In Brief: Bilzerian’s unbearable antics; markup mayhem; and bulge-gate

The social media front was hot over the last week, with Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb competing with Dan Bilzerian to create the biggest outrage.

Negreanu’s revealing poolside picture

As a man who always speaks his mind regardless of who it annoys, Daniel Negreanu is fully accustomed to people telling him to put a sock in it. Now, speculation is rife that he may have finally taken that advice. Clearly keen to demonstrate that he is one of the biggest ballers around, Negreanu tweeted a picture of himself beside his pool on a sun lounger.


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For reasons unknown, he felt it was important that a large bulge in his shorts was firmly in the centre of the shot. Of course, the tweeted responses soon rolled in as his followers took a moment to express their admiration for the impressive size of his pool. While it’s not unusual to see big packages advertised in the run up to the WSOP, the poker world is now collectively wishing Negreanu had kept his to himself.

Deeb and Negreanu trade low blows in Twitter feud

In a story which has become almost as large as the one mentioned above; Daniel Negreanu once again thrust himself into the eyeline of the poker world by becoming involved in an increasingly heated exchange of tweets with Shaun Deeb.

What began as a player trying to sell WSOP action at a high mark-up soon became a very personal prop bet. Understandably, the discussion began with a reasonable debate on whether players have an obligation to be fair to buyers when adding a mark-up. Allen Kessler’s marked up offer then led to some trolling by Shaun Deeb who posted under the name “Markup police”, before Negreanu defended Kessler.

Talk between the two soon turned to their respective wife and fiancée, and things quickly began to escalate. Before long, a prop bet of $500,000 on whose marriage lasts longest was soon on the table, much to the disgust of the watching world.

Bilzerian infuriates animal rights group PETA

Dan Bilzerian’s latest Instagram post might sound like any other of his posts at first glance. Large fuzzy creature with a vacant look in its eyes eats food while surrounded by women in their underwear – check. This time however, the creature was a fully-grown bear, and it was being fed by the boorish Bilzerian and photographed for his Instagram followers.


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This earned many responses, one of which came from animal rights group PETA. They named him and attempted to shame him over the post, clearly unaware of the fact that Dan Bilzerian prides himself on having no shame whatsoever. The playboy billionaire crafted a diplomatically worded, thought provoking rebuttal of their compliant in the aftermath, stating – “They can suck my dick”.

Article by Craig Bradshaw