Off Topic: Bilzerian’s latest prop bet, Negreanu Vs Trump, Luca defeats GF for Main Event Title

Dan Bilzerian in for $600,000 Cycling Prop Bet

After devoting countless hours to photographing himself with semi clothed women, it seems that temporarily at least, Dan Bilzerian has hung up his camera. Not because he has grown tired of photographs of himself, but because super wealthy poker enthusiast and all round nice guy, Bill Perkins has challenged him to a wager.

The bet is simple, Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 48 hours, on a legal route with no performance enhancing drugs – on a bicycle.

Bilzerian’s claims that he hasn’t sat on a bicycle in 18 years drew no surprise from the watching world, as his instagram posts would suggest he has spent his life sat on less mobile objects, such as beds, sofas, chairs, and sun loungers.

The size of the bet is $600,000 and he has until March 31st to begin. In a further twist, Bilzerian has taken on Lance Armstrong to coach him in the area that Armstrong is a renowned champion – passing blood tests after consuming shed loads of performance enhancing drugs. Vanessa Selbst is reportedly also getting in on the exact same bet for $200,000 against Perkins.











This is hell #ThreeWeeksLeftToTrain #LAtoVegas photocred: @Gene_freeman

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Ivan Luca Defeats in heads up play Girlfriend To Win Eureka Poker Tour Rozvadov Main Event

In the world of live tournaments, an interesting situation developed this week, when Ivan Luca won the Eureka Poker Tour, besting a field of 682 players. That wasn’t remarkable in itself, but the fact that he ended up beating his girlfriend heads up for the title was a curious twist of fate.

If Maria Lampropoulos had expected her boyfriend to go easy on her, she was to end up disappointed, as he ground her down and put her to the sword during a 90 minute heads up match, which fell on International Women’s Day.

Ivan Luca no doubt enjoyed every all in and every suckout on his way to victory, as he should, considering he was unlikely to be enjoying anything similar later on that evening.

Main Event final tv day heads up Ivan Luca vs Maria Eureka 6 Rozvadov Tomas Stacha-2770

Heads-Up play

Daniel Negreanu offers $100,000 to see Trump’s penis

Following the unusual path of the presidential debate, where the subject matter descended to the level of Trump’s tackle, a curious tweet appeared from none other than Daniel Negreanu, who offered $100,000 to see Trump’s penis.

The $100,000 would of course be sent to charity, but still, Negreanu clearly wanted to ensure that Trump was being honest when he spoke about not having any problems with size.

Negreanu did not say whether he wanted to see it during a full election or not, as Trump certainly has his hands full right now with the nomination battle. There has been no response yet from Trump, as to whether he will liberate his statue on camera and collect the $100,000.






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