Videos of the Week: When Poker Players Call the Floor and more…

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

The WORST BLUFF in EPT History

If you have seen this hand live during the broadcast you will never forget it. It was weirdly played bluff full of tells against one of the best live poker players at the time. This hand is from the EPT 12 Dublin Main Event back in 2016 with Gilles Bernies facing Dzmitry Urbanovich.

When Poker Players Call the Floor

Let’s watch another PokerStars video. This is a compilation of famous televised moments of poker players calling the floorman to settle disputes. It’d be boring if we could just all get along and play perfect poker, right?

Fintan Hand – DTO EP. 5 – Pre ICM

Here is another video by Fintan Hand, showcasing the DTO Poker Trainer app, specifically looking at different pre-flop ICM scenarios

Brad Owen vlog – First Hand I’m All In w/Top Set In 5 Handed Pot!!

And let’s finish off once again with the GOAT poker vlogger Brad Owen. The poker world is still waiting for the return of Andrew Neeme to the vlogging streets, but at least we have his best buddy not letting us down. In this 150th episode he is playing a $2/$5 session at the Aria.