Ace Poker League Seoul kicks off today featuring KR₩2.5 Billion (~USD 1.88 Million) in guaranteed prize pools

Nonstop poker continues in Seoul, South Korea with the Ace Poker League next on the plate. Revered as the biggest brand in the country, players can expect another lucrative festival with an ambitious ₩2.5 Billion (~USD 1.88 Million) guaranteed across 19 events. That’s over ₩600M more than its previous series. The Main Event features the most […]

WePoker’s Coup: Poker Icons Unite to Elevate the Game

When it comes to poker achievement, Tom Dwan is far less than Phil Ivey. Phil Ivey, boasts 10 golden bracelets, had been widely recognized as a top-tier player in both tournaments and cash games. From the playing in underground rooms until reaching the pinnacle of the poker world during the golden era when poker gathered. […]

Your Guide to Perfecting Poker with Hand Histories

If you’re transitioning from being a casual poker player to taking the game seriously, there are several crucial adjustments you need to make. However, one skill stands out as the most vital of them all: the ability to effectively analyze your hand histories. This skill can determine whether you become a long-term winner or a […]