Marle Cordeiro’s Life: Biggest Profits, Losses, Private Life & Net Worth

– General Information –

Marle Cardeiro being interviewed

Marle Cordeiro is an American professional poker player and vlogger. She was born in January 1992.

Cordeiro was working as a model before getting into poker. She also dabbled in comedy. As a poker player, she mostly focuses on live cash games – she appeared on a number of shows which stream live cash sessions. Cordeiro also has a few live tournament scores, and a handful of WSOP Online cashes in terms of online poker.

She rose to prominence in October 2018, when her vlog titled “LOOKING FOR A POKER PRO BOYFRIEND” went viral. She’s been vlogging ever since, her YouTube channel currently has 30,000 subscribers.

She is engaged to famous British poker player and Twitch streamer Ben “Spraggy” Spragg.

– Key Career Dates –

  • c. 2015: She quits her waitress job in Las Vegas to become a professional cash game player. She gets staked by one of her boyfriend’s friends.
  • 2018: Her video on YouTube with the title “LOOKING FOR A POKER PRO BOYFRIEND” goes viral. Famous players and the online poker media start talking about her.
  • 2019: She comes in 40th in a $1,100 tournament at the Wynn Summer Classic for $9,568. That is her biggest single live tournament cash to date.
  • 2019: She gets hired to be a presenter for the Triton High Roller Series.


Marle Cordeiro‘s Career –

 → Beginnings ←

Marle Cordeiro explains her life story and her journey to become a professional poker player in a video posted on her YouTube channel in February 2019.


In it, she tells about how her father too was a professional poker player for a while, playing limit games before busting his bankroll. Meanwhile, Cordeiro was modeling in high school. Also, her father evidently introduced her to poker at a very young age.

Cordeiro was planning on becoming a full time model after graduating high school – however, her agent informed her that she’ll have trouble making a living that way because of her 5’7’’ height. She still got modeling and acting gigs on and off, meanwhile moving in together with her commercial director boyfriend. She also tried stand-up comedy. 

After a few years of struggling, she moved to Las Vegas. Her new boyfriend was a professional poker player. He taught her a lot of poker strategy, which ultimately resulted in her quitting her job as a waitress to become a pro cardplayer herself. She got staked by one of her boyfriend’s friends.

After another few years of struggling to make money at the tables and getting to the verge of quitting, Cordeiro’s win rate suddenly blew up at the low stakes cash tables.

So she became a successful cash game player in Las Vegas, and also started vlogging on YouTube – the latter ended up giving her even more recognition.


→ Live Tournaments ←

Cordeiro can’t be considered an accomplished live tournament player. As we pointed out multiple times, her career’s focus is cash games.

Her Hendon page shows a mere $61,556 in lifetime winnings – very low compared to other professional players’, even ones who mainly play online or cash, like Cordeiro. She has 18 individual ITM finishes.

The first cash on her tally is from June 2013. She finished 27th in a $185 Rio Daily Deepstacks event for $335. The first time she made a tournament cash for over $1,000 was at the 2017 WSOP.

Her biggest tournament score to date comes from June 2019. Cordeiro took 40th place in a huge, 2,472-player field in a $1,100 tournament at the Wynn Summer Classics. She earned $9,568 for that performance.

In August 2021, she came in 5th in the $400 No Limit Hold’em event at The Wynn Signature Series in Las Vegas for $7,961.

→ World Series Of Poker ←

Despite her scarce tournament scoresheet, Cordeiro managed to make it into the money in two World Series events. She has not won any bracelets so far.

In 2017, she finished 89th in the $1,000 Ladies Event for $1,605. In 2019, she took part in the entrance record breaking BIG 50 event – a total of 28,371 (!) people bought in for this $500 WSOP tournament at the Rio. Cordeiro finished 3,512th for $800.

In 2020, when the dreaded coronavirus pandemic forced all World Series events to be played online, Cordeiro cashed in 4 events on Natural8-GGNetwork. The biggest one out of the 4 was $3,253, which she got for finishing 72nd in the $100 No Limit Hold’em – WSOP Super MILLION$ event.

→ Live Cash Games ←

We mentioned this countless times already – Marle Cordeiro mainly plays live cash games.

She started off playing $1/$3 and $2/$5 NLHE games at the Bellagio. As of now, she’s still playing low to mid stakes. However, she appeared on several live streamed poker shows.

Live at the Bike even had a whole “Marle week”.

There, she played multiple sessions of $5/$5, $5/$10 and $10/$10/$10 NLHE cash games. She also took on the role of the commentator at times.


Cordeiro also appeared on an episode of the Stones Gambling Hall streams. She clashed in a much talked about pot with the infamous cheater Mike Postle. Postle folded a top pair with a straight draw to Cordeiro’s less than half pot on the turn – as it turned out, almost certainly because he could see his opponent’s hole cards.

Marle Cordeiro has played on Run It Up Reno’s $10/$25 cash game broadcast live from the Peppermill Reno Casino in August 2019.


→ Online Poker ←

Cordeiro mentions online poker in her videos, so it’s safe to conclude that she almost exclusively plays on the live felt. Her only known scores from the virtual felt are her WSOP Online cashes.

→ Sponsorships ←

In April 2019, Cordeiro was hired by Triton to be the English language presenter for high roller series’ Montenegro stop. Since then, she was invited back to present the London events and is expected to continue her collaboration with Triton.


→ Scandals ←

Her controversial viral video

The low stakes cash player from Vegas uploaded the first video to her YouTube channel in September 2019.

As we wrote above, Cordeiro blew up in the online poker community with her October 2018 video titled “LOOKING FOR A POKER PRO BOYFRIEND”. That was her 5th upload. As of the time of writing this article, it has over 120,000 views – very good for a poker vlog.

However, her success didn’t come without a drawback.

Some in the online poker community – including Justin Bonomo, who was on a historic heater at the time – criticized Cordiero, claiming her video is painting women in the poker world in a bad light. They felt it perpetuated the stereotype of female players getting ahead by sleeping with influential men in the industry.

Cordeiro even claimed in the vlog jokingly that it’s hard for her to find a male poker player in Las Vegas that she hasn’t had sex with – some took that literally.

Cordeiro defended herself pointing out that her video is meant to be comedic. Although her response evidently didn’t please everyone, it ultimately worked out for her. The video in question has an 87.5% approval rating on YouTube, Cordeiro has now over 29,000 subscribers on YouTube and keeps vlogging, and she now has an announcer gig with Triton.

She lived through something very similar again in June 2019 when she joked about selling sex for buy-ins on Twitter.


– Male Cordeiro on Social Media –

  Twitter:,700 followers

  Instagram: 17,000 followers

  Youtube: 27,000 subscribers