Rebuilding Hualien, Taiwan Together with Natural8

In the wake of the recent devastating earthquake that struck Hualien, Taiwan, Natural8 is rallying its players for a noble cause: to aid in the reconstruction efforts and bring hope to the affected communities. With its fundraising campaign, “Rebuilding Hualien, Taiwan Together”, every dollar you donate will be matched by Natural8, doubling the impact of […]

Advanced Online Poker Tells: Exploiting Subtle Leaks from Recreational Players to Regulars

Online poker provides far fewer obvious physical tells than live games. Yet skilled regulars use subtle timing, sizing, statistical, and chat patterns to gain remarkably accurate reads on opponents. This comprehensive guide explores advanced strategies to detect and exploit the smallest behavioral leaks, gaining an edge over even tough regulars. The competition has gotten fierce […]

$10,000,000 GTD GGMasters Overlay Edition 2024

The GGMasters Overlay Edition (GGMOE) is back on Natural8 this 18th – 26th Feb 2024. With a jaw-dropping $10 million guaranteed prize pool, the GGMasters Overlay Edition stands tall as the biggest tournament in terms of value, promising an unforgettable experience for players of all levels. And here’s the best part – you can be […]

Punnat Punsri: The Unstoppable Force in Poker

Punnat Punsri, the Thai titan of poker and a member of Natural8’s Team Hot, has been making waves in high-stakes tournaments across the globe. With a formidable presence on the live tournament circuit, Punnat has amassed an impressive $12.7 million in tournament earnings and shows no signs of slowing down. Punnat’s journey to fame began […]

Danny Tang – A Force to be Reckoned With 

Take a look at one of the most renowned poker players in Hong Kong – Danny Tang. Over the past couple of years, Danny has become a fixture in high roller series, establishing himself as one of the world’s top players with a WSOP bracelet and over $24 million in tournament earnings. That’s not all […]

Journey to APT Taipei 2024 with Natural8

APT Taipei 2024 is approaching, and this time, it will run from 28th February to 10th March 2024. The first leg of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) 2024 is one that poker players all over the world should keep an eye on, for it boasts TW$ 150,000,000 (~$4,800,000) in guaranteed prize money!  As the sponsor […]

The Ace Poker League (APL) is Back on Natural8

Get ready to experience one of Asia’s biggest series on Natural8 as the Ace Poker League (APL) makes its return from 28th January to 18th February 2024! Boasting a remarkable total guarantee of ¥188,000,000 and events perfectly aligned with Asian timing, APL transcends the ordinary poker league – it’s a commitment to elevate your gaming […]

$100M GTD Bounty Hunters Series 2024 is LIVE!

  The first Bounty Hunters Series of 2024 has begun. This time, the stakes have been doubled to $100,000,000.  From 14th January to 15th February 2024, hunt down your opponents and collect your bounties in the heart-pounding Bounty Hunters Series. Show no mercy and seize your chance to claim a piece of the $100,000,000 in […]