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Suprema Poker App


Suprema Poker was made to supply the world’s best to the poker community. From an innovative concept (similar to Upoker and PPPoker) to the most recent security frameworks, the objective is to offer everything you’re trying to find in an online poker app. Play all the best unions on this latest poker app by Suprema!

Suprema Poker is delivered in late 2021. The application is created/developed by the Brazilian poker app unions that were also active on PPPoker.  Suprema Poker is a playmoney app available on iOS, Android and natively on PC.

The application is very new and is used to host private poker games. Its main appeal, just like Pokerbros, PPPoker and Upoker, is offering “a home game experience” via a mobile device.

The Games on Suprema Poker run in Chip Values set by each private club.

As the famous Big Brazilian Unions that were active on PPPoker moved to this new app, traffic has been proven to be just as good. The unions are big and games can be found around the clock. Soft poker games (different formats/stakes/games/clubs/unions) available to play! We expect this app to become even bigger as more clubs AND unions are forming.  Most, if not all Brazilian online poker app traffic has moved to this New Suprema Poker App!

Do not miss out and apply to the clubs to already have a look! We have at the moment access to multiple clubs/unions with excellent rakeback deals and  more clubs shall come soon!

Suprema Poker App

 Why Trust Somuchpoker Agents to Play on X-Poker? is a company Founded in 2014 by poker players and is currently the 1st source of information about live as well as online poker in the Asia-Pacific Area. We only work with trusted private clubs. We help you to find the right club, VIP Club Loyalty Programs, Rakeback-Deals and General Support and assist you to buy and sell chips!

  Which are the Softest Suprema Poker Clubs?

We have access to the two biggest unions on Suprema Poker Download Suprema Poker, Contact Us and apply to the following clubs:

🇧🇷  1 chip = 1 BRL
🔐 Club ID: 13341
📤 Cashout fee? NO
🚦 Micro-Mid-stakes, NLH/PLO (HU and Various formats)

🇧🇷 BACANA 1.0
💶 1 chip = 1 USD
🔐 Club ID: 20612
📤 Cashout fee? NO
🚦 Micro-Mid-Hi-stakes, NLH/PLO (HU and Various formats)

Suprema Poker App

Is there Rake on Suprema Poker?

The Rake-Structure is normally set at 5%, 3bb Cap for these App-Games, however, at higher stakes less rake is paid. Contact us for an exact breakdown of the rake-structure in the games/stakes you are interested in.

 Can I get Rakeback? 

YES! Rakeback available for each club via Somuchpoker! We offer the most Competitive Rakeback Deals in the industry for All Clubs we have on offer.

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– Games –

  How good is the Suprema Poker software?

Suprema Poker offers a Mobile Poker App that natively runs on iOS and Android and PC.  Playing on Suprema Poker is very similar to PPPoker and Upoker. If you are familiar with the Upoker App (but also PPPoker), you won’t have a hard time migrating to this App! One of the reasons that it has been launched is to move all the existing Brazilian Clubs/Unions to operate on their own Brazilian Poker App which is in design and functionality just as good as Upoker or PPPoker.

Suprema Poker RNG Certified

Another thing to note is that: The App has been RNG-Certified by Gaming Labs!

  What Games of Poker can we play on Suprema Poker?

You will find Cash Games NLH, PLO, PLO5c, MTTs, OFC and last but not least: a lot of HU (Heads-Up Poker on both NLH and PLO! It is accessible legitimately from their site right here  as well as the Apple Store and Google-Play Store. The App is steady and simple to use. If you wish to play on PC, you can do so as well. Just like Upoker and PPPoker, Suprema Poker has a natively running Windows version. Please contact us for expert guidance on how to make the best set-up!

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Traffic on Suprema Poker is GOOD! Most traffic can be found at Brazilian evenings and nights but in general, games run around the clock. If you like to play HU, there are a ton of tables/games available for you to play! The poker games running in these unions are known to be incredibly soft!

Suprema App Lobby Suprema Poker Tables App

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– How to get started? –

  • For Apple users visit the apple store, and search “Suprema Poker” or download here
  • For Android users visit google play store, and search “Suprema Poker” or download here
  • Buy Chips via Somuchpoker
  • App is working exactly like PPPoker/Upoker/Pokerbros – PC version is available as well!
Need any guidance? Please contact us directly and we will help you to get started!

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– Payments –

  How to make a deposit and buy Suprema Poker Chips?

We have options to serve all players, Contact us for help.

  How to make a withdrawal and sell Suprema Poker Chips?

We have options to serve all players, Contact us for help.

  How is the Security on Suprema Poker?

We work only with the most trusted Suprema Poker clubs/unions and we process all your transactions fast. Players are protected by App Security and any form of abusing, cheating (including the use of real time assistance and solvers etc) is prohibited and not welcome. Penalties will be given to accounts ignoring these rules.

The App has a RNG-Certification recently issued by Gaming Labs as well as their own App security: Security PKR.

Suprema Poker App

– Conclusion –


Private Poker Clubs offering a “Home-Game Experience”
Great mobile experience
Great PC experience (ability to tiled multi-table)
Very Soft Games
Bankroll Guaranteed
Great Rakeback Deals via SMP
Lightning Fast Support by Somuchpoker


Not available on MAC

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