How to become an Agent on Pokerbros, Upoker, PPPoker?

What is a Poker Agent?

Poker Agents handle the business, poker deals with support, agreements, and arrangements for the player.

Agents deal with the poker players they are supporting. Managing messages sent by the players and offer support/help/rakeback is all part of the job. The General Goal is to give the best client experience to the players.

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How to become a Poker Agent?

Each poker player is searching for the softest games. Finding weaker players and the best games is what makes poker productive. On the popular apps like Pokerbros/Upoker/PPPoker you will discover the absolute craziest games you have ever observed, but getting access to these games can be a hassle and risky. Therefore, good trustworthy agents are needed to provide players all the support needed. Somuchpoker is giving opportunities to new or existing agents to expand their playground and offer soft games, rakeback and more!

Becoming an agent on Pokerbros/Upoker/PPPoker via Somuchpoker is easy.

Do you have a network of poker players (or friends) that are active players and/or interested in playing certain clubs/apps that are on offering?

You can refer them and earn commission, in the form of rakeback.


  • For Poker Players, earn on each referred and active player extra rakeback.
  • For Non-Poker Players, you will earn a percentage of the rakeback generated by your players.

To get more information on the different agent levels and deals, please contact us

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Which poker clubs can I promote?

All the clubs/apps on offer via Somuchpoker can be promoted. To view our club lists, please have a look here:

Pokerbros Clublist  Upoker Clublist  PPPoker Clublist

What will be my revenue as a Poker Agent?

Revenue is determined by many factors:

  • How many players will an agent bring?
  • Which stakes are being played?
  • How active are my players (volume)?
  • How many players can I refer as a poker player?

In general, the more rake is being generated, the more an agent/player can earn.

What does Somuchpoker bring me as an Agent?

With our experience and help we can offer you excellent support and quick access to the newest and softest games on the apps. We can help you to get started quickly and keep track of your progress. We keep you updated with weekly reports, VIP deals and more to make managing your players as an Agent the best as possible.

Contact Somuchpoker to Get Started !

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