Videos of the Week: Negreanu reads Hellmuth, How to prepare for SCOOP and more…

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Daniel Negreanu Reads Phil Hellmuth Like an Open Book on High Stakes Duel!

Daniel Negreanu is known for his incredible live poker reads. In the recent High Stakes Duel against Phil Hellmuth on PokerGo he made some great laydowns. This is a compilation of some of those folds.

How YOU Should Prepare To WIN SCOOP In 2021!

The Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars has already begun, but here is a video by Raise Your Edge’s Bencb about preparing for this series. The knowledge conveyed in this video will surely be helpful for any kind of big tournament series online.

Jason Koon Plays Poker on a Different Level!

This is a clip of the 2018 U.S. Poker Open in Las Vegas where Jason Koon proves once again why he is one of the best tournament poker players in the world.

Andrew Neeme Too

Andrew Neeme is a poker vlog sensation. That much is clear. And if one YouTube channel wasn’t enough, he has now created a second one with the name “Andrew Neeme Too”. This channel will serve you with some hand highlights or other content that Andrew wants to put out besides the longer and more fine tuned video blogs from Vegas.

Here is an example of one of those clips: