EliteHUD Review by Somuchpoker – Play on Chinese apps, PPPoker, Upoker and PokerBros with a HUD

Logo of EliteHUD

  • Hand converter giving access to 14 rooms
  • Run a HUD and track your results in HM2/HM3/PT4/H2N
  • Different monthly subscriptions (to match your needs)
  • 10% DISCOUNT if you sign up via Somuchpoker

– About EliteHUD –


EliteHUD is a tool (handgrabber) that allows you to run a HUD (Heads Up Display) on most of the Asian Apps. It also gives you the ability to track your results in Holdem Manager 2 and 3, PokerTracker 4 and Hand2Note. You will have the ability to review your hands and use all your tracker’s tools to improve your game!

EliteHUD itself is a very interesting company with a active developers. Support is outstanding and they are also actively developing and constantly updating as well as adding new apps to the arsenal. Have a look below at what they currently have to offer.

What is new for 2020? 1 Subscription for ALL APPS!!! You don’t need to buy separate licenses for all the different apps anymore – 1 Subscription, 1 price for All Apps. For more information about the different monthly subscriptions, please have a look at EliteHUD’s Website

Featured HUD by EliteHUD


Available both for PC and emulator versions. Software will allow you to open additional tables

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Available for emulator only

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Available for emulator only

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All Supported Apps by EliteHUD

Product Name HM2/HM3  Poker Tracker 4  H2N (API)  FreeSeat Alert  Android Emulator*  Android VPN  POKEIT 
All In LD
FishPoker LD
GlobalPoker upcoming
HiTea LD
PokerBros LD
PokerCommunity LD
PokerKingAsia LD
PokerMaster LD
PokerTime LD
PPPoker/KKPoker   ✔**   ✔** LD
RealPoker LD
RedDragonPoker LD
UPoker LD
WePoker LD

We are always working to make the latest versions of Emulators compatible with our products. As of now:

LDPlayer V4 is recommended

  • Holdem Manager 2/3: Support for HM2 (default)/HM3. Shows HUD based on converted hands.
  • PokerTracker 4: Support for PT4. Shows HUD based on converted hands. “PT4” checkbox must be selected on converter window.
  • H2N API: Supports H2N natively through API. No additional configuration. Shows H2N HUD. Please note, you must have H2N “Asia” add-on subscription.
  • POKEIT Support for POKEIT tracker. Shows HUD based on converted hands.
  • Free Seat Alert: Alerts when free seat available on earlier full table.
  • Android Emulator: Android emulator supported.
  • Android VPN: If using Android VPN supported.

** HM3 and PT4 works with PPPoker when running PPPoker in emulator only.

All-in, IDN, PokerTime, UPoker & WePoker while playing with H2N write hands into PKDOM-room database


With acquiring one license you gain access to ALL ElitHUD’s products.

Cost relies upon stakes you play.

  • Plan A, stakes 2/4/8¥ and less, 1 month: $29
  • Plan B, any stakes, 1 month: $49
  • Plan E, PPP/Upoker/PokerBros any stakes + Asian applications stakes 2/4/8¥ and less, 1 month: $39

Somuchpoker’s 10% DISCOUNT applies to all PLANS!

License code is auto-produced with enrollment and you can find it in your dashboard.

License code format: EHLICxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


How to claim your 10% Discount?

Click on this link to subscribe

If you decide to purchase, the standard procedure is automated. Please follow the next step

1. Login under account 
2. Press “Buy and renew subscription” button.
3. Select plan (the default price is shown)
4. Select payment method
5. Make a payment with 10% discount (not the full price)
6. Add comment inside the payment screen with payment details. (Mention Somuchpoker in comment)
7. Confirm

DONE! License is automatically activated/prolonged.

If you still have any questions or need guidance – feel free to contact us by clicking the button below

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– Conclusion –


  Run a HUD and track your results on Asian Apps
  Review hands and improve by learning from your mistakes
  Great Support by EliteHUD – Actively Developing and Constantly updating as well as adding new apps


  Not available on a Smartphone

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