WPT Asia Online Series first big winners: Harry Duong “harry1403”, Zhe Feng “jjsjsjjsj”, Peiyuan Sun “fish3098”, Jr_hiroki, and Muchen888; Daniyar Aubakirov, Mango5, and angelabobo dazzle at side events

The first five champions of the WPT Asia Online Series have emerged: Harry Duong “harry1403” (Trophy #1: Beat the Pros Bounty), Zhe Fengjjsjsjjsj” (Trophy #2 WPTDeepStacks), Peiyuan Sun “fish3098″ (Trophy #3: WPT Vietnam Championship, Jr_hiroki (Trophy #4: WPT300), and Muchen888 (Trophy #5: WPT Korea Championship). Daily WPT side events were also offered. Daniyar Aubakirov won the first Super High Rollers event, Mango5 and angelabobo both ran deep in multiple games. We have recaps provided below.

The Asia-exclusive online series kicked off on October 3 on Natural8 – GGPoker network and is set to run until October 25. If you are geo-located in the continent, this is your chance to win one of the 17 remaining WPT trophies. More than two weeks of games still lie ahead. Events lined up include the highlighted WPT Asia Main Event HK$10 Million GTD and five National Championship tournaments. All the info can be found at the bottom of the page.

WPT Trophy #1: Beat the Pros Bounty – Harry Duong “Harry1403” – HK$ 241,821.34

Harry Duong “Harry1403”
Harry Duong “Harry1403”

Decorated with APT and APPT titles, Vietnamese pro Harry Duong “Harry1403” added WPT to that list after locking up the first WPT Asia Online Series event. Harry1403 outlasted the 753 entry field of Trophy #1: Beat the Pros Bounty [WPT Edition], defeating India’s Ram Kakkar “TheLagLawyer” at heads up. He raked in the HK$ 127,575.22 first prize and an additional HK$ 114,246.12 in bounties for a combined HK$ 241,821.34 (~US$ 31,200) in winnings. Harry1403 continued his run the following day, reaching the final table of Trophy #4: WPT300 finishing in 7th place.

WPT Trophy 1 Beat the Pros Bounty
WPT Trophy #1 – Beat the Pros Bounty

The Beat the Pros Bounty event was a unique opener for the inaugural series. Players that eliminated anyone highlighted in Blue (sponsored pro), Purple (streamer), or Yellow (influencer), received an added prize of one seat to a HK$ 25,000 invitational freeroll. 40 players qualified, among them were Xuming Qi “scplayer”, Tom Ward “readytoship”, Josh McCully “thefreshest”, Yuhan Liu “Hans Liu”, and Kazuki Ikeuchi “8809” to name a few. Overall, it was a rough night for the highlighted players. The only one to reach the money was streamer PolarDonkey in 27th place.

Buy in: HK$ 2,100 (~US$ 271)
Guarantee: HK$ 1,000,000 (~US$ 129,000)
Entries: 753
Prize pool: HK$ 1,506,000 (~US$ 194,300)
ITM: 98 places

WPT Trophy 1 Beat the Pros Bounty final table
WPT Trophy #1 – Beat the Pros Bounty final table

Setting the pace for the series, the opener easily smashed its advertised HK$ 1M guarantee for a richer pot worth HK$ 1,506,000 (~US$ 194,300). 98 earned a share.

Briefly recapping Harry1403’s victory, he entered the final table as chip leader, eliminated amama (7th) and 57wan (5th) then got lucky with A3o pairing the Ace to bust whoareyou123 in 3rd place who showed pocket fives. This gave him a 5:1 chip advantage at heads up against Ram Kakkar “TheLagLawyer”.

After numerous orbits, TheLagLawyer’ trimmed the gap on a double up with KcQh top pair to Harry1403’s 4c6h lower pair on a board Kd10h3s6s7h. However, Harry1403 went on a winning spree to widen his lead back to where they started. The final hand soon arrived with Harry1403 6s3s two pair to TheLagLawyer’s AhKd that missed the board 7d10c3c2c7s. Big achievements for both players with Harry1403 claiming his first WPT title and TheLagLawyer earning his largest online Natural8-GGPoker score of HK$ 101,285.38 (~US$ 13,000).

Final table payouts

1st Harry Duong “Harry1403” – Vietnam – HK$ 241,821.34
2nd Ram Kakkar “TheLagLawyer” – India – HK$ 101,285.38
3rd whoareyou123 – Hong Kong – HK$ 109,641.65
4th Eisuke Katsuren “LEN1234980” – Japan – HK$ 75,492.56
5th 57wan – China – HK$ 53,390.09
6th Thomas Ward “readytoship” – Macau – HK$ 48,017.99
7th amama – China – HK$ 23,786.92
8th Hen Rosilio “GerogeTheVet” – Israel – HK$ 31,863.06
9th Vincent688 – Vietnam – HK$ 27,084.31

WPT Trophy #2: WPTDeepStacks – Zhe Feng “jjsjsjjsj” – HK$ 326,937.29

The second champion of the inaugural series was player Zhe Feng “jjsjsjjsj” who dusted a field of 222 runners at Trophy #2: WPTDeepStacks. Prior to the win, jjsjsjjsj was on a slump on the Natural8-GGPoker network however, the HK$ 326,937.29 (~US$ 42,200) first prize was just what was needed to catapult back up to par. Jjsjsjjsj also cashed at Trophy #1: Beat the Pros Bounty finishing 107th for HK$ 3,375 (~US$ 435).

WPT Trophy 2 WPTDeepStacks
WPT Trophy #2 – WPTDeepStacks

Buy in: HK$ 8,000 (~US$ 1,030)
Guarantee: HK$ 1,500,000 (~US$ 193,500)
Entries: 222
Prize pool: HK$ 1,687,200 (~US$ 217,700)
ITM: 31 places

The money was reached at the fall of Indian pro Aditya Sushant “inonhmeansfu” on the bubble. First to cash was Kazuki Ikeuchi “8809” (31st) followed by Hen Rosilio “GeorgeTheVet” (30th). Other players dipping in the coffer were Romain Dours “Flingue” (22nd), Sang Yeon Hwang “alltimehigh” (18th), Natural8 Team Hot member Thai Ha (15th), and 20100Shove who missed the final table by one spot.

WPT Trophy 2 WPTDeepStacks final table
WPT Trophy #2: WPTDeepStacks final table

Final table action opened with OldTU7bet ahead in the count which widened after railing RvrWhisperer in 9th place. The next showdown however was not to OldTU7bet’s favor with TriStAnrrr winning with a dominating Ace. This gave jjsjsjjsj the lead. Ho Yin Tai “hoyintai” survived an all in against jahexotic but on his second push, jjsjsjjsj sent him crashing out in 8th place. The leader jjsjsjjsj claimed a second victim by busting jahexotic (7th). After TriStAnrrr railed OldTU7bet (6th) on a set over set, jjsjsjjsj delivered a double bust with a set of sixes ending YakginSomtum (5th) and remyevy (4th),

WPT Trophy 2 WPTDeepStacks set of 6s for winner
WPT Trophy #2 – WPTDeepStacks – set of sixes for winner jjsjsjjsj

The momentum carried to quickly finish off Dicky Tsang “Floatingworld” (3rd) and face TriStAnrrr backed by a 3:1 advantage. The final hand came in no time. jjsjsjjsj 10d10h turned quads to crush QcJh straight on a board 9d5c10s10cKh.

Final table payouts

1st Zhe Feng “jjsjsjjsj” – China – HK$ 326,937.29
2nd TriStAnrrr – China – HK$ 244,255.62
3rd Dicky Tsang “Floatingworld” – Hong Kong – HK$ 182,484.16
4th remyevy – Vietnam – HK$ 136,334.43
5th YakginSomtum – Thailand – HK$ 101,855.98
6th OldTU7bet – China – HK$ 76,096.86
7th jahexotic – Thailand – HK$ 56,852.18
8th Ho Yin Tai “hoyintai” – Hong Kong – HK$ 42,474.57
9th RvrWhisperer – Thailand – HK$ 31,732.83

WPT Trophy #3: WPT Vietnam Championship – Peiyuan Sun “fish3098” – VN₫ 1,406,243,558

The first national tournament on the line was the WPT Vietnam Championship featuring a substantial VN₫ 5 million guarantee. With 316 turning up at VN₫ 25,000,000 (~US$ 1,100) each, the prize pool ballooned to an even sweeter VN₫ 7,505,000,000 (~US$ 323,580). After ten and a half hours of competition, China prevailed with Peiyuan Sunfish3098″ closing it out to collect the VN₫ 1,406,243,558 (~US$ 60,600) first prize. fish3098 also claimed the added US$ 3,000 WPT Passport.

fish3098 has been running well in Asia Online events. In early May, fish3098 won two APT Online events then cashed at the WSOP Online Series No Limit Hold’em Asia Championship in August.

WPT Trophy 3 WPT Vietnam Championship
WPT Trophy #3 – WPT Vietnam Championship

Buy in: VN₫ 25,000,000 (~US$ 1,100)
Guarantee: VN₫ 5,000,000,000 (~US$ 215,400)
Entries: 316
Prize pool: VN₫ 7,505,000,000 (~US$ 323,580)
ITM: 44 places

Picking up the action during the bubble round, Taiwan’s “cody777” was down to a few big blinds and risked it with AsQh against Arie Muller with Ah6h. The board ran 10h2d8h7hKd for a winning flush to Muller and money to all 44 remaining players. Leading up to the final table, only four players from the host country Vietnam cashed. Thai Ha went the furthest, eliminated in 10th place. The final table opened with jbmmmc carrying in the largest stack.

WPT Trophy 3 WPT Vietnam Championship final table
WPT Trophy #3 – WPT Vietnam Championship final table

Considerably the most impressive run was by Timothy YimTechnologic” rising from bottom rank to heads up. Technologic was first to double up with AK pairing both cards to survive sute’s pocket Tens. sute made up the lost chips by emptying out FIVEHOURS01 in 9th place but dropped again after Technologic shipped a second full boost with KQs rivering a King against sute’s pocket sevens. Next shoves saw Loris51 fall in 8th place, fish3098 booted Arie Muller (7th), then Technologic amassed over half the chips in play by busting PillBerkins (6th) and jbmmmc (5th). fish3098 won the flip with KQo to end sute in 4th place.

At three-handed, Muchen888 shaved a chunk off Technologic with pocket sevens turned set against AJs, however, the rise quickly vanished. Muchen888 fell to fish3098 with pocket Kings dominating pocket sixes. fish3098 entered heads up against Technologic slightly ahead in chips. Within a few hands, Technologic took the lead which switched back when fish3098 landed a game changer double up with AKs dominating A9s. fish3098 proceeded to ship it all holding Qc9d over Jc10c.

Final table payouts

1st Peiyuan Sun “fish3098” – China – VN₫ 1,406,243,558
2nd Timothy Yim “Technologic” – Macau – VN₫ 1,045,149,294
3rd Muchen888 – China – VN₫ 776,777,950
4th sute – China – VN₫ 577,317,959
5th jbmmmc – China – VN₫ 429,074,392
6th PillBerkins – Turkey – VN₫ 318,897,026
7th Arie Muller – Germany – VN₫ 237,010,935
8th Loris51 – China – VN₫ 176,151,761
9th FIVEHOURS01 – China – VN₫ 130,919,024

WPT Trophy #4: WPT300 – Jr_hiroki – HK$ 309,761.89

Japan joined the winner’s circle with countryman Jr_hiroki rising above the 609 final day qualifiers of budget Trophy #4: WPT300. The event drew an enormous 7,172 entries across 18 starting flights to nearly double the HK$ 1M guarantee, settling at a sizable HK$ 1,979,472 (~US$ 255,400). Jr_hiroki defeated B4Fire at heads up to capture the HK$ 309,761.89 (~US$ 40,000) first prize and first major win in the online network. As a Natural8 winning player, Jr_hiroki also won a HK$ 10,000 WPT Live Event Sponsorship. 

WPT Trophy 4 WPT300 Jr hiroki
WPT Trophy #4 – WPT300

Buy in: HK$ 300 (~US$ 39)
Guarantee: HK$ 1,000,000 (~US$ 129,000)
Entries: 7,172
Prize pool: HK$ 1,979,472 (~US$ 255,400)
Final Day qualifiers: 609 players
ITM: 400 places

Alike the previous two events, Vietnamese pro Thai Ha ran deep but missed the final table once again. Ha fell in 13th place to TakeUhoMe. FoldNiMaB climbed into the leader’s seat after delivering a bad beat bust to enc0d1n8 with pocket Kings turned set against pocket Aces then carried it into the final table. Another finalist was Trophy #1: Beat the Pros Bounty champion Harry Duong “Harry1403” hoping to become the first to bag a second title.

WPT Trophy 4 WPT300 final table
WPT Trophy #4 – WPT300 – final table

The first ft shove sent short stacked Alon EldarAlon_Eldar” out in 9th place. Chi Chung Ho “chipuker” nearly joined at the rail with KQ two pair behind FoldNiMaB’s J10 straight on the flop however a lucky Queen came on fourth street to improve to a full house. Taking 8th instead was Alex Panther whose pocket Tens was unable to improve against B4Fire’s pocket Kings. Harry1403 seesawed until chip leader B4Fire downed the Vietnamese pro in 7th place with pocket Queens besting pocket eights. Chipuker was out next followed by darspoker99, eliminated by B4Fire to claim a third stack and 75 percent of the chips in play.

At four remaining, Jr_hiroki knocked out FoldNiMaB with pocket Jacks staying ahead of A7s then won a big pot off B4Fire. Heads up arrived at the fall of TakeUhoMe to chip leader B4Fire. It was at this stage where Jr_hiroki dominated. On just the second heads up hand, Jr_hiroki scored a meaty pot to take the lead for the first time. Jr_hiroki continued to rise building a 3:1 lead. The final hand came with Jr_hiroki Ac10h winning the flip against B4Fire’s 9h9d on a final board KcAh2d3c2s.

Final table payouts

1st Jr_hiroki – Japan – HK$ 309,761.89
2nd B4Fire – Israel – HK$ 221,570.84
3rd TakeUhoMe – China – HK$ 158,489.50
4th FoldNiMaB – China – HK$ 113,367.53
5th darspoker99 – Japan – HK$ 81,091.72
6th Chi Chung Ho “chipuker” – Hong Kong – HK$ 58,004.95
7th Harry Duong “Harry1403” – Vietnam – HK$ 41,490.86
8th Alex Panther – China – HK$ 29,678.33
9th Alon_Eldar – Israel – HK$ 21,228.86

WPT Trophy #5: WPT Korea Championship – Muchen888 – KR₩ 87,525,334

Of the five trophy events that were completed, WPT Korea Championship amassed the juiciest prize pool of KR₩ 467,110,000 (~US$ 401,800). That figure exceeded the advertised guarantee by three times making for a big payday to the champion. After nearly 10 hours of play, Muchen888 emerged victorious, defeating YakginSomtum at heads up to seize the glory, the KR₩ 87,525,334 (~US$ 75,280) first prize, and the added US$ 3,000 WPT Passport.

This was another stellar performance by Muchen888 who finished 3rd at the Trophy #3: WPT Vietnam Championship. For runner-up YakginSomtum, it was a second final table as well this series, improving on the earlier 5th place at the Trophy #2: WPTDeepStacks.

WPT Trophy 5 WPT Korea Championship
WPT Trophy #5 – WPT Korea Championship

Buy in: KR₩ 1,650,000 (~US$ 1,420)
Guarantee: KR₩ 150,000,000 (~US$ 127,700)
Entries: 298
Prize pool: KR₩ 467,110,000 (~US$ 401,800)
ITM: 44 places

Recapping the action at bubble time, short stacked Tamir Eitan “popi2345t” was forced all in on the big blind and busted. For JackKimG, his ten remaining chips were lucky enough to sneak in for a min-cash. Natural8 Team Hot member Pete Chen followed, was joined by Harry Duong “Harry1403(Beat the Pros Bounty champion), Timothy YimTechnologic” (WPT Vietnam Championship runner-up), Chi Chung Ho “chipuker”, Gaurav Sood “Haversham”, and 2020 WSOP Online Series bracelet winners Kartik Ved “Mandovi” and Sung Joo Hyun “ArtePokerTV”. Thailand’s “investible” 10c8d bubbled to the final table falling to CharlesZy AcKc who entered as chip leader.

WPT Trophy 5 WPT Korea Championship final table
WPT Trophy #5 – WPT Korea Championship final table

The final table was action packed with plenty of chips in the pot at nearly every hand. The first called shove saved Sebastian Muellerflashlight99″ Kh10s when the board ran Ad5s6d10c5c against YakginSomtum’s KdQc. However, WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer “OBellaCiao” was not so fortunate, falling 9th on a three way showdown. OBellaCiao had 10c10s, YakginSomtum had better KdKs with big stacked Aubakirov AsKc also in the hand. China’s “degenkaliu” busted 8th with A6o unable to crack flashligh99’s pocket nines.

Out 7th was “lovepython” who first doubled up on pocket threes against Muchen88’s A8o but on the next shove holding pocket threes again, it was the end of the line with 2020 WSOP Online bracelet winner Huahaun Feng “F7588” sporting pocket Kings.

It took some time for the next player to bite the bullet. Busting in 6th place was CharlesZy with As3d falling to Aubakirov’s 5c4c that paired the five-card on the flop. However, Aubakirov couldn’t hold on to the chips long enough, was booted by flashlight99 in 5th place with AcJs dominating KhQd. After numerous orbits with big pots moving in every direction, F7588 was stopped in 4th place by Muchen888 with pocket Jacks staying ahead of KdQd.

WPT Trophy 5 WPT Korea Championship pocket Jacks for winner Munchen888
WPT Trophy #5 – WPT Korea Championship – pocket Jacks for winner Muchen888

Sixteen hands later, flashlight99 was bumped out, pushing 10h9h on the sb only to run into bb YakginSomtum’s AhQs that held. Heads up started with Muchen888 ahead in the count. Muchen888 surged to a 2.5:1 lead on a winning trips to two pair. Three hands later it was all over. Muchen888 shipped it winning the flip with KdJs trips to YakginSomtum’s AhQh top pair on a final board Jh9sQdJd7c.

Final table payouts

1st Muchen888 – China – KR₩ 87,525,334 (~US$ 75,280)
2nd YakginSomtum – Thailand – KR₩ 65,050,621
3rd Sebastian Mueller “flashlight99” – Thailand – KR₩ 48,347,052
4th Huahaun Feng “F7588” – China – KR₩ 35,932,562
5th Daniyar Aubakirov – Kazakhstan – KR₩ 26,705,807
6th CharlesZy – China – KR₩ 19,848,312
7th lovepython – China – KR₩ 14,751,680
8th degenkaliu – China – KR₩ 10,963,774
9th Abhinav Iyer “OBellaCiao” – India – KR₩ 8,148,466

Select WPT Side Event results

WPT Side Event: Super High Roller 8-Max HK$ 20,000 – Daniyar Aubakirov

The single largest WPT side event winner to date was Kazakhstan’s Daniyar Aubakirov who shipped the first Super High Roller 8-Max for a sizable HK$ 290,324.42 (~US$ 37,400) payout. Aubakirov also cashed at the WPT Korea Championship finishing 5th for KR₩ 26,705,807 (~US$ 22,900).

Date: October 6, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 20,000 (~US$ 2,600)
Guarantee: HK$ 100,000 (~US$ 12,900)
Entries: 36
Prize pool: HK$ 684,100 (~US$ 88,270)
ITM: 5 places
Winner: Daniyar Aubakirov – Kazakhstan – HK$ 290,324.42 (~US$ 37,400)
2nd huangdandan – Hong Kong – HK$ 171,538.69

WPT Side Event: High Roller 8-Max HK$ 5,000 – Toto_Gosu

China’s Toto_Gosu shipped the first High Roller side event of the series to collect a healthy starting bankroll worth HK$ 100,290.49 (~US$ 12,900). Toto_Gosu defeated the 87 entry field that included pros Wei Zhao (9th) and Phachara Wongwichit (10th).

WPT Side Event High Roller 8 Max HK 5
WPT Side Event – High Roller 8-Max HK$ 5,000

Date: October 3, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 5,000 (~US$ 645)
Guarantee: HK$ 250,000 (~US$ 32,200)
Entries: 87
Prize pool: HK$ 413.250 (~US$ 53,300)
ITM: 11 places
Winner: Toto_Gosu – China – HK$ 100,290.49 (~US$ 12,900)

Mango5 reaches five side event final tables, wins two

Mango5 racked up plenty of leaderboard points by cashing in deep at five WPT side events. Two of them were victories on opening night – Bounty King HK$ 315 and Speed Racer HK$ 210 [10BB] – the other three were 2nd at the PLO Turbo Bounty HK$ 840 claimed by Kosei Ichinose, 4th at the Superstack Mini HK$ 100 won by tomerchen1980, and 6th at the Marathon HK$ 600 won by Kazuhiro Shirasawa “propofol-san”. At the Speed Racer HK$ 210 event, it took a persistent five bullets for Mango5 to ship it.

WPT Side Event Speed Racer HK 210
WPT Side Event – Speed Racer HK$ 210

WPT Side Event: Bounty King HK$ 315

Date: October 3, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 315
Guarantee: HK$ 100,000
Entries: 363
Prize pool: HK$ 108,900
ITM: 53 places
Winner: Mango5 – China – HK$ 22,276.56 (~US$ 2,875)
2nd VTF1008 – Hong Kong – HK$ 11,991.92

WPT Side Event: Speed Racer HK$ 210 [ 10 BB ]

Date: October 3, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 210 (~US$ 27)
Guarantee: HK$ 15,000 (~US$ 1,900)
Entries: 175
Prize pool: HK$ 35,000 (~US$ 4,500)
ITM: 24 places
Winner: Mango5 – China – HK$ 7,509.03 (~US$ 970)

Multiple cashes and wins for “angelabobo”

Another player crushing the side events was China’s angelabobo reaching multiple final tables for a couple of wins. In total, angelabobo had one 2nd place, one 3rd place, two 4th places, 1st place at the Marathon HK$ 600, declared winner on a three-way deal at the Superstack HK$ 1,000, and 86th at WPT Trophy #1: Beat the Pros Bounty. Angelabobo collected a combined HK$ 82,447 (~US$ 10,600) in winnings.

WPT Side Event: Marathon HK$ 600 – angelabobo
Date: October 5, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 600 (~US$ 77)
Guarantee: HK$ 75,000
Entries: 130
Prize pool: HK$ 75,000
ITM: 17 places
Winner: angelabobo – China – HK$ 16,356.78
2nd Has9991 – Turkey – HK$ 12,442.35

Tingnan Hu “mysanya1” finishes 1st and 2nd on opening day

Solid performance for Chinese player Tingnan Hu “mysanya1” on opening day winning one side event and finishing 2nd at another for a combined HK$ 56,496.86 (~US$ 7,260) payday.

WPT Side Event: Superstack HK$ 1,000

Date: October 3, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 1,000 (~US$ 130)
Guarantee: HK$ 150,000 (~US$ 19,300)
Entries: 195
Prize pool: HK$ 179,400 (~US$ 23,100)
ITM: 27 places
Winner: Tingnan Hu “mysanya1” – China – HK$ 35,099.33 (~US$ 4,500)
2nd Hen Rosilio “GeorgeTheVet” – Israel – HK$ 26,779.07 (~US$ 3,400)
3rd Jbmmc – China – HK$ 20,431.20 (~US$ 2,600)

WPT Side Event: 8-Max HK$ 500

Date: October 3, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 500 (~US$ 65)
Guarantee: HK$ 150,000 (~US$ 19,300)
Entries: 241
Prize pool: HK$ 150,000 (~US$ 19,300)
ITM: 35 places
Winner: harp13 – Finland – HK$ 28,707.77 (~US$ 3,700)
2nd Tingnan Hu “mysanya1” – China – HK$ 21,397.53 (~US$ 2,760)

DreamSym and PurerunDG bag two side events

WPT Side Event: Bounty Turbo HK$ 126 – DreamSym

Date: October 5, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 126 (~US$ 16)
Guarantee: HK$ 20,000 (~US$ 2,600)
Entries: 251
Prize pool: HK$ 30,120
ITM: 35 places
Winner: DreamSym – China – HK$ 6,642.72
2nd PRINCE888 – Thailand – HK$ 3,688.62

WPT Side Event: Bounty King HK$ 315 – DreamSym

Date: October 6, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 315
Guarantee: HK$ 75,000
Entries: 306
Prize pool: HK$ 91,800
ITM: 44 places
Winner: DreamSym – China – HK$ 17,976.89
2nd DoraemonVNN – Vietnam – HK$ 8,230.73

WPT Side Event Marathon HK 600
WPT Side Event – Marathon HK$ 600

WPT Side Event: Marathon HK$ 600 – PurerunDG

Date: October 4, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 600 (~US$ 77)
Guarantee: HK$ 150,000 (~US$19,300)
Entries: 190
Prize pool: HK$ 104,880 (~US$ 13,530)
ITM: 26 places
Winner: PurerunDG – Israel – HK$ 20,716.08 (~US$ 2,670)
2nd: Fedor Horz – Fiji – HK$ 15,742.47

WPT Side Event: Speed Racer HK$ 210 [ 10 BB ] – PurerunDG

Date: October 5, 2020
Buy in: HK$ 210 (~US$ 27)
Guarantee: HK$ 15,000 (~US$ 1,900)
Entries: 155
Prize pool: HK$ 31,000
ITM: 20 places
Winner: PurerunDG – Israel – HK$ 8,128.12
2nd watashidonk – Singapore – HK$ 3,636.34

WPT Asia Nation’s Cup Weekly Leaderboard

There are three WPT Asia Nation’s Cup Weekly Leaderboards. The first one runs from October 3 to 10. The top 10 players will count for each country’s standings. Once added, the country with the most points wins the week’s leaderboard. Players who contributed a single point to the hosted country will earn a seat to the HK$ 50,000 freeroll. You can see the top 10 players below.

wpt asia leaderboard
WPT asia Online leaderboard current standings

WPT Asia Main Event HK$10 Million GTD

The WPT Asia Main Event is the series headliner featuring a very rich HK$10 Million (~US$ 1.29 million) guarantee. This is the biggest Asia online tournament guarantee ever offered. Buy in is HK$10,000 (~US$ 1,290). This is a phased event with 22 Day 1s offered starting October 18. Final Day is on Sunday, October 25 at 21:00 CST.

Other Key Events

The Superstack Classic is underway with starting flights leading up to the final day. The event features a HK$ 5,000,000 (~US$ 645,000) guarantee; buy in is HK$ 4,000 (~US$ 520). Players start with a 50,000 stack which is the same as the WPT’s live event version. 15 Day 1s remain. 36 players out of 305 entries have already advanced. Final Day is on Sunday, October 11 at 21:00 CST.

Following the event above is the WPT Asia Mini Main Event with a buy-in of HK$ 1,000 (~US$ 129). Guarantee is HK$ 5,000,000 (~US$ 645,000). A total of 22 Day 1s are offered starting October 11. Final Day is on Sunday, October 18 at 21:00 CST.

National Championship tournaments

Five National Championship tournaments yet to be played. Each tournament will use the featured nation’s currency as buy in and guarantee. Champions of each will also receive an added US$ 3,000 WPT Passport.

  • WPT Philippines Championship: PHP 10,000,000 (~US$ 206,200) guarantee – PHP 80,000 (~US$ 1,650) buy-in – Sunday, October 11 at 20:00 CST
  • WPT Taiwan Championship: NT$ 3,500,000 (~US$ 119,600) guarantee – NT$ 30,000 (~US$ 1,025) buy-in – Tuesday, October 13 at 20:00 CST
  • WPT Cambodia High Roller Championship: US$ 350,000 guarantee – US$ 3,500 buy-in – Sunday, October 18 at 20:00 CST – this high roller event has the largest buy in and guarantee of all the National Championship tournaments
  • WPT Japan Championship: JP¥ 7,500,000 (~US$ 71,000) guarantee – JP¥ 30,000 (~US$ 285) buy-in – Tuesday, October 20 at 20:00 CST
  • WPT Macau Championship: HK$ 2,000,000 (~US$ 258,000) guarantee – HK$ 3,500 (~US$ 450) buy-in – Sunday, October 25 at 20:00 CST

Stick with us at Somuchpoker as we bring you recaps on the ongoing series.

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Tricia David has long experience as a recreational poker player and has been covering poker events since 2010 for numerous outfits in Asia. She spent one year working part time with Poker Portal Asia then became editor and lead writer for all event coverage of the Philippine Poker Tour (PPT). Under the PPT, she overlooked content for their website, and produced live updates on all their events. In addition, she served as the live and online events website content writer for the Asian Poker Tour. Currently, she does live events reporting in Asia for online news site Somuchpoker and is also one of their news contributors.

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