Tony Dunst Secures Third WSOP Bracelet with Early Morning Win: ‘Such a Massive Deal’

Poker pro and commentator Tony Dunst has added another accolade to his illustrious poker career, winning his third World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet in the early hours of Monday—before 5 a.m. to be exact. Dunst emerged victorious in the WSOP Online Event #15, the $500 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack, securing a prize of $134,887 after a grueling 13-hour session. The win solidified Dunst’s place among poker’s elite, as he was able to showcase his enduring talent in the live tournament despite being more comfortable playing online.

“It was just one of those tournaments that in order to go deep, big things just have to fall your way. It’s just one of those things that it is just so big, it’s such a massive deal,” the 39-year-old poker pro recently said while reflecting on his recent win, which he achieved from a field of over 2,400 participants. His consistent performance during the recent event showcased and proved his adaptability and skill in both online and live poker settings.

tony dunst
Tony Dunst

Balancing On-Screen and Off-Camera Success

While many recognize Dunst as a staple of the World Poker Tour (WPT) commentary team, where he provides expert analysis alongside Vince Van Patten, his prowess extends far beyond the broadcast booth. His dual role as a commentator and player proves his deep understanding of the game, a balance that Dunst carefully but enthusiastically navigates with precision.

“I’m most comfortable online for a couple of reasons,” Dunst explained via WPT. “It allows for a better life-work balance than live poker tournaments… It just kind of plays into my strengths of being able to follow a lot of action at once in multiple tables.” His preference for online poker stems from its flexibility, allowing him to maintain a dynamic schedule while continuing to compete at the highest level.

A Career Built Online

Dunst’s affinity for online poker is rooted in his early days as an online sensation, known then by his handle “Bond18.” Over two decades later, his experience in the online arena remains a main component of his career. However, his first WSOP bracelet win in 2016 and a WPT title in 2014 showcased his well-rounded capabilities.

“I mean, it was where I got started with real money poker in my late teens,” Dunst reminisced. “The options were pretty limited where I was living and I can’t remember if I was even ‘casino age’ at the time but online poker, as soon as you turn 18, is just like I was playing in late high school or college and everything.”

Despite his extensive travel and demanding schedule with the WPT, Dunst ensures he remains competitive. His approach involves studying through training videos and analyzing hand histories using solvers to stay ahead of the curve. This dedication allows him to seamlessly blend his roles as a commentator and a competitive player.

tony dunst
WPT Commentator Tony Dunst

The Thrill of Competition

Dunst’s latest victory adds to his impressive career, which includes more than $4.2 million in live earnings and around $700k in best live cash, according to the Hendon Mob. Yet, despite his success, he remains driven by the excitement and competition inherent in poker.

“I lean on the money side. I really like playing poker for the income… But also, just chasing titles as a player of games is really fun for anybody who’s just kind of competitive and just kind of seeing what they can win at,” Dunst said. His motivation to compete is a blend of financial rewards and the intrinsic challenge of the game, making him a relentless competitor in the poker scene.

Future Aspirations and Upcoming Challenges

Looking ahead, Dunst is already gearing up for his next major challenge: the WSOP Main Event. Despite the daunting nature of the tournament, Dunst approaches it with a mix of excitement and realism. “I’m going to be there on Day 1D… It’s going to be crazy in there, I just know it and I’m looking forward to it in the way I always look forward to the Main, which is, I am really excited for it, but I’m also very fatalistic about it,” he shared.

“I’ve played the Main almost 20 times and took some of the most savage poker beats of my career in the Main Event. Like it could go down any number of ways. I’ve had a few deep runs where you really start to believe ‘I might final table the Main Event.’ I’ve had it go all those different ways and so I’m just kind of like, look…it’s probably going to end in horrific tragedy because it’s the Main Event and that’s what it is. But…maybe it’ll go that other way.”

Nevertheless, with a third WSOP bracelet now in his possession, Dunst has already proven his status as a dynamic and influential figure in the poker pro scene. His track record and his dedication and passion for the game could inspire both new and seasoned players alike.


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