Poker Dream 10 Vietnam: Jang Wongeun tops Main Event Day 1A; Meng Guangrui wins Vietnam Open

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Poker Dream 10 Vietnam completed another day of games with the Main Event at the top of the headlines. Though it drew a small field of 31 entries, the action was fierce as decorated players battled for a spot in the ITM round. Korea’s Jang Wongeun ended the day with the largest stack followed by Australia’s Julian Warhurst. Read up on the action via the live upates.

Poker Dream Vietnam 10 – Live Updates 2024: Main Event – Day1A

Side Event Winners

The weeklong series is taking place at the New World Hoiana Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam. Action got rolling on April 29 and runs through May 5, 2024. The first players to win a trophy were Pau Kit Dennis at the NLH Turbo and Winfred Yu who claimed the first ever awarded brand new Silver Dragon Trophy.

Pau Kit Dennis
Pau Kit Dennis

On Day 2, several more found themselves getting the full paparazzi treatment for their victories at the side events. Here are some of the day’s latest champions.

Meng Guangrui wins the Vietnam Open

Meng Guangrui at Poker Dream
Meng Guangrui – Photo by Poker Dream

The Vietnam Open drew 213 entries across three entry flights to exceed the guarantee for a richer VN₫ 2,196,468,000 (~USD 86,600) prize pool. 32 players returned on Day 2 each one in the money. Just under ten hours in, China’s Meng Guangrui clinched it for his first ever live title and a payout of VN₫ 462,000,000 (~USD 18,200).

Meng denied Malaysia’s You Jun Hong at heads up after coming from behind. You can read up on the action via the hand updates or watch the recorded livestream on the Poker Dream facebook page.

Date: April 29 to 30, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 12,000,000 (~USD 480)
Guarantee: VN₫ 1,500,000,000 (~USD 59,180)
Entries: 213
Prize pool’: VN₫ 2,196,468,000 (~USD 86,600)
ITM / Day 2 survivors: 32 players

Place Player Flag
Payout in VN₫
1 Meng Guangrui China 462,000,000
2 You Jun Hong Malaysia 310,468,000
3 Kim Sangjae Korea, South 218,500,000
4 Lee Gwanwoo Korea, South 176,800,000
5 Eun Gyubong Korea, South 139,500,000
6 Ignatev Aleksei Russia 105,400,000
7 Hwang Seokjin Korea, South 76,400,000
8 Kim Gab Yong Korea, South 55,300,000
9 Shigyo Kentaro Japan 45,400,000

Poker Dream Vietnam 10 – 2024: Vietnam Open (Updates)

Trung Toan Chan wins the Single Day High Roller

Truong Toan Chan
Truong Toan Chan

Truong Toan Chan topped the 42 entry field of the Single Day High Roller, defeating Yau Chak Fung at heads up. Just making the money was South Korean rising star Nam Hyung Kim in 8th place. Catch the Final Table via Livestream on the Poker Dream facebook page.

Buy in: VN₫ 80,000,000 (~USD 3,150)
Entries: 59
Remaining: 42 players
Prize pool: VN₫ 4,210,000,000 (~USD 166,100)
ITM: 8 players

Place Player
Payouts in VN₫
1 Truong Toan Chan 1,263,600,000
2 Yau Chak Fung 914,028,000
3 Dinh Manh Hung 589,700,000
4 Posri Pitipong 446,500,000
5 Luangsuwimon 345,400,000
6 Sim Kok Wai 269,600,000
7 Nguyen Manh Hao 214,800,000
8 Kim Namhyung 168,500,000

Dhangwatnotai Sakan closes out the Mystery Bounty

Event 9 Mystery Hunter Turbo Champion for background replacement

The one day Myster Bounty drew a prize pool of VN₫ 314,920,000 (~USD 12,420) with seven players divying up the pot. Dhangwatnotai Sakan earned the largest chunk for a payout of VN₫ 99,220,000 (~USD 3,900), not including bounties.

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫
1 Dhangwatnotai Sakan Thailand 99,220,000
2 Li Jinming Korea 71,600,000
3 Ho Duy Manh United States 45,700,000
4 Yang Peng (Bryan) China 34,600,000
5 Baek Seungyeon Korea 26,800,000
6 Kang Baeksan Korea 20,500,000
7 Thoo Ming Ken Malaysia 16,500,000

Pang Yi Chan wins the Ladies Event

Pang Chi Yan at Poker Dream
Pang Chi Yan

With an influx of Hong Kong players seen at Day 2, one of them was bound to take down an event. That happened at the Ladies Event where Hong Kong’s Pang Yi Chan topped the 29 entry field to capture her maiden poker title. Chan turned the buy in nine times over for a payout of VN₫ 73,235,200 (~USD 2,890).

Date: April 30, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 8,000,000 (~USD 343)
Entries: 29
Prize pool: VN₫ 198,035,200 (~USD 7,810)
ITM: 5 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in VN₫
1 Pang Chi Yan Hong Kong 73,235,200
2 Lee Wing Yin Hong Kong 50,500,000
3 Yong Hoong Ling Malaysia 32,200,000
4 Li Ting Ting Tina China 23,300,000
5 Huang Chia Chi China 18,800,000

Thoo Ming Ken wins the day’s NLH Turbo

Thoo Ming Ken at Poker Dream
Thoo Ming Ken

More Malaysians have also arrived and quickly snatching up a trophy was Thoo Ming Ken to finally end the eight-year poker trophy drought. Thoo outlasted the 43 entry field to secure the first place payout of VN₫ 99,800,000 (~USD 3,935).

Date: April 30, 2024
Buy in: VN₫ 8,000,000 (~USD 343)
Entries: 43
Prize Pool: VN₫ 293,638,400 (~USD 11,580)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in VN₫
1 Thoo Ming Ken Malaysia 99,800,000
2 Chock Ming Kiat Malaysia 69,038,400
3 Ngo Tran Minh Nhat Vietnam 44,000,000
4 Nguyen Manh Hao Vietnam 33,800,000
5 Wong Ka Fai Hong Kong 26,400,000
6 Li Jia China 20,600,000


Poker Dream Vietnam 10 – 2024: Festival Results

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