Videos of the Week: Phil Hellmuth vs. Phil Hellmuth; The cutest poker hand ever and more…

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.


Probably the most creative video this week comes from PokerStars. Who wouldn’t want to see Phill Hellmuth battle himself? Well, now you can…


The SEMI BLUFF – Old School VS New School Poker Analysis Episode 9

Here is another episode of Daniel Negreanu’s “Old School vs. New School” series. This week he’s looking at a hand from the Poker Masters with focus on semi-bluffing.


The CUTEST Poker Hand Ever

If you’re interested in some sweetness, check out this cute hand between Lynn Gilmartin and Charlie Carrel. Definitely some flirting happening as part of the game.


Top Mistakes at Low Stakes– Bet Size Relative to Pot Size

Another video from Solve For Why about Low Stakes mistakes. This one looks at bet size relative to pot size.


I check raise ALL IN against JOHNNIE VIBES!! $2,700 pot!!

We have found another poker vlogger who we haven’t introduced yet. Here is “Lex O Poker” with his 3rd vlog from his Vegas vlog series. He plays a $5/10 and $3/5 session at the Venetian and gets involved in a hand with fellow vlogger Johnnie Vibes.



Christin Maschmann

Besides being a passionate poker player Christin Maschmann has been working in different functions in the poker industry for over a decade. She worked as a Content & Community Manager for the poker school IntelliPoker, wrote articles for the PokerStars Blog and appeared as a host on the German poker show PokerToday. Christin is professionally trained in video and audio editing and creates content for YouTube, Social Media and iTunes. She also wrote a book about her experiences in Las Vegas.

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