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Located fairly remotely in the stunning Corona Resort Phu Quoc, the LUK Poker Room was opened in June 2020 as the first location in Vietnam to allow Vietnamese players to play.

To do so they need to be at least 21 years of age, carry identification and pay 1 million VND  ($43) for 24 hours of play.

Currently there are 10 poker tables at the LUK Poker Room.

  Playing Poker at LUK Poker Room

 Cash Games:

Be aware that there will be an automatic tip deducted for staff when getting chips to play.

  • 100/100k, rake 5% cap 500k, min buy in 5M, max buy in 50M
  • 100/200K rake 5% cap 600k, min buy in 20M
  • 200/400k, rake 5% cap 1.2M, min buy in 50M
  • 500/1000k, rake 5% cap 2.5M, min buy in 100M
  • higher stakes and other variants on request


No tournaments available.


See above in the cash games section.

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 Practical Info

   Address: Ganh Dau, Phú Quốc, Kien Giang, VIETNAM

 Contact Number: +84 93 712 19 72

  Website: Facebook page

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