Vietnam Poker League debuts in less than three weeks, LP 30 Billion (~USD 1.25M) in guarantees coming your way



A popular host country in the Asian region, Vietnam has a ton of tournament poker action to offer with several festivals in the recent year collecting tremendous success. This March, a new live tour, Vietnam Poker League, takes a stab at the scene with an opening festival at Grand Loyal Poker Club, Hanoi, to celebrate its debut. From March 8 through the 18th, the Vietnam Poker League Opener is set to hit the tables with a smashing festival guarantee of LP 30 Billion (~USD 1.25M) across 34 carefully selected events. 

We extend our heartfelt greetings to all players from around the world as we introduce a brand new poker tour onto the Vietnam circuit. The tournament is set to unfold in the country’s oldest and most storied club, the Grand Loyal Poker Club, and promises to be an unforgettable experience for all participants”, stated Chief Executive Officer, Vu Nguyen Phi.

We are proud to collaborate with our partners, the Poker Tournament Union (PTU) and the Hanoi Series of Poker (HSOP). We believe these partnerships will deliver the best experiences for our participants and make this event a great success”, he added.

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The ten-day lineup sees a mix of low, mid-tier and high roller games, posting a range of buy-ins from LP 2,300,000 (~USD 98) to its highest LP 88,000,000 (~USD 3,745) entry Superstar Challenge. While all levels of players will find themselves busy with the action-packed schedule, the center of attention remains to be the multi-day LP 8,000,000,000 (~USD 333,333) guaranteed Main Event. 

Beginning on Thursday, March 14th, the first of four starting flights will play through, finishing up the qualifying rounds on Saturday, March 16th with the final two Day 1’s. Each entry buys the player a starting stack of 40,000 equivalent to 400 big blinds, to course through 40 minute blind levels (25 minutes for Turbo) and secure a spot in the Day 2 games. The Day 2 rounds will see a longer 50 minute duration while the Final Day extends to one hour blind levels, maximizing play. One in 8 or 12.5% of the field will cut a share of the prize pool, and have a fighting chance to claim the top prize along with the inaugural VPL Main Event title.

Vietnam Poker League Opener Main Event
Date/s: March 14-18, 2024
Buy-in: LP 22,000,000 (~USD 936)
Guarantee: LP 8,000,000,000 (~USD 333,333)

Day 1A: Thursday, March 14
Day 1B: Friday, March 15
Day 1C: Saturday, March 16
Day 1D (Turbo): Saturday, March 16
Day 2: Sunday, March 17
Final Day: Monday, March 18

Unlike other festivals held in the past, the VPL boasts a ‘No Winning Fee’ status for its entire series. This means that the generated prize pools excluding tournament fees, will all go directly into players’ pockets completely tax-free. Previously, personal profits were subject to 10% government tax upon withdrawal which will not anymore take effect, giving tournament runners the full value of their winnings. 

Series Key Events

No slowing down, the exciting action begins right off the bat with a Kick Off event to jumpstart the festival buzz. For a buy-in of LP 4.5M (~USD 191), players will have three starting flights to qualify through and battle it out for the lion’s share of the LP 2.5B (~USD 101K) guaranteed pot. Also a favorite amongst players, deepstack play across the LP 1B (~USD 40K) guaranteed Megastack and Monster Stack, is sure to put those skills to the test and give experienced runners more of an edge. 

Another highlight scheduled right before the Main Event, a Mini version for a more modest LP 6.6M (~USD 281) entry fee joins the list, boasting the second largest guarantee in the lineup at LP 3B (~USD 122,260). The Mini Main Event is geared to complete three days of action with each flight running 30 minute blind levels and playing down to 12.5% of the field as well.

Kick Off
Date/s: March 8-10, 2024
Buy-in: LP 4,500,000 (~USD 191)
Guarantee: LP 2,500,000,000 (~USD 101,885)

Date/s: March 10, 2024
Buy-in: LP 5,500,000 (~USD 234)
Guarantee: LP 1,000,000,000 (~USD 40,750)

Mini Main Event
Date/s: March 11-13, 2024
Buy-in: LP 6,600,000 (~USD 281)
Guarantee: LP 3,000,000,000 (~USD 122,260)

Monster Stack
Date/s: March 17-18, 2024
Buy-in: LP 11,000,000 (~USD 468)
Guarantee: LP 1,000,000,000 (~USD 40,750)

Daily satellites are additionally, available on schedule for those looking to extend their bankrolls and win seats at a cheaper price point. All listed highlights above will have corresponding satellites running on schedule including ones for the Main Event, and for two other guaranteed side events (Super Deepstack and Double Stack Closer).

Check the link below for the full schedule:

Vietnam Poker League Opener Player E-Guide

High Roller Highlights

Bigger buy-ins have always been a hit across the local player pool with the famed Superstar Challenge birthed right in the capital of Hanoi. Now a staple, the premium tournament is joined by seven other High Roller specials, making it a busy season for the high tier enthusiasts. The High Roller Series kicks off on opening day with a LP 600M guaranteed High Roller Opener, and continues on through to conclude with the LP 1B guaranteed Last Chance High Roller on the 18th.

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Early Bird Packages

Playing an entire series can take a toll on one’s bankroll especially with travel expenses adding weight to the numerous buy-ins. Those eager to knock out some of those charges can take advantage of the tour’s Early Bird Packages available for Main Event and High Roller participants.

With less than three weeks to go, series runners still have until March 4, 2024 to enjoy the offer, awarding as many as 11 complimentary nights at the Grand Vista Hotel. Other perks such as Main Event Bubble Protection, welcome package, free airport transfers, VIP status, and daily breakfast, are also included in the packages, giving your money overall added value.

Early Bird Packge Main Event 01

Early Bird Packge High Roller 02 02

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