[Videos] Why You Should Always Fold Kings Preflop

We’ve all had that terrifying feeling – you look down at one king, then lift the other card to see a second king. Having no ace blockers is a scary scenario at the poker table. You know the two Swedish kids on your left are going to put at least 8 bets in preflop and despite doing it every other hand for the last hour with enough rags to polish the shoes of a giant centipede – they’ll probably both have aces.

The following videos are brought to us by 24/7 poker television network, Poker Central. Their coverage of the $250,000 Super High Roller Cash Game which took place in early December, teaches us a secret lesson that was so powerful, all the pros left it out of their books – just open fold kings people, and save yourself the pain!


Rick Salomon gives us a perfect example of how you deal with your kings when the old guy down the table 5 bet jams for almost $600,000. You’ll be ahead here when pigs not only fly, but perform a full blown acrobatic aerial display above the table in their underpants. Send those kings sailing into muck like a happy squadron of swine crash landing into a mud bath.


So you actually got to the flop and weren’t already burned by aces? What a relief…now that lovely harmless looking flop hits and you’ve doused yourself in that particularly flammable liquid – hope. Now push those chips across the felt like a match head being dragged across a match box, and await the inevitable.


If you must play kings, stick to playing them safely. Preferably put on protective gloves and safety goggles as soon as you are dealt them, ensure that the pot is kept small at all times, and flop a Full House immediately.

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