Videos of the Week: Dan Bilzerian on Doug Polk’s Podcast; The Biggest Pots on High Stakes Poker; Brad Owen’s Christmas MUG at Hustlers; The Biggest Poker Stories of 2021 & More

In this article, we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Dan Bilzerian on Doug Polk’s Podcast

Doug Polk managed to close 2021 with a bang. His last guest of the year was none other than “the King of Instagram”, GGPoker ambassador Dan Bilzerian. However, despite his huge online following, not everyone is super impressed with Bilzerian. A common accusation against him is that he got most of his wealth from his corporate takeover specialist father, not from poker, as he claims. This question makes up the lion’s share of this 2-hour podcast interview. Bilzerian reiterates his claim that he made tens of millions of dollars in soft private cahs games, and calls out host Polk for making a video years ago suggesting otherwise. You can listen to the argument for yourself and make up your mind: who do you believe is right?

The Biggest Pots on High Stakes Poker by PokerGO

This year, the premier poker streaming service PokerGO decided to revive another classic poker TV franchise, High Stakes Poker. They did so with Poker After Dark years ago. The original High Stakes Poker show ran on The Game Show Network between 2006 and 2007, then from 2009 to 2011. The 2021 version on PokerGO featured some of the same poker legends the original series did: Tom Dwan, Brandon Adams, and Phil Hellmuth. This video counts down the biggest pots played on the show this year. The largest one was almost $1 million, in a 3-way all-in hand with Dwan and Jean-Robert Bellande. Enjoy!

Likable Rec Wins WPT Event for $1.3 Million

We all know the story of Chris Moneymaker. In 2003, the simple, charmingly overweight accountant from Tennessee qualified through an online satellite to the WSOP Main Event and ended up winning it for $2.5 million, bringing about the poker boom of the early 2000’s. 9 years later, in February 2012, a similar event took place, although with a lot less great of an effect on the poker world. Sean Jazayeri, a tech executive and recreational poker player from Irvine, CA took down the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the L.A. Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino for $1.370 million. The poker YouTube channel PokerXpress decided to post a video to commemorate his great run from 10 years ago.

Brad Owen’s Meet Up Game at Hustlers

A meet-up game (or MUG for short) is a fun event where poker vloggers get to play some poker with their fans. To make it accessible to a large audience, the stakes are usually not too high in these games. This was the case for Brad Owen’s latest MUG event, which was a $5/$5 NLHE game played at the Hustler Casino. For this one, Owen traveled back to his home state of California and stayed in his parents’ house. You can watch the most interesting, fun moments of this MUG in his latest vlog, posted below.

Top 10 Poker Moments of 2021 by Doug Polk

Let us start and end this article with a video by Doug Polk – one from his podcast channel, and this one from his main poker channel. In this one, he counts down the top 10 poker stories he found most interesting in 2021. He graciously excluded the ones involving himself, such as him beating Daniel Negreanu for $1.2 million in a highly publicized heads-up challenge. His top 10 still has plenty of exciting events on it, for instance, Joe Ingram going radio silent on social media for months, Phil Hellmuth winning his 16th bracelet, and the World Series of Poker returning to the Rio after COVID, just to have the last series before changing venues.