Videos of the Week: Poker Commentator gets 1000 people to ALT F4; Antonio Esfandiari Best High Stakes Poker Hands and more…

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Staples brothers prop bet video

Matthew Staples, the skinny one of the Staples brothers at the time, uncovered some video footage from the moment their legendary weight bet was made with Bill Perkins. He and his overweight brother Jaime agreed to achieve the same weight after a year, risking $30k to win $150k. This kicked off the Ultimate Sweat challenge, which you should all relive in case you didn’t follow it back then.

Poker Commentator gets 1000 people to ALT F4

If this video teaches us one thing, it’s that you shouldn’t blindly do what someone on TV is telling you. Watch this clip with Joe Stapleton getting 1000 viewers to type Alt+F4 on their keyboards.

Antonio Esfandiari Best High Stakes Poker Hands!

PokerGO is delivering a highlight video of Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari’s best hands on every season of High Stakes Poker. Enjoy!

Can Marle Cordeiro Get Paid Off on her Big Bet?

This is a hand of Marle Cordeiro vs. Frank Stepuchin on Poker After Dark. After an awkward “I have to admire you for a minute”, by the former chicken wing man Marle continues to bet. Watch the action unfold.

Sweatiest Tourney Run From 4 Big Blinds! Can We Make The Money?

And as always we close off our videos of the week with a video blog. This week we have RampagePoker with part two of a tournament vlog for you. Part one of this vlog can be found here.