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Capital: Hanoi

Population: 95,540,000

Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Timezone: UTC+7


Casinos with Poker

Gambling is restricted in Vietnam. A government resolution allows Vietnamese aged 21 or older with a good legal and financial record to enter casinos since December 2017, but they are limited to a number of places. Moreover, Vietnamese are also allowed to play the lottery or bet at the horse racing track in Ho Chi Minh City.

Poker is legal in Vietnam. The Ministry of Home Affairs has licensed a Bridge and Poker Association, and many cities and provinces have established their own clubs. But in this context, poker cash games are generally prohibited. However, many poker rooms have opened in recent years in Vietnam, basing their business model on tournaments.

Vietnam has produced a very nice roster of Viet Kieu professional poker players (people of Vietnamese descent who were born or lived overseas) such as 1998 WSOP Main Event champion Scotty Nguyen, Men “The Master” Nguyen, 2016 WSOP Main Event champion Qui Nguyen; as well as many others, including a lot of good online players as well.

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Live Poker Legislation in Vietnam

The laws of Vietnam are based upon the stakes (Article 248 and 249 of the Penal Code), with the first level concerning very small stakes and social gambling, which carries a punishment of a small fine and being essentially put on probation.

Being caught winning or losing between 2 million and 50 million VND (about $90 to about $2200) involves a more serious crime, where the fines go up, the probation is longer, and there is also a risk of jail time. Those sentenced to this must report to the relevant authorities as instructed. They must also remain in their district and report any change of residence and employment.

The third level is for those who have won or lost over 50 million VND (about $2200). There is a minimum of three years in prison for this one which can be extended to up to seven years, in addition to being fined 3 million to 30 million VND. This also applies if you are a professional gambler or have been found to be operating a gambling establishment.

Then again, these laws apply to cash games as well. More and more tournaments are taking place on a daily basis in Vietnam, especially in its major cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, not to mention international competitions such as the Asian Poker Tour, the Asia Poker League, and the World Poker Tour. Locals can participate in all these events now.


  Live Poker Venues in Vietnam

You can find live poker in poker rooms & clubs throughout the country, but officially only as tournaments. Cash games remain illegal in the country. Clubs that do not respect this rule face serious consequences; with some having been raided by the police, catching both foreigners and nationals red-handed.

In 2018, the Asia Poker Tour was the first event organizer to host an international event in Vietnam that locals were allowed to join. The venue was the Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City.

Currently, the biggest live poker events still mainly take place at the same place, in Ho Chi Minh City at the Pro Poker Club. This venue has so far been the central point of this development with international poker festivals running almost every month.

However, other international events also started running in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Nha Trang.

In June 2020, ironically in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the LUK Poker Room Phu Quoc in the Corona Resort Phu Quoc was opened at the first official poker venue where Vietnamese could play cash games.

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Pro Poker Club

Airport Poker Club

Crown Poker Club

Diamond Bridge Poker Club

Imperial Poker Club

Khanh Pokerface Bridge & Poker Club

Grand Loyal Poker Club Hanoi

Thai Nguyen Poker Club

Victorious Poker Club

Vstar Poker Club

WIN Poker Club Danang

WIN Poker Club Hanoi

LUK Poker Room Phu Quoc

diamond bridge and poker club hai phong
Diamond Poker Club

The Diamond Bridge & Poker Club is located in the 3rd largest city of Vietnam, Hai Phong.

imperial poker club 1
Imperial Poker Club

The club offers tournaments on a daily basis in the District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. It is opened since 2018 and popular amongst expatriates.

Khanh poker
Khanh Pokerface Poker Club

Khanh Pokerface Poker Club is located in the district 7 of Ho Chi Minh City.

Grand Loyal Poker Club Hanoi
Grand Loyal Poker Club Hanoi

Tournaments in many formats and satellites for major events held in Macau and Manila.

thai nguyen poker club table
Thai Nguyen Poker Club

Located 70km North of Hanoï in the City of Thai Nguyen. It reopened in August 2018.

victorious poker hcmc room
Victorious Poker Club

Located in the District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. It offers a large quantity of tournaments.

vstar poker hanoi
Vstar Poker & Bridge Club

You can find VStar Bridge & Poker Club in the city of Hanoi.

Winpoker Danang
WIN Poker Club Danang

It has one of the nicest poker rooms in Vietnam thanks to a stunning view to the ocean below.

WIn Poker Hanoi 420
WIN Poker Club Hanoi

The club places emphasis on offering big guaranteed tournaments.

LUK Poker Room
LUK Poker Room Phu Quoc

The LUK Poker Room was opened in June 2020 as the first location in Vietnam to allow Vietnamese players to play.

Lucas Palace logo
Lucas Palace Poker Club

Lucas Palace Poker Club is a new poker club in Hanoi. It is located between the Yen Hoa and Trung Hoa districts.

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