USOP Danang 2024: Main Event – Day 1B

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Kim Tae Hyoeng wraps up Day 1B as chip leader, Won Chul Bae at his tail, 52 players advance

Kim Tae Hyoeng at USOP Danang 2024
Kim Tae Hyoeng

After twelve hours of play, Main Event Day 1B closed with Korea’s Kim Tae Hyoeng leading the 52 ITM qualifiers. Kim was a grinding force throughout the day claiming pot after pot with rarely a showdown. He dragged in one of the last pots at his table to just edge over fellow countryman Won Chul Bae for the day’s top spot.

Won Chul Bae at USOP Danang 2024
Won Chul Bae

Also advancing was 2024 USOP Taiwan Main Event champion Sam Chen Yu Hung with a decent 24 bb stack. He became the first USOP champion to qualify with Nguyen Ngoc Dai and The Naing both missing the mark today.

Chen Yu Hung aka Sam Hung at USOP Danang 2024
Sam Hung

Main Event Day 1B was another record setter with 416 entries on record, marking it the largest Day 1B flight in USOP history. Combined with Day 1A, the cumulative entries is now 782 bringing the pot to around VN₫ 20 Billion.

Among the faces in the crowd today were WSOP bracelet holders Abhinav Iyer, Siyang Phua, Aayush Arya however they were unable to go the day’s distance. Also falling were notables Nam Hyung Kim, Pham Tien Dung, Dao Minh Phu, Gab Yong Kim, Edward Yam, Manish Lakhotia, and Ian Lee to mention a few. Luckily, there are still two more flights to run, both taking place on Saturday, March 30, 2024.

Date: March 29, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 30,000,000 (~USD 1,235)
Guarantee: VN₫ 15,000,000,000 (~USD 614,500)
Day 1B: 416 entries (314 unique)
ITM: 52 players
Chips in play: 16,640,000

Rank Player Flag Stack BB
1 Tae Hyoeng Kim Korea 883,000 88
2 Won Chul Bae Korea 874,000 87
3 Le Giang Nam Viet Nam 790,000 79
4 Park Younghee Korea 774,000 77
5 Xu Zhenbo China 650,000 65
6 Le Ngoc Minh Viet Nam 622,000 62
7 Anthony Lewis USA 581,000 58
8 Trinh Anh Dung Viet Nam 545,000 55
9 Son Ju Hyung Korea 537,000 54
10 Nguyen Ngoc Son Viet Nam 461,000 46
11 Buyu Sakurai Japan 453,000 45
12 Sishu Peng China 442,000 44
13 Lee Seok Jun Korea 427,000 43
14 Peng Chen China 407,000 41
15 Nguyen Duc Hai Viet Nam 405,000 41
16 Gavin Flynn Ireland 398,000 40
17 Jun Minsu Korea 375,000 38
18 Chunhao Zhang China 354,000 35
19 Sergei Poltavets Russia 346,000 35
20 Yankai Zhang China 334,000 33
21 Amit Kaushik India 321,000 32
22 Waki Yasuhiro Japan 308,000 31
23 Drasko Boskovic Serbia 291,000 29
24 Kang Woo Sung Korea 282,000 28
25 Nguyen Trung Ha Viet Nam 277,000 28
26 Qiuyao Dong China 249,000 25
27 Yixuang Dong China 243,000 24
28 Chen Yu Hung Taiwan 239,000 24
29 Nguyen Hoang Nam Viet Nam 233,000 23
30 Raul Martinez UK 228,000 23
31 Lee Chang Hwan Korea 218,000 22
32 Thomas Young Indonesia 216,000 22
33 Armon Van Wijk Australia 211,000 21
34 Nguyen Quang Hoang Viet Nam 209,000 21
35 Adam Kharman Australia 203,000 20
36 Jun Young Park Korea 200,000 20
37 Yejun Kim Korea 188,000 19
38 Huynh Ngoc Thai Viet Nam 182,000 18
39 Jun Ma China 177,000 18
40 Wei-Chun Liu Taiwan 176,000 18
41 Yu Xiao Tong China 173,000 17
42 Lee Wooyoung Korea 169,000 17
43 Chiu Kwok Kit Hong Kong 148,000 15
44 Thanh Ha Duong Viet Nam 137,000 14
45 Lee Wang Hee Korea 134,000 13
46 Minku Kim Korea 122,000 12
47 Wang Jing Yi China 118,000 12
48 Chen Bo China 98,000 10
49 Nishant Sharma India 91,000 9
50 Shao Jian Bin China 86,000 9
51 Florent Remi France 60,000 6
52 Kim Sin Woo Korea 30,000 3

00:17: Bubble bursts! Younghee Park rails Sergei Iablokov
Level 18: 5000-10,000 ante 10,000

Younghee Park at USOP Danang 2024
Younghee Park

From utg, Younghee Park min-raises then tanks to button Sergei Iablokov’s shove of 143,000. Park finds the call and opens up Ac8c, Iablokov ahead with JcJh. The board runs 8d10d9sAh9h.

Younghee Park – 774,000 (77 bb)
Sergei Iablokov – eliminated

00:13: Kim Tae Hyoeng grinding
Level 18: 5000-10,000 ante 10,000

Kim Tae Hyoeng has been using his big stack to test the waters, successfully grinding to one of the big stacks. One of his most recent hands, from utg Kim opens 20,000, big blind tank-calls, both go see the flop Kh6c3h, Kim c-bets 10,000, bb check-calls. On the turn 5h, Kim fires 22,000 and wins it then and there.

Kim Tae Hyoeng – 875,000 (87 bb)

00:10: 54 players remaining
Level 18: 5000-10,000 ante 10,000

Getting close to the end of day with bagging time at 52 players.

00:04: Amit Kaushik rails Tetsuya Enoki
Level 17: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Amit Kaushik at USOP Danang 2024
Amit Kaushik

All in preflop, Amit Kaushik Ac4h crushes Tetsuya Enoki’s Qd10s on a board 2s6d3c5s5d.

Amit Kaushik – 325,000 (32 bb)

23:45: Lee Chang Hwan dusts with kings
Level 17: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Lee Chang Hwan ships in a pot with pocket KcKs dusting QdJd on a board Qc3c4dKh8s{10s).

Lee Chang Hwan – 150,000 (18 bb)

23:20: Buyu Sakurai burned on the river
Level 17: 4000-8000 ante 8000

Buyu Sakurai at USOP Danang 2024
Buyu Sakurai

Mid position Buyu Sakurai min-raise, cutoff shove 46,000, small blind calls, Sakurai four-bets 170,000, small blind calls. At the flop 4h5d5c, Sakurai c-bets 214,000, sb check-folds. Sakurai opens 10s10c, cutoff Ks10h. The turn As changes nothing but the river Kc saves cutoff to ship a triple up.

Buyu Sakurai – 500,000 (62 bb)

22:50: Minku Kim has broadway
Level 16: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Minku Kim at USOP Danang 2024
Minku Kim

Buyu Sakurai opens 13,000, cutoff Minku Kim and big blind call. Flop it is checked to Kim who bets 120,000, big blind raises 75,000, Sakurai folds. Kim shoves and is called. Kim has the nuts As10h straight, bg has 10d9d lower straight. The turn Kh and river 4h is a double up for Kim.

Minku Kim – 192,000 (32 bb)

22:45: Buyu Sakurai soars to 700K
Level 16: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Utg+1 opens, hijack Buyu Sakurai three-bet, utg+1 four-bets, Sakurai calls. At the flop 3s7c10c, utg+1 c-bets, Sakurai calls, pot now at 305,000. On the turn Ah, utg+1 bets 120,000, Sakurai shoves, utg+1 tanks then folds.

Buyu Sakurai – 700,000

22:30: Blinds up, 85 players remaining
Level 16: 3000-6000 ante 6000

22:15: Tony Lewis on a roll
Level 15: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Tony Lewis at USOP Danang 2024
Tony Lewis

Utg Gavin Flynn raises 11,000 and is called by utg+1 Toby Lewis. Both players check the flop Jd6h6d. On the 9c turn, Lewis leads out 16,000, Flynn check-calls. The river 5d both go back to checking. Flynn has 8c8s, Lewis wins it with KsJs higher pair. Lewis triple barrels to the river, and wins it.

Tony Lewis – 333,000 (66 bb)

22:00: Tetsuya Enoki in the house and picks up a pot
Level 15: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Tetsuya Enoki at USOP Danang 2024
Tetsuya Enoki

Tetsuya Enoki is on his first USOP stint and is already causing a stir at the table. From mid-position he opens 13,000 and finds two callers to the flop 2s3s4d. Enoki c-bets 21,000 and only small blind continues. Both players check the turn Qd and river 8c. Enoki wins the pot with JhJd.

Tetsuya Enoki – 218,000 (43 bb)

21:50: Dai Sy earns some off Yankai Zhang
Level 14: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Utg Yankai Zhang opens, next to act Dai Sy calls, both check the flop 7h3s6c. On the turn 9c, Dai Sy bets 12,000, Zhang check-calls, then both check the river 9d. Zhang opens KhQc, Dai Sy wins with 4h4d.

Dai Sy – 140,000 (35 bb)
Yankai Zhang – 75,000 (18 bb)

21:20: 106 players remaining
Level 14: 2000-4000 ante 4000

106 players remaining. Here are the top 5 in chips:

Lee Chang Wan – 320,000 (80 bb)
Buyu Sakurai – 400,000 (100 bb)
Younghee Park – 390,000 (97 bb)
Manish Lakhotia – 350,000 (87 bb)

21:02: Manish Lakhotia takes it to the river and ships
Level 13: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Manish Lakhotia at USOP Danang 2024
Manish Lakhotia

From cutoff, Manish Lakhotia calls a min-raise then calls a 4,000 bet on the flop 6d9s3c. On the turn 3s, Lakhotia bets 9,500 and is check-called. On the river Ac, Lakhotia bets 10,000, challenger check-raises all in for 75,000, Lakhotia calls and wins with AdJc top pair over 2s2h.

Manish Lakhotia – 350,000 (116 bb)

20:45: Double KO for Gavin Flynn
Level 13: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Gavin Flynn at USOP Danang 2024
Gavin Flynn

Lojack AhJc open shoves 5 bb, hijack Zhu Xian Yu AsQh calls, big blind Gavin Flynn KcKd three-bets all in for 31 bb, Yu with 23 bb joins to make it a three-way. The board runs 10cJh8d6h6d, Flynn’s cowboys stand to boot out two simultaneously.

Gavin Flynn – 183,000 (61 bb)
Zhu Xian Yu – eliminated

20:40: Yonghee Park keeps firing
Level 13: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Cutoff Yonghee Park three-bets 21,000, button and utg+2 initial raiser call. Park c-bets 15,000 at the flop 5c7s8d, only utg+2 calls. Park fires 50,000 on the turn 4d, and this time takes it down with no challenge.

Yonghee Park – 300,000 (100 bb)

20:30: 127 players remaining at the new level
Level 13: 1500-3000 ante 3000

127 players remaining on the hunt for a spot in the money round. The flight bags up once 52 players is reached.

20:20: Le Ngoc Minh rails one
Level 12: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Le Ngoc Minh at USOP Danang 2024
Le Ngoc Minh

Following a button raise, small blind Le Ngoc Minh three-bets 19,500, big blind four-bets all in for 85,000, button folds, Minh calls. It’s a flip with Minh JhJd and big blind AhKs. Both improve on the board AdJc6s8dKc, Minh ships it with a set.

Le Ngoc Minh – 210,000 (84 bb)

20:17: Buyu Sakurai marches to the chip lead 
Level 12: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Utg Nam Hyung Kim opens and finds two callers. All three check the flop Js4c5h to get a free turn 2h. Kim bets 30,000, cutoff raises 75,000, big blind Buyu Sakurai check-raises 200,000, no takers. Sakurai kindly shows his Ac3h straight.

Buyu Sakurai – 430,000 (172 bb)

20:10: Kim Tae Hyoeng drags in two good pots
Level 12: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Kim Tae Hyoeng at USOP Danang 2024
Kim Tae Hyoeng

Kim Tae Hyoeng was seen claiming a couple of sizable pots to join the leaders tier. First hand, Kim calls a raise from cutoff, button three-bets 20,000, initial raiser utg calls, Kim four-bets all in for 42 bigs, button calls, utg folds.

Kim Tae Hyoeng As9s
Button JsJh

Board runs 8s5s2sQsJs, Kim lands the nut flush for a double up. Following that hand, Kim triple barrels a board Qh6s10h2c8c, no caller on the river bet.

Kim Tae Hyoeng – 260,000 (104 bb)

20:05: Yu Xiao Tong with quads
Level 12: 1000-2500 ante 2500

Battle of the blinds betting war leads to small blind all in 30 bb with AhQh, big blind Yu Xiao Tong calls and covers with JcJh. It’s overkill on the board JsQsJd2h, Yu ships it and boots one in the process.

Yu Xiao Tong – 160,000 (64 bb)

19:50: 165 players remaining
Level 12: 1000-2500 ante 2500

165 players remaining at the start of Level 12. Flight plays down to ITM of 52 players.

19:45: The Naing with the diamond takedown
Level 11: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Reigning USOP Danang champion The Naing improved to a nut flush for his AdQc to dust a player’s QsQh that was deemed counterfeit on a board 5d10d4dQdJd.

The Naing – 100,000 (50 bb)

19:15: Big stacks
Level 11: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Manish Lakhotia 270,000
Krishna Wadeesirisak 280,000
Jun Ho Kim 240,000
Nguyen Trung Quan 200,000
Buyu Sakurai 260,000

19:10: Day 1B registration closes at 416 entries
Level 11: 1000-2000 ante 2000

USOP Danang 2024 Main Event Day 1B

A new USOP Main Event Day 1B flight record with 416 entries! That’s back-to-back flight record breakers. This brings the cumulative entries to 782 entries. The pot is currently over VN₫ 20 Billion with two flights yet to play out tomorrow. For now, the next agenda for players is to reach bagging time which is at ITM of 52 players.

18:20: Last level to register underway! 
Level 10: 1000-15000 ante 1500

Main Event Day 1B has now entered the last level of late registration, and good news, the 400 entry mark has been reached and a new flight record has been set! Currently 401 entries on record with registration closing at the start of Level 11 at 7:10pm.

Random Stacks

Gab Yong Kim 75,000
Pham Tien Dung 185,000
Adam Kharman 60,000
Abhinav Iyer 35,000
Sam Hung 130,000
Khoi Nguyen 110,000
Zhi Yuan Xu 75,000
Ian Lee 110,000
The Naing 40,000
Song Li 43,000
Edward Yam 70,000
Lester Edoc 25,000

17:40: 380 entries… will it reach 400?
Level 9: 600-1200 ante 1200

17:30: Day 1A entries surpassed! 370 entries and rising
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Another immense turnout with Day 1B already exceeding the 366 Day 1A entries. There are two more levels of late reg to play out, closing at the start of Level 11.

17:20: More notables in the house
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

More notable players scattered rubbing elbows, among them are WSOP bracelet holders Abhinav Iyer, Siyang Phua, Aayush Arya, along with numerous notables Tran Hung Thanh, Anatolii Gorbusin, Gavin Flynn, Nguyen Trung Ha, Amit Kaushik, Le Ngoc Minh, Huy Pham, Lester Edoc, Harry Duong, Do Anh Tai, and Gab Yong Kim.

17:00: Champions in the house
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

Nguyen Ngoc Dai at USOP Danang 2024
Nguyen Ngoc Dai

USOP Vietnam champion Nguyen Ngoc Dai is among the new arrivals. Also in the field is Sam Chen Yu Hung. Reigning USOP Danang champion The Naing has already won a side event but has not yet made his Main Event appearance.

Sam Hung aka Chen Yu Hung at USOP Danang 2024
Sam Hung aka Chen Yu Hung

16:10: 322 entries and rising
Level 7: 400-800 ante 800

New round with the field now well over the 300 mark. The Day 1A 366 entries is looking like a goner soon. For those planning to sign up late, registration closes at the start of Level 11 at approximately 7:10pm.

16:00: Notables in the field
Level 6: 300-600 ante 600

With the room at capacity, among those riding elbow to elbow are Aayush Arya, Armon Van Wijk, Dong Van Tan, Pham Tien Dung, Khoi Nguyen, Vladimir Litasov, Dhaval Mudgal, Michael Kim Falcon, Guy Taylor, Pham Bao, Lee Suya, Hyeonho Shin, Matthew Bevin, and Joree Kim – newest Ladies Event champion.

15:30: Halfway through registration, guarantee dusted!
Level 6: 300-600 ante 600

Day 1B is halfway through registration. 282 entries on record which puts the prize pool well past the guarantee. At this pace, the possibility of surpassing Day 1A entries is high. Registration stays open until the start of Level 11 at approximately 7:10pm

14:00: Blinds up, 174 entries
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

174 entries and rising fast. Registration stays open until the start of Level 11 at approximately 7:10pm

13:20: Blinds up, 136 entries
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

136 entries and rising at the start of the new round. Registration stays open until the start of Level 11 at approximately 7:10pm

12:40: Blinds up, 102 entries!
Level 2: 100-200 ane 200

And just like that, triple digits during the first level. Currently 102 entries with 2 already eliminated and back at the tables. It’s going to be a huge day! Registration stays open until the start of Level 11 at approximately 7:10pm

12:00: Cards in the air for Day 1B!
Level 1: 100-100 ante 100

Cards are now flying for Main Event Day 1B with several tables running at the starting gun. More players are making their way. Registration stays open until the start of Level 11 at approximately 7:10pm

USOP Danang 2024 Main Event trophy

The U Series of Poker – USOP Danang 2024 festival opens today with MAIN EVENT – Day 1B up next! The crown jewel of the series runs from March 28 to April 1 at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort featuring VN₫ 15 Billion (~USD 614,500) guarantee. With record-breaking turnouts witnessed at various events and Day 1A itself setting a new record, the  chances of surpassing the brand’s previous Main Event prize pool record of VN₫ 34,801,800,000 (~USD 1,434,000) are quite promising.

To enter, buy in is VN₫ 30,000,000 (~USD 1,235). Starting stack is 40,000. Day 1B will see blinds increase every 40 minutes. Registration closes at the start of Level 11.

Date: March 28 to April 1, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 30,000,000 (~USD 1,235)
Guarantee: VN₫ 15,000,000,000 (~USD 614,500)

Day 1A: 366 entries / 46 advanced to ITM round
Day 1B: Friday, March 29
Day 1C: Saturday, March 30
Day 1D (Turbo): Saturday, March 30
Day 2: Sunday, March 31
Final Day: Monday, April 1

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