Off Topic: Juanda’s Prob bets, Bilzerian House’s robbed, Antonius critical of tracking software

John Juanda’s Prop Bets

It has been an interesting year for John Juanda, as he made some ill advised prop bets during a christmas party at the end of last year. After several drinks, bets were made between Juanda and a friend that he couldn’t do 20 pull ups in one sitting, with 6 months to practice. At the time Juanda could only do 6, but after some intensive training he duly won the bet. The second bet was that he couldn’t run 100 metres faster than someone could hop 50 metres. He also managed to prevail in that one, with his opponent just a few hops short of the finish line. His prop bets have led to an improved level of fitness and muscle mass in Juanda, who blames training on his more relaxed tournament schedule this year. He still managed to won EPT Barcelona Main Event this summer for his come back on the live circuit.

John Juanda11

Incredible Physical Transformation for John Juanda

Poker Player Takes Chips From friend’s Stack As A ‘Joke,’ Gets Disqualified From Final Table

It’s one thing to be clowning around with someone next to you in a tournament during long hours, but when it gets to final table time, you would think players would be a bit more serious, and certainly be aware of the rules. Gaetano Preite appears to be the exception however, as he took, and hid, some of his opponents chips as players were bagging up chips at the end of the day. Preite only chose to reveal his prank to the player (who was a friend of his) after the chips had been officially bagged up. Even though it was a joke, he had interfered with the official process and broken tournament rules, and was subsequently disqualified from the tournament, having just made the final table. He claimed prize money of 0 Euros for his efforts, in a tournament with a 133,000 Euro prize pool.

Dan Bilzerian famed for showing off wealth on Instagram has mansion burgled

The man who makes headlines in the poker world on a weekly basis, without ever winning any tournaments, is back. Dan Bilzerian, dubbed the king of instagram, has revealed that his mansion was burgled while he was away in New York. The criminals were well organised, seemingly knowing the layout of his house and the nature of the valuables he kept there (perhaps helped along by the thousands of pictures on instagram.) Thankfully they didn’t manage to escape with too much property, having been foiled by the steel plated gun closet, and having set off alarms when they broke a window.


Posting this kind of pictures on Instagram is a great way to attract burglers

Patrick Antonius about online poker: it’s not a fair game anymore

Patrik Antonius his recently hit out at the damaging effect that poker tracking software has had upon online poker. Since it’s arrival, professional players have been able to grind many more tables with much higher win rates because they don’t have to watch the action and form opinions on which players are loose or tight for example, as the software does all this for them. According to Antonius: “Online players are basing their play on what the software tells them to do so it feels like you’re playing against a computer these days. Software has changed the high-stakes game. If you don’t use poker software it’s not a fair game anymore. This is creating a scenario where players are relying heavily on computer input, which is killing recreational players, and poker, faster than ever. Since losing $1 million in a short space of time, Antonius has decided to quit high stakes Holdem, but does still dabble in mixed games. Pokerstars have hinted that software bans may come into effect in the next year or two.


Patrick Antonius was playing the biggest games online

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