Online Poker News: COVID-19 vaccine scares investors; Run It Once celebrates SNG launch; Unibet first to announce Christmas promos

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COVID-19 vaccine announcement scares Online Poker investors

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Even though a potential upcoming poker boom is not impossible, the announcement by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer of a COVID-19 vaccine might allow potential players to leave their houses and maybe even play their preferred live poker as opposed to online.

As a result of that, poker and other gaming stocks have taken a hit. While investors had been fighting over shares over the past year, a vaccine announcement now makes investors drop them.

Before any real impact on the poker industry can happen, however, many months can still pass. After all, Pfizer will need to produce vaccines for literally the whole world.

Run It Once celebrates SNG launch


The hype around Run It Once’s new Sit & Go offering continues. The recently presented new format has the potential to be massive. But word needs to keep getting out and players need to hit the tables for it to succeed.

Players can choose how they want to play their 3-handed hyper-turbo Sit & Go, either in the classic way with a fixed first place payout or as the “Cub3d” version where a random prize will wait in a cube for the winner and is only revealed once the tournament is over.

Recently RIO dropped €100,000 in SNG Select tickets to its players, now they announced SNG leaderboards to push play volume. This week (23rd to 29th) they will be hosting four SNG and three cash game leaderboards for more than €15,000 total. The cash game leaderboards have been running for a while, but the SNG ones are new. If you top the highest leaderboard you get awarded €500.

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Unibet first to announce Christmas promos

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Unibet is the first to announce a big scale Christmas promotion. Most poker sites come up with some kind of festive activities for the month of December, and here is what Unibet has thought up.

The Unibet Online Series X is still in full swing until 16th December and starting from 1st December players will see the advent promotion “31 Days of Christmas” and a mini-game called “Santa Flips”.

There aren’t a lot of details yet, but in ‘Santa Flips” you and Santa Claus each receive 2 cards and are all-in against each other. So, no skill involved. If you win, you can leave with the prize won or chance it to try and win a better prize.

It’s exciting to see what the other poker sites will come up with for this festive season.

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