35: Tit for tat between Huu Dung Nguyen and Jiazhi Zhong
Level 14: 1500-3000-3000 BB Ante

Huu Dung Nguyen looks down at KsKh and shoves. Jiazhi Zhong has AsKd. The board runs 2h6d3h4cQc for a double up to Nguyen.

Immediately following that hand, Zhong goes all in with JdJc and Nguyen calls with Ac8c. No hits on the board for Nguyen to send some of his earlier winnings back to Zhong.

01:10: Mike Takayama eliminated by Haozhen Gu
Level 12: 1000-2000-2000 BB Ante

DSC 7865
Haozhen Gu

Quang Nguyen raises to 3000, Mike Takayama three-bet jams for 9500, Haozheng Gu calls, Nguyen folds. Takayama is ahead with AsJs to Gu’s Ac8c however the flop runs Qs8d4d7c5s for a pair to Gu to clean out Takayama.

01:05: Yu Qi Zhao boots one
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

Yu Qi Zhao raises to 4500, one player jams, David Erquiaga tank-folds, back to Zhao who calls while saying “I am way behind”. Zhao opens Kc10s and sees he is live with the at risk player holding Ad9d. The board comes 10hKd9hJcJh. Zhao ships it and rises to 120,000.

01:00: Donation for Jiazhi Zhong
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

Zong Chi He raises to 3500, Japanese female player three-bets to 10,000, small blind Jiazhi Zhong four-bet jams which was enough to push out Zong but not the three-bettor who risks it all as well. She turns over Ac10h and stays behind Zhong’s AdKd throughout the board. Zhong rises to 80,000.

00:55: Meerwais Hussein doubles up
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

We got to the table and Meerwais Hussein was already shipping a double up with pocket Kings standing firm against Ace-Queen. He now has 69,500.

00:50: Oliver Schulze gets max from Cao Ngoc Anh
Level 11: 1000-1500-1500 BB Ante

Oliver Schulze all in with Ace-King and gets the maximum from Cao Ngoc Anh who tried to eliminate with Ace-Four suited.

00:30: Yu Qi Zhao versus Haozhen Gu
Level 10: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

Action opens with Leo Soma raising to 2500 and finds three callers to the flop 5cKh3h. Zhao c-bets 3300, one player folds, Haozhen Gu check-raises to 7300, another player folds. On the turn 4s and river 4h, both check it. Gu shows Kd8s and Zhao has him outkicked with KsJs to win the pot. Zhao rises to 111,000, Gu drops to 116,000.

00:20: Le Ngoc Khanh bags a double 
Level 10: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

DSC 7872
Le Ngoc Khanh

Utg player makes it 2800, Yu Qi Zhao calls, Le Ngoc Khanh goes all in for 20,700, utg player all in right back, and Zhao folds. Khanh has AdJs, utg player with KsQc, the board runs 7d10s8c9d6s for a straight to Khanh and a double up.

00:15: Ido Aboudi boots Pete Chen
Level 10: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

On a flop 9h7cJd with 20,300 in the pot, both utg Pete Chen and button Ido Aboudi check to see the turn 5d. Chen checks, Aboudi bets 13,000, Chen shoves, quick call by Aboudi who shows 9s7s. Chen needs help with KsJh top pair. The river 3c isn’t it to pack up to leave. Aboudi rises to 80,000.

00:10: Cao Ngoc Anh rails one
Level 10: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

DSC 7858
Cao Ngoc Anh

A player limps in, Cao Ngoc Anh raises to 7000, back to the limper who jams. Anh quickly calls. At risk player is ahead with 10s10c, Anh with 7d7h, the board runs 8h9s4s6d5d for a straight to Anh to send one packing. Anh chips up to 126,000.

00:00: David Erquiaga shoves out Soma
Level 9: 400-800-800 BB Ante

With 18,400 in the pot and a flop 9s6dQh, sb Leo Soma bets 5,000 and is called by cutoff David Erquiaga. On the turn 5c, Soma checks, Erquiaga shoves, no call.

23:50: Quang Nguyen muscles Huu Nam Nguyen
Level 9: 500-1000-1000 BB Ante

On a board 8h10d3d5s and 18,000 already in the pot, Quang Nguyen bets 5600 and Huu Nam Nguyen calls. The river 4s, Quang shoves and takes it.

23:20: 66 entries with reg still open for until 12:40am
Level 7: 400-800-800 BB Ante

The tables are buzzing with players trying to find their way into Day 2 of the Main Event. Registration closes at the start of Level 11. Currently in action are notables Florencio Campomanes, Minh A Nguyen, Quang Nguyen, David Erquiaga, Dhanesh Chainani, Gary Thompson, Natalie Teh, Terry Nguyen, and Rajeev Kanjani. We will have more updates once it closes.

Main Event Day 1C underway! 

Main Event Day 1C is up and running and quickly 25 sign up which means, the $400K guarantee has been breached! Registration stays open  until the start of Level 11. Blinds for this heat increases at a faster 20 minute pace so make sure to sign up by the latest of 1230am.

Notable players seen on the felt are Zong Chi He, Gary Thompson, Leo Soma, Seongmin Lee, Natalie Teh, and Max Menzel. Others also seen are Satoshi Kuriga, Mark Hammond, Christopher Mateo, and Huu Nam Nguyen.

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Main Event Day 2 ends with the final 9 formed! 

DSC 8023

After nine hours of play, the Main Event reached its final 9 contenders led by Taiwan’s Nevan Yu Chung Chang with 3,165,000. On the opposite end of the counts is APPT Korea 2018 champion Michael Soyza, the only player seeking a second title. Players return on Sunday, November 13 at 1pm to chase down the coveted PokerStars shard trophy and the $96,028 up top. We’ll be back then!

Player Chips BB
Yu Chung Chang 3,115,000 125
Markus Garberg 2,420,000 97
Alexander Puchalski 1,700,000 68
Akshay Kapoor 1,485,000 59
Christopher Backhouse 990,000 40
Huy Phan 565,000 23
Quoc Dinh Nguyen 530,000 21
Renniel Galvez 340,000 14
Michael Soyza 165,000 7

Chips in play: 11,340,000
Average stack: 1,260,000
Blinds: 10,000-25,000-25,000 BB Ante

22:00: Nam Hyung Kim eliminated in 10th place – $7,821
Level 23: 10,000-25,000-25,000 BB Ante

315201403 673630697676465 6020707743408617622 n 1

The day’s entering chip leader Nam Hyung Kim had difficulty recovering after a cooler that paid big to Akshay Kapoor two levels prior. Grinded down below 400K, Kim risked it all with AdQc and faced Kapoor again who had 6d6c  for a flip. The board ran 7h2hJs9d8c. Kim busted in 10th place, missing the final table for the first time this series.

21:45: Michael Soyza chunked down; Nevan Chang barrels every stage
Level 23: 10,000-25,000-25,000 BB Ante

DSC 8020
Nevan Chang

Michael Soyza is down to 6 BB after losing a monster pot to Nevan Yu Chung Chang. From cutoff, Chang opens with a raise and Soyza calls from the big blind. At the flop, turn, and river Chang fires bets KcKh6h4dQc. Soyza calls him throughout then mucks to Chang’s KsQs full house. Soyza down to 150,000, Chang zooms to over 3.1M.

21:25: Markus Garberg doubles up on Kapoor bluff
Level 22: 10,000-20,000-20,000 BB Ante

DSC 7999
Markus Garberg

On a board that completes 4hAs9h3cQd with 950,000 in the pot, massive stacked Akshay Kapoor goes all in sending Markus Garberg tanking. Garberg eventually finds a call and Kapoor shows 5d7d bluff. Garberg ships a double with AhJd. Garberg up to 1.325M.

21:10: Sofia Lovgren-Fullmer bluffs out in 11th place – $7,821
Level 22: 10,000-20,000-20,000 BB Ante

DSC 7948
Sofia Lovgren

Action opens with utg Sofia Lovgren raising to 45,000 that finds three callers. On flop KhAh7c, Lovgren c-bet and only Akshay Kapoor continued to see the turn 7c. Both players checked. The river landed 5c. Lovgren jammed for 677,000, Kapoor called, Lovgren opened QcJc bluff, Kapoor shipped it with AcJs. Kapoor zoomed to 2.25M and is now chip leader.

21:00: Payouts from 12th place – 55th place

12th Zdravko Duvnjak $6,782
13th Hoa Thinh Nguyen $6,782
14th Jiazhi Zhong $5,989
15th Jean Robert Autran $5,989
16th Ido Aboudi $5,395
17th Dhanesh Chainani $5,395
18th Natalie Teh $4,900
19th Jonas Magdalinski $4,900
20th Paul Newey $4,900
21st Chhay Lem Lim $4,405
22nd Jianguo Zhou $4,405
23rd Valeriy Pak $4,405
24th Bryan Huang $3,911
25th Mohamad Abbouchi $3,911
26th Mai Bien $3,911
27th Phuong Ngoc Nguyen $3,911
28th Zhao Feng $3,416
29th Jonathan Sanborn $3,416
30th Benjamin Sai $3,416
31st Yong Chen $3,416
32nd Omair Javed $2,921
33rd Vincent Huang $2,921
34th Chik Fatt Chan $2,921
35th Brett Pullen $2,921
36th Tzai Wei Phua $2,921
37th Suparerk Totsaponisad $2,921
38th Finn Penderak $2,921
39th Oliver Schulze $2,921
40th Cao Ngoc Anh $2,425
41st Lars Madsen $2,425
42nd Masamichi Hayashi $2,425
43rd Vu Thai Bao $2,425
44th Robert Schiffbauer $2,425
45th Collin Ho $2,425
467th Renato Villanueva Jr $2,425
47th Ori Haim Elul $2,425
48th Ho Xiao Wang $2,425
49th David Erquiaga $2,425
50th Zachary Duce $2,425
51st Hamish Crawshaw $2,425
52nd Daniel Smiljkovik $2,425
53rd Florencio Campomanes $2,425
54th Keita Minami $2,425
55th Duy Tung Nguyen $2,425

00:45: Zdravko Duvnjak falls to Kapoor in 12th place – $6,782
Level 22: 10,000-20,000-20,000 BB Ante

DSC 7951
Zdravko Duvnjak

Zdravko Duvnjak all in preflop with Ad8d and falls to Akshay Kapoor’s 7d7c with the board running 10s10c5h2c4d. He earns $6,782 for 12th place. Kapoor chips up to 1.25M.

20:40: Akshay Kapoor doubles up through Kim
Level 21: 8000-16000-16000 BB Ante

DSC 7968
Akshay Kapoor

Akshay Kapoor raises to 35,000, Nam Hyung Kim three-bets to 100,000, Kapoor four-bet jams and is called. When they open, it’s a cooler with Kapoor KdKc and Kim QhQs. No bad beat comes for a double up to Kapoor to 1M, Kim drops to 660,000.

20:25: Christopher Backhouse doubles up through Soyza
Level 21: 8000-16000-16000 BB Ante

DSC 7982
Christopher Backhouse

Action folds to the small blind Christopher Backhouse who raises and big blind Michael Soyza defends. On the flop 10h3s2d, Backhouse checks, Soyza bets, Backhouse calls. On the turn 4s Backhouse checks again, Soyza bets, Backhouse jams, Soyza tanks then calls with Jd10d top pair. Backhouse turns over 6d5d straight. The river is Jh. Soyza drops to around 800,000, Backhouse zooms to nearly 1.1M.

20:10: Hoa Thinh Nguyen falls to Chang in 13th place – $6,782
Level 21: 8000-16000-16000 BB Ante

DSC 7956
Hoa Thinh Nguyen

Action opens with utg+1 Michael Soyza raising to 32,000, button player Hoa Thinh Nguyen calls, small blind Nevan Yu Chung Chang three-bets to 200,000, Soyza calls, Nguyen jams, Chang jams while simultaneously saying to Soyza “I cover you so you can’t call”. Soyza folds and shows 10h10c. Nguyen has AcQd, Chang dominates with AdKc, the board runs 3dKd9sQs6c for a pair to Chang and 13th place for Nguyen. He earns $6,782 for his efforts.

20:05: Jiazhi Zhong busts to Soyza in 14th place – $5,989
Level 21: 8000-16000-16000 BB Ante

Jiazhi Zhong all in for his remaining 172,000 and Qd3d to try to save him. Michael Soyza calls with a better Ks3h. A king finds the board to finish off Zhong in 14th place for $5,989.

20:00: Jean Robert Autran eliminated in 15th place – $5,989
Level 21: 8000-16000-16000 BB Ante

314587707 676772993863253 7680818680570776938 n
Jean Robert Autran

Jean Robert Autran three-bet shoves with Kc10s, initial raiser Alex Puchalski calls with Ac7c. The flop quickly awards the better hand an improvement to two pair which holds to end Autran’s day in 15th place. He earns $5,989.

20:00: Nevan Chang on a rush
Level 21: 8000-16000-16000 BB Ante

Back from the break, it was Nevan Yu Chung Chang again. He five bets Hoa Thinh Nguyen from 45,000 to 100,000, to 245,000 to 1.1M, Nguyen folds. Chang shows 9s9d.

19:35: Nevan Chang ships it
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

DSC 7976
Yu Chung Chang

On a turn board 2d3c5dJc, heavy betting action with three battling for the pot, Akshay Kapoor decides to get out of the way leaving Renniel Galvez and Nevan Yu Chung Chang to fight it out. Chang is all in with JhJs set, Galvez drawing dead with KsJd. The river is 3h. Chang rises to just under 1.1M.

19:20: Ido Aboudi rivered by Soyza, falls 16th – $5,395
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

315233153 835503017498877 3277452163137582536 n

Catching the action only on the turn with a board 4s9s4c10h and 45,000 in the pot, Ido Aboudi sends nearly his entire stack out amounting to 110,000, leaving himself 4,000 behind. Soyza puts Aboudi all in. Aboudi puts his remaining chips in. Soyza shows QcJs, Aboudi with AhKh, the river 8h completes a straight for Soyza to end Aboudi in 16th place. Aboudi earns $5,395.

19:15: Quoc Huy Phan rails Dhanesh Chainani in 17th place – $5,395
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

DSC 7969
Dhanesh Chainani

From utg, Dhanesh Chainani goes all in preflop with 10c9d, big blind Quoc Huy Phan calls with AsJc. The board runs 4hQsKs7c8c. Cbainani eliminated in17th place for $5,395.

It is down to two tables. Redraw time.

19:10: Natalie Teh out in 18th place – $4,900
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

314923807 1207437136521423 1590218992573931128 n
Natalie Teh and Akshay Kapoor

Natalie Teh is almost all in again. She send everything but one 1K chip out front, Akshay Kapoor calls the 101,000, and with no other customers, the flop runs JsAs10h. After taking a bit of time to see if someone at the other table goes bust for a pay jump, no one does so she checks. Kapoor bets the remaining 1K, Teh calls for her tournament life.

Teh has 6c6h which is behind Kapoor’s Ac8s. The turn Qs  and river 4d ends Teh’s run in 18th place for $4,900.

19:00: Hoa Thinh Nguyen eliminates Magdalinski
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

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Jonas Magdalinski all in with 9d9s and is flipping with caller Hoa Thinh Nguyen QsJs. When the flop lands AsKh10s, all Magdalinski can hope for is a split but it doesn’t come. The turn is Qc and river Ac.

18:47: Akshay Kapoor claims a big pot 
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

Ido Aboudi is all in on a board that completes 7c8h4sAs4h and around 140,000 in the pot, Akshay Kapoor bets 86,000, Aboudi tanks then folds.

18:45: Jiazhi Zhong doubles through Lovgren
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

Another all in here with Jiazhi Zhong sending his last 93,000 into the pot. Sofia Lovgren gives him some action and turns over AhJs. She is behind Zhong’s AdKh. A king finds the turn for a double up to over 200,000.

18:40: Paul Newey exits in 20th place 
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

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Paul Newey

Paul Newey has been struggling with his short stack for sometime and despite a double up he is still far behind the big stacks. He sends it all in with AdKs and is facing a flip with Markus Garberg turning over 9d9c. The board runs a dry Jack-high to exit in 20th place.

18:38: Nevan Chang doubles through Puchalski
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

Having laddered up, Nevan Yu Chung Chang goes all in for his remaining 93,000 and gets called by Alex Puchalski. Chang turns over 5d5s, Puchalski Qd10d, the flop runs 9d5c7s for a set to Chang, and with the turn 8d and river 4c, he happily doubled up to over 200,000.

18:35: Jean Robert Autran banks it off Kim
Level 20: 6000-12,000-12,000 BB Ante

Jean Robert Autran scores a double with 9s9c standing firm against Nam Hyung Kim‘s AdJh. The board was QcQs5d10d4s.

18:30: Chhay Lim falls to Galvez 
Level 19: 5000-10,000-10,000 BB Ante

Chhay Lim three-bet shoved his last 233,000, initial raiser Renniel Galvez slow-rolled and turned over QdQh. Lim had AhKc. The ladies won the flip to send Lim out in 21st place.

18:20: Jiazhi Zhou eliminated
Level 19: 5000-10,000-10,000 BB Ante

Jiazhi Zhou shoves with pocket Nines and is challenged by Dhanesh Chainani with overcards As10s, the board has an Ace land on the flop for Zhou to exit in 22nd place.

18:10: Michael Soyza delivers a double KO
Level 19: 5000-10,000-10,000 BB Ante

DSC 7960
Michael Soyza

Three way action with Bryan Huang all in, Michael Soyza shoves his much much larger stack, then Valeriy Pak also dominated by Soyza decides to join the party.

Soyza KcKs
Huang 10s10d
Pak JdJh

The flop comes 5sJs7s for a set to Pak, the turn 6c keeps him ahead, but the river 4s is exactly what Soyza needed to overtake and boot out the two.

18:05: Mohamad Abbouchi falls to Kapoor
Level 19: 5000-10,000-10,000 BB Ante

Mohamad Abbouchi jams his 143,000 stack and nearly gets through with the blinds and antes but Akshay Kapoor on the big blind calls and send him home. Abbouchi had Ad4s, Kapoor with 4h4c, no hits on the Qd9h3cKdJs board for a 25th place finish for Abbouchi.

18:00: Hoa Thinh Nugyen doubles up through Soyza
Level 19: 5000-10,000-10,000 BB Ante

Catching the hand just at the payout, the board completed 8c7h4s9c9d, Hoa Thinh Nguyen with JhJs doubles up through Michael Soyza with Ac10c. Nguyen climbs to over 700,000.

17:50: Sofia Lovgren up and up and up
Level 19: 5000-10,000-10,000 BB Ante

DSC 7948
Sofia Lovgren

Sofia Lovgren is now sitting with around 1.2 Million after going pound for pound multiple times that sent one plunging and another packing. The first clash was against Mai Bien whose AsQh missed the board against Lovgren’s KcKd to pay the double up.

Following that hand, Phuong Ngoc was all in with pocket Jacks, Lovgren had pocket Kings to drag more chips in.

Hands later, Bien was all in again, this time with KsJh but missed the board to fall to Lovgren’s Ah9s. The board was 3c8d5d3d4c.

17:40: Eliminations

29th Jonathan Sanborn Canada $3,416
30th Benjamin Sai Singapore $3,416
31st Yong Chen China $3,416
32nd Omair Javed Pakistan $2,921
33rd Vincent Huang Australia $2,921
34th Chik Fatt Chan $2,921
35th Brett Pullen $2,921
36th Tzai Wei Phua Singapore $2,921
37th Suparerk Totsaponisad Thailand $2,921
38th Finn Penderak Germany $2,921
39th Oliver Schulze $2,921
40th Cao Ngoc Anh Vietnam $2,425
41st Lars Madsen $2,425
42nd Masamichi Hayashi Japan $2,425
43rd Vu Thai Bao Vietnam $2,425
44th Robert Schiffbauer USA $2,425
45th Collin Ho Singapore $2,425
467th Renato Villanueva Jr Philippines $2,425
47th Ori Haim Elul Israel $2,425
48th Ho Xiao Wang China $2,425
49th David Erquiaga Philippines $2,425
50th Zachary Duce Australia $2,425
51st Hamish Crawshaw New Zealand $2,425
52nd Daniel Smiljkovik Germany $2,425
53rd Florencio Campomanes Philippines $2,425
54th Keita Minami Japan $2,425
55th Duy Tung Nguyen Vietnam $2,425

17:30: More chips for Kim as Sai goes bust
Level 18: 4000-8000-8000 BB Ante

DSC 7937
Namhyung Kim

More chips for the leader Nam Hyung Kim with AsQs dusting Bejamin Sai’s Kd10d shove. The board was Jd5s3h7c5h.

17:25: Paul Newey scores another double but still short
Level 18: 4000-8000-8000 BB Ante

Paul Newey gambles all of his chips with 5c3c and is called by a player with KsKh. The board runs 5dAc10s7c10c for a flush to stay in the running.

17:20: Yong Chen busts to Ido Aboudi
Level 18: 4000-8000-8000 BB Ante

Yong Chen all in with AhJs, Ido Aboudi looking to eliminate with 7h7c. With the board running 2d6sJc{7s|}Ks , out went Chen.

17:15: Clement Van Driessche gets the max 
Level 18: 4000-8000-8000 BB Ante

Action opens with a raise by Renniel Galvez, beside him Clement Van Driessche shoves, Hoa Thinh Nguyen calls, and Galvez folds. Van Driessche has 10s10c, Nguyen with AsKd, it’s a Jack-high board for a double up to 380,000 for Van Driessche. Nguyen dipped to 475,000.

17:10: Omair Javed eliminated by Bien
Level 18: 4000-8000-8000 BB Ante

Omair Joved entered the day as one of the big stacks but couldn’t bring it further than 32nd place. He tumbled to Mai Bien with AdJc way dominated by AcAh.

17:00: Bryan Huang banks it 
Level 18: 4000-8000-8000 BB Ante

DSC 7932
Bryan Huang

Bryan Huang all in with 7d7h and fades Nam Hyung Kim‘s KcJs with the board running