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Unibet Review by Somuchpoker

  • Table Unibet 1 DONEBest Room For Recreational Players
  • Upgraded Poker Client (Software)
  • All Third-Party Software/Tools Are Banned
  • 200 Euros Welcome Bonus
  • More than 15 years of existence


The bonus amount offered stands at 100%, and can reach a maximum sum of 200 Euros and expires after 60 days. No bonus code needed.

Level Rake Cash reward Reward %
1 € 2 € 1 50%
2 € 10 € 4 40%
3 € 50 € 15 30%
4 € 150 € 40 27%
5 € 588 € 140 25%

  Achievements and Challenges

Unibet Poker is offering an exciting way to reward players with plenty of achievements to earn and unlock. Challenges is our one-of-a-kind poker Loyalty Plan and rewards you for finishing different difficulties at the tables. Your focuses will reset toward the beginning of each quarter and rewards Cash and Tournament tickets, bonuses, Cash, a custom avatar and a Unibet Open bundle. We likewise have a regular month to month mission accessible to all players and attempt to guarantee that our monthly promos give players in all games something to focus on.


All new players receive four weekly €500 freeroll tickets and a €2 Unibet Open ticket.

Table Unibet 2 Freeroll DONE

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– Games –

  How Good is Unibet Software?

Unibet Poker launched its own software on February 2014, This decision has allowed the website to adapt its product to the needs of the recreational, fun-loving players. As a further point of interest, third party software is banned here, along with table selection, and you cannot choose your own seat at cash tables. Unibet is very much aimed at the casual player rather than the professional grinder.

Unibet Lobby CashGame DONE

Unibet Poker is accessible to play by means of desktop download (PC and Mac), browser and Android and iOS tablets. Our product is optimized for each channel and device, which means you can expect the equivalent Unibet Poker software experience regardless of how you decide to play.

New App Banner


👉🏻 The new poker client is currently live! It accompanies another design, a more clear structure and new highlights that assist you with customizing your experience.

👉🏻 Play and you can finish devoted missions to acquire additional prizes and get entries to a cash prize wager.

👉🏻 Upgrades to the MTT lobby incorporate another most loved element, the capacity to see the estimated timespan of Tournaments and and the addition of a promotion icon. Hole cards are presently envisioned in the hand history, and we’ve included new tables designs and colored bet amounts. Enormous improvements have been made to mobile Devices also, with portrait mode now fully supported in both the lobby and on tables.

Mobile Freeroll 3

  What are Cash Games like?

As independent operator, Unibet has experienced a progressive increase of its traffic. Traffic in both NLH and PLO is more than decent with games running up to 2/4.

Table Unibet 1 DONE

  What are Tournaments like?

There are a couple of bigger tournaments with decent guarantees that take place every Sunday.

Unibet Lobby MTT DONE

Tournaments Start time Buy-in Players
Unibet Open Freeroll 1h 11min € 0.00 0
Qualifier to Unibet Open €4 5 TIX 2h 11min € 1.00 3
Qualifier to Unibet Open €4 5 TIX 3h 11min € 1.00 0
Qualifier to Unibet Open €50 3h 31min € 10.00 0
Qualifier to Unibet Open €4 5 TIX 4h 11min € 1.00 0
Unibet Open Centroll 5h 16min € 0.01 1
Qualifier to Unibet Open €50 2 TIX 5h 31min € 10.00 0
Unibet Open Centroll 8h 16min € 0.01 0
Qualifier to Unibet Open €10 2 TIX 9h 11min € 1.00 0
Qualifier to Unibet Open €25 4 TIX 9h 11min € 4.00 1
🏆 0 – 9 EURO
Tournaments Start time Buy-in Players
€150 Falling Star Bounty Late reg. € 5.00 35
€50 Zenith Late reg. € 1.00 38
€100 Singularity 6min € 5.00 6
Qualifier to €10 Ticket 31min € 2.00 0
Qualifier to €2 Ticket 2 TIX 31min € 0.40 1
€100 Multiverse 36min € 2.00 2
Qualifier to €1 Ticket 4 TIX 46min € 0.20 5
€150 Shooting Star Bounty 51min € 5.00 1
Qualifier to €5 Ticket 56min € 1.00 0
Unibet Open Freeroll 1h 11min € 0.00 0
🏆 10 – 25 EURO
Tournaments Start time Buy-in Players
€100 Singularity 1h 6min € 10.00 0
€300 Shooting Star Bounty 1h 51min € 10.00 0
€100 Fireball 3h 21min € 10.00 0
Qualifier to Unibet Open €50 3h 31min € 10.00 0
€500 Shooting Star Bounty 4h 51min € 10.00 0
EXCHANGER UK €10 to UK €5 5h 6min € 10.00 0
€250 Gargle Blaster 5h 6min € 10.00 0
€250 Atom 5h 21min € 10.00 0
Qualifier to Unibet Open €50 2 TIX 5h 31min € 10.00 0
Qualifier to €100 Supernova 5h 41min € 10.00 0
🏆 26+ EURO
Tournaments Start time Buy-in Players
EXCHANGER UK €50 to UK €5 5h 6min € 50.00 1
EXCHANGER UO €50 to UO €10 6h 21min € 50.00 7
€2,000 Comet 10h 6min € 50.00 0
SM TEXAS TURBO 10h 6min € 50.00 2
SM PLO TURBO 11h 6min € 50.00 1
Qualifier to Unibet Open €250 2 TIX 11h 11min € 50.00 0
€4,000 Neptune Rebuy 11h 26min € 50.00 1
€2,000 Sputnik 12h 36min € 50.00 0
€2,000 Milky Way 11/1/2020 1:00 € 50.00 0
€1,000 Unibet UK Tour Online Final 11/1/2020 2:00 € 50.00 0


With a Fun Loyalty Scheme, Great Software And One of The Lowest Rake at Microstakes, Unibet Poker is Very Likely The Best Room For Recreational Players!

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– Payments –

  How to make Deposits and Withdrawals?

You can rapidly and safely make deposits by credit card, from your bank account, by means of pre-loaded cards, for example, Paysafecard and Ukash or through online money-transfer services such as Moneybookers and NETELLER.

Simply go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Deposit’ to see all the various methods. You will likewise have the option to see the charges and exchange (transaction) times for each deposit method.

  How Secure is Unibet?

Unibet has been around for 16 years, and there has never been any reports of problems when it comes to payments. With that in mind, there is no reason why you shouldn’t put your trust in this poker room. If you have any inquiries about transactions and other matters, there is live chat, email, and telephone options available to contact support.

– Conclusion –


 Great for Casual Players
 Easy and Secure Money Management
 Loyalty System
  New Upgraded Poker Client
  Great New Mobile Client


  Third-Party Software Banned
 Limited Challenge

Register To Unibet Now and Claim Your First Deposit Bonus

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