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  • Decentralized Poker powered by Cryptocurrency
  • Great VIP Rakeback Deals
  • Deposit and Withdraw in USDT and ETH instantly
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  • Native Windows, MAC, iOS and Android Apps


What is Coinpoker


Created by an eager group of poker enthusiasts, CoinPoker is a revolutionary blockchain innovation based stage that utilizes USDT stablecoin as the primary in-game currency and CHP as bonusing fuel, offering all advantages of the crypto world close by.

Direct and secure exchanges using USDT, ETH, BTC or CHP tokens and no KYC checks are just a few of the advantages the players get along with enormous promotions parting with thousands in fiat value every week.

CHP is the currency of the CoinPoker economy. It gives players select advantages and supports future improvements conveyed to the Coinpoker community.

Coinpoker Flowchart Bar

Why Coinpoker?

As mentioned before, CoinPoker is a crypto based poker room made by poker players for poker players. Coinpoker states that their primary target is to assemble a poker stage where players of all expertise levels can locate a home.

Coinpoker aims at players having a good time as opposed to being eaten by hungry regular professional poker players equipped with 3rd pary software. It is anything but a mystery that things like that burn-through your bankroll quicker than you can deposit.

Coinpoker and their community highly respects and values their players. Check them out!

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Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

The games run exclusively in USDT (Tether) – a cryptocurrency with a fixed incentive to USD, however, you can withdraw your funds in BTC and ETH also.

For ETH and USDT the process is practically instant, while BTC exchanges can require a couple of hours.

Lowest Rake in the Industry

Coinpoker does not take conventional rake. They rather utilize their own interesting rendition of it, which they call Community Contributions.

There is a significant contrast between the two. Conventional poker rooms return just a little piece of the rake in game fees that you pay, while CoinPoker keeps nothing and uses all the expenses to profit the players.

Coinpoker Rake Structure Table

100% of community commitments is returned back to the contributors in different shapes and structures including (but not only restricted to) leaderboard race, MTT overlay, badbeat beat jackpot and more!

Community Contributions are set at 3% for cash games, 7% for MTTs, 2% for OFC and 5% for Cosmic Spins, making it probably the most attractive conditions you can discover online!

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 Can I get Rakeback? 

Rakeback Coinpoker


Every day Coinpoker is following your performance at our Hold’em, PLO and OFC game tables just as activity in the MTTs and Spin and Go’s. Each Monday CoinPoker rewards players with 20% rakeback, paid out in CHP.

Please note that: only Community Contributions paid in CHP are determined towards the rakeback, therefore in the event that you don’t have any CHP, it is good to get some, or you’ll be passing up a major opportunity!

Here is how it works:

Pay Comnunity Contributions In CHP And Get 20% Back!

Via Somuchpoker it is possible to earn even more rakeback on top of Coinpoker’s rakeback. We have the most competitive VIP Rakeback Deals available!

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Bad-Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat JP Coinpoker Shadow

Bad Beat Jackpot is set off when a good hand is beaten by a superior one. The rundown of the hands that should be beat all together for the jackpot to be paid can be found in the terms and conditions below. To trigger the jackpot in any event 3 players should be dealt toward the start of the hand and you’ll have to utilize both of your pocket cards for the winning combo. 5% of the rake created at money tables will be utilized towards developing the jackpot size. All the cash game tables are included for this promotion.

You know what’s surprisingly better? As Jackpot is set off, everybody playing at the winning table will be compensated! This just means that you simply must be dealt into a hand which triggers a Bad Beat Jackpot to win a portion of it.
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Terms and Conditions

  • All cash tables qualify for the promotion.
  • 5% of all Community Contributions generated at cash game tables will go to BBJ.
  • In order for a hand to be included in BBJ:
    • At least 3 players must receive cards at the start of the hand.
    • Hand must go to a showdown.
    • It must be the first run of the community cards – in case of run it twice, only the first run qualifies.
    • Both winning and losing players must use two of their hole cards to make the qualifying combination. In case of four of a kind, the two hole cards must make a pocket pair.
  • The minimum requirements for the losing hand will change according to game type:
    • No Limit Holdem
      • AAAKK or better
    • PLO
      • Straight flush
    • 5PLO
      • Straight flush (3-7) or better
  • The percentage of BBJ that will be paid out will vary depending on stakes and game type:
    • Stakes: 0.01/0.02 – NLH: 2,5%; PLO: 1,25%; 5PLO: 1%
    • Stakes: 0.02/0.05 – NLH: 5%; PLO: 2,5%; 5PLO: 2%
    • Stakes: 0.05/0.10  – NLH: 10%; PLO: 5%; 5PLO: 4%
    • Stakes: 0.10/0.25 – NLH: 25%; PLO: 12,5%; 5PLO: 10%
    • Stakes: 0.25/0.50 – NLH: 50%; PLO: 25%; 5PLO: 20%
    • Stakes: 0.50/1 and above – NLH: 100%; PLO: 50%; 5PLO: 40%
  • Once BBJ conditions are met, the total payout will be shared among the players at the table in the following manner:
    • 50% will go to the loser of the hand (loser‘s share).
    • 20% will go to the winner of the hand (winner‘s share).
    • 20% will be shared among all the remaining players that were dealt cards at the start of the qualifying hand (table‘s share).
    • 10% will be used to seed the bad beat jackpot.
  • In case two or more players meet the requirements of winner‘s share, the player holding the better hand will be paid out the winner‘s share and the worse of the two hands will be paid out table‘s share. In case both player‘s hold the same hand, the winner‘s share will be split evenly between the qualifying players.
  • In case two or more players meet the requirements of loser‘s share, the player holding the better hand will be paid out the loser‘s share and the worse of the two hands will be paid out table‘s share. In case both player‘s hold the same hand, the loser‘s share will be split evenly between the qualifying players.
  • CoinPoker reserves the right to stop or cancel the promotion at any time.
  • CoinPoker reserves the right to exclude any player from the promotion and refuse to issue payouts without further explanation in case any form of room rules violation is detected.

12000 USDT Galactic Grinders

12k USDT Coinpoker

Win a cut of 3000 USDT every week!

Galactic Grinders Leaderboard promotion will compensate 150 players every week with a portion of 3,160 USDT in prizes. The week after week prize pool is part between three leaderboards, one for MTTs, one for NLHE and one for PLO cash table players.

The MTT Leaderboard reward winners with 860 USDT in week by week prizes. As incredible as that is, the Cash Leaderboard tops it by rewarding top players with a nice week by week prize pool of 2,300 USDT!

Here’s the way it works:

MTT leaderboard points are determined dependent on buy-ins, the quantity of members, and the place taken. Cash leaderboard points are scored by the quantity of big blinds gone towards Community Contributions, which means they depend on action as opposed to stakes. That implies the more you play, the more points you get!

👉🏻 Please Note: Players paying Community Contributions in CHP will be allowed 50% more leaderboard points.

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Cosmic Spins

Cosmic Spins CoinPoker

Do you miss exploring? Arriving at new heights? Good for you, CoinPoker was hit hard by the Cosmic Spins! These spins will kick you off to the space loaded with adventures, aliens and in any event 2x buy-in prize!

Enormous twists can get you to heights that are rarely possible in a poker game. Furthermore, this means prize pools up to 1,000 times your initial buy-in!

The game is accessible via the CoinPoker lobby. When you open the Cosmic Spins tab, pick buy-in, count of the tables and trust that two additional players will do likewise. At the point when every one of you are enlisted the Cosmic reel is prepared to do the work! Watch it turn the prize pool and the game starts!

It is available for Texas Holdem Fanatics but Coinpoker plans on adding different alternatives, for example, Pot Limit Omaha.

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– Games –

How good is the Coinpoker software?

Coinpoker offers their App on all platforms. It is natively available for play on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android! The PC version is to say the least amazing! Do you love multi-tabling? It’s possible at Coinpoker! Unlimited tables can be opened, certainly more than one can handle.

Another Thing to note is Coinpoker’s Revolutionary Decentralized RNG. Perhaps the greatest dread recreational players have is that the cards are managed in an unjustifiable manner (an unfair way / rigged).

RNG Coinpoker How

Coinpoker’s revolutionary decentralized RNG permits players to participate in the shuffling process and check that the cards dealt were fair! This is absolutely the only site we have come across with this kind of feature and we like it!

To see how this works, please watch the video:


CoinPoker NLH Table RNG FtrRNG How Coinpoker 1

RNG How Coinpoker 2 2

RNG How Coinpoker 3 3

Learn more about transparent card shuffling software by reading the guides available on Coinpoker’s Website (including the full source code)


What Games of Poker can we play on Coinpoker?

You will find Cash Games NLH, PLO, MTTs, Spins and OFC! It is all accessible via their client. All games are playable on all devices (WIndows, MAC) as well as mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

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🚦 What is the traffic like on Coinpoker?

Coinpoker has most traffic at micro/small/mid stakes up to NL/PLO200. There is always traffic to be found. As this poker room is really revolutionary with cool and “one of a kind – features”, such as the Decentralized RNG, it is safe to say that popularity may increase which equals in more traffic likely across a wider range of game formats and stakes.

Want to know more about game quality and peak times? Do you have more questions or do you want some advise regarding Coinpoker? Please don’t hesitate and contact us! We are happy to help you!

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– Payments –

  How to make a deposit on Coinpoker?

Deposit instantly in Crypto (USDT, ETH, BTC and more)  Contact us if you have questions regarding this or if you’re not familiar with these deposit methods.

  How to make a withdrawal?

Withdraw instantly in Crypto (USDT, ETH, BTC and more)  Contact us if you have questions regarding this or if you’re not familiar with these withdrawal methods.

  How is the Security on Coinpoker?

Coinpoker has really stable and good running software. Recently they have reviewed and cleaned up their whole platform of various concerning matters. Overall this resulted in a greater, stable place to play online-poker. With software capabilities long forgotten by other major sites (think mass multi-tabling, rakeback deals for example), Coinpoker is definitely worth a serious try.

The Decentralized RNG is revolutionary and one of the most unique features of the platform. The ability to even participate and verify (check) if the randomness (card-shuffle) was fair is pretty impressive. Coinpoker is also not shy in giving any information needed. From documentation in forms of manuals to even the source code used is all available from their website.

Coinpoker Bet Love

– Conclusion –


Easy and Instand Deposits/Withdrawals via Cryptocurrencies (like USDT, ETH and BTC)
Available on All platform!
Decentralized RNG
Play with players from around the world
Lowest rake in the industry
Great Rakeback Deals via SMP


Traffic can be low at times and no hi-stakes

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