WPC-SEAPT Kick Off Event​​​​ awards Nguyen Phuong Ngoc trophy following three way deal; Roland Kivi and Nguyen Thanh Hung take down side events


The guarantee smashing WPC-SEAPT Kick Off Event at Grand Loyal Poker Club has finally come to a close after awarding close to VN₫ 4.7B in prizes across the three days. With 75 players returning to the felt out of the record 605-entry turnout, it took about 9 hours of fierce gameplay before the final table was set. Among those who fell a few places short of the final 8 are Final Day chip leader Nguyen Duc Anh, up and coming Ha Van Thien, notable Korean player Hwang Seong Il, and final table bubble boy Kyle Bao Diep.

WPC-SEAPT Event #1: Kick Off: NGUYEN PHUONG NGOC – VN₫ 662,122,280 (~US$ 27,976)

DSC 2410
Nguyen Phuong Ngoc

Vietnam’s Nguyen Van Trung led the final pack of 8 with the seven other contenders not far behind. It took nearly an hour before the first busts were seen with Ngat Nguyen on the fortunate side of things. In a three-way all-in, Nhat had the best of it with premium KsKc against Hoang Hoi Nam’s Ac6s and Nguyen Van Trung’s JhJc, eliminating both players simultaneously. This began Nhat’s rise to the top all the way to the end. Opponent Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu on the other hand, also had his fair share of spots having delivered two eliminations – Ta Son Tung (6th) and Trent Fechter (5th), both with pocket Queens. Nguyen Phuong Ngoc valuably scooped up several small pots with his aggression always keeping him in the middle of the action throughout the final table. 

With stacks shared among the three Viets fairly even by four-handed play, the three eventually cut a deal after short stacked Choi Hye Jin headed for the rails. Local Nguyen Phuong Ngoc cut the biggest piece from the deal, bagging VN₫ 662,122,280 (~US$ 27,976) in winnings to end the day. The three then flipped for the trophy with Nguyen Phuong Ngoc again, successfully landing the trophy.

DSC 2355
Final Table

Buy in: VN₫ 8,800,000 (~US$ 372)
Guarantee: VN₫ 2,500,000,000 (~US$ 105,695)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 4,694,800,000 (~US$ 198,428)
Entries: 605
ITM: 75 players

WPC-SEAPT Kick Off Event Final Table Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1st Nguyen Phuong Ngoc 662,122,280*
2nd Nhat Nguyen  660,351,710*
3rd Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu 600,826,020*
4th Choi Hye Jin  340,000,000
5th Trent Fechter  260,000,000
6th Ta Son Tung 195,000,000
7th Nguyen Van Trung 145,000,000
8th Hoang Hoi Nam 110,000,000

*Denotes deal was made

Visit our live updates page for full payouts and more details on what went down on the Final Day.

WPC-SEAPT Event #6: High Roller: ROLAND KIVI – VN₫ 947,500,000 (~US$ 40,034)

DSC 2402
Roland Kivi

With how the first few days turned out, there’s no surprise to seeing another of the festival’s guaranteed games easily pass its listed guarantee. The VN₫ 1.5B GTD High Roller event drew in a smaller field of 53 entries to almost double its guarantee. The additional VN₫ 1B added to the prize pool saw 7 contenders receiving a minimum payout of VN₫ 116M. Bubble to the money didn’t take long as Estonia’s Roland Kivi instantly crippled India’s Gaurav Sood in one hand. Having opened on Sood’s big blind, Sood moved his big stack all-in, allowing Kivi to quickly make the call with KhKc. Sood revealed Ah6c and Kivi took down the massive pot, crippling his opponent down to 3.5 big blinds and shortly eliminating him one spot short of the payout.

DSC 2395
Heads Up

From then on, stacks swung with no hesitation as previous High Roller runner-up finisher Teddy Pham caught on to the chip leader ultra-fast. The shortest stacked Pham kicked things off by scooping up a three-way all-in with KsKd against 8d8s and AhJd. His roll continued on as he doubled up followingly after off the chip leader, and eventually headed into heads up play against Kivi. In the end, Kivi with a 6:1 chip advantage, closely sealed the deal as he crippled his opponent with a flopped full house. Kivi barreled through to the river with Pham throwing his cards in the muck as Kivi revealed the boat. Pham exited shortly and was left to settle for another runner-up finish, yet undeniably well still in the green.

Buy in: VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,323)
Guarantee: VN₫ 1,500,000,000 (~US$ 63,379)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 2,570,500,000 (~US$ 108,611)
Entries: 53
ITM: 7 players

WPC-SEAPT Event #6: High Roller Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1st Roland Kivi 947,500,000
2nd Teddy Pham 566,000,000
3rd Ngo Van Dat 348,000,000
4th Dinh Tien Thanh 245,000,000
5th Gardner Grant 193,000,000
6th Cao Ngoc Anh 155,000,000
7th Pound Thomas Gary 116,000,000

WPC-SEAPT Event #5: Super Stack: NGUYEN THANH HUNG – VN₫ 268,100,000 (~US$ 11,328)

DSC 2427
Nguyen Thanh Hung

With the Kick Off Final Day running alongside the Super Stack, many eliminated players grabbed the chance to jump in the VN₫ 500M guaranteed tournament for another chance at a trophy. France’s Aladin Raskallah for one, busted 65th in the Kick Off games and proceeded to dominate the Super Stack event consistently. From the last three tables, Raskallah held the lead all through to the final four where Nguyen Thanh Hung caught a massive pot to turn the tables. Nguyen Thanh Hung was then unstoppable, moving all-in every hand to eventually bust short stacked Nguyen Son Lam.

DSC 2370
Final Table

By heads up play, Nguyen Thanh Hung’s aggression slowed down after Raskallah doubled off of his opponent. The middle piled on a flop of 6h7d2c with Raskallah KdKs having successfully trapped Nguyen’s top pair Kh7c. The lead then shifted back and forth between the two with Nguyen Thanh Hung rolling a three time double up to finally clinch the victory and capture the VN₫ 268,100,000 (~US$ 11,328) top prize.

Buy in: VN₫ 6,600,000 (~US$ 278)
Guarantee: VN₫ 500,000,000 (~US$ 21,126)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 1,047,600,000 (~US$ 44,264)
Entries: 180
ITM: 23 players

WPC-SEAPT Event #5: Super Stack Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1st Nguyen Thanh Hung 268,100,000
2nd Aladin Youri Raskallah 167,500,000
3rd Nguyen Son Lam 106,500,000
4th Luong Van Quang 73,000,000
5th Dinh Van Tien 59,000,000
6th Tran Huy Tien 49,000,000
7th Nguyen Huu Tuan 41,000,000
8th Bui Dinh Nam 34,000,000
9th Ha Van Manh 28,000,000
10th Tran Van Nang 23,000,000
11th Tong Xuan Hien 23,000,000
12th Vu Quang Hung 23,000,000
13th Yun Bo Hwan 18,500,000
14th Mitsui Yota 18,500,000
15th Chiu Chun Wai 18,500,000
16th Luu Xuan Dong 14,500,000
17th Souksamlane Frederic 14,500,000
18th Amit Kaushik 14,500,000
19th Hoang Anh Tu 11,500,000
20th Tan Zi Xuan 11,500,000
21st Hong Sunguk 11,500,000
22nd Nguyen Van Quynh 9,500,000
23rd Ha Manh Tuong 9,500,000

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