OFF Topic: Dan Bilzerian Spreading STD, Neymar’s Royal Flush, Daniel Cates losing big

Dan Bilzerian spreading STD

Dan Bilzerian, proclaimed as the king of instagram after regularly posting about his wild lifestyle, was left infuriated recently after gossip website ‘The Dirty’ featured a random commenter suggesting she had caught Chlamydia from him. Dan Bilzerian was not pleased about this, and responded in an understandable and balanced manner, with legal action….He is also planning to fight Nik Richie who owns the site. Apparently Dan wants it to be an MMA fight, while Nik favours boxing. We shall see how it plays out in the coming weeks.

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian has 12m followers on Instagram

Neymar Makes a Royal Flush

Back in May, Pokerstars completing a great signing for their team of sponsored pros, in the form of world class footballer Neymar. When he isn’t partnering Suarez and Messi as the attacking force behind arguably the greatest ever club team to have been assembled, he enjoys poker. It appears he has been enjoying it a lot recently, as his Instagram account suggests. He posted a photo of his Royal Flush while on the way to final tabling a 50 Euro tournament. I’m sure he wasn’t sweating the prize money however, as FC Barcelona pay him reasonably well, at around $220,000 per week. In fact, Pokerstars will probably end up making more money from his deep run than Neymar did, after his Royal Flush picture received more than half a million ‘likes’ on Instagram and no doubt created plenty of Pokerstars curiosity among his fans.


Great advertising for PokerStars:  more than half a million ‘likes’ on Instagram for this picture

Spanish Poker Player fakes kidnapping to repay debts

Meanwhile in Spain, a plot to extort money via kidnap was foiled, when police captured their suspect. The unusual part of the story is, the young man kidnapped himself with the help of a local man he owed poker debts too, before phoning his parents to try and get them to pay up. Despite not being sharp minded enough to break even at poker, the man was convinced that he could outwit his parents, and also local police authorities on his way to getting his debts paid off. He currently awaits his list of charges and probable jail time.

Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates Says lost $5 Million In Manila

Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates is another man who is having a difficult time, having got involved in the juicy high stakes cash games that took place at Poker King Club Manila on month ago. With blinds equivalent to USD$2,500/$5,000/$10,000 (mandatory straddle) it’s easy to see how a slight downswing could occur. After an unfortunate case of running badly, Cates suddenly found his pockets to be $5 million lighter and mentioned on Twitter that he may drop down in stakes, to $5/$10 online. You do wonder if the man needs some advice about bankroll management when he’s dropping down in stakes from $5,000/$10,000 to $5/$10.

Daniel Cates

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