Videos of the Week: Doyle Brunson Vs. Sammy Farha on High Stakes Poker; the Funniest Poker Hands EVER; Rampage Poker’s Pocket Aces in a Bomb Pot & More!

In this article, we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Classic Hand Between Doyle Brunson and Sammy Farha on High Stakes Poker

One of the staple features of the golden days of the Moneymaker boom in the US was a little show called High Stakes Poker, airing on The Game Show Network. Each week, poker’s biggest names battled it out for hundreds of thousands of dollars in NLHE cash games, all for your viewing pleasure. This hand, posted on PokerGO’s YouTube channel recently, is from Season 1, 2007. “The Godfather of Poker”, 2-time WSOP Main Event champion Doyle Brunson got into a huge hand against Sammy Farha, the runner-up finisher of the historic 2003 WSOP Main Event behind Chris Moneymaker. In this one, Brunson flops a set of Aces, while Farha has a flush draw. Watch the video below to find out how the rest of the hand turned out.

The Funniest Poker Hands by PokerStars

Poker and comedy rarely go together. The people who tend to be drawn to the cold, calculated mathematics behind GTO typically aren’t the ones constantly cracking jokes, or making the dankest memes on the internet. However, there are a few moments where poker fans can share a collective chuckle from time to time. The PokerStars YouTube channel decided to put together a compilation of those very moments. This video features Davidi Kitai (and his lady friend constantly asking for an “ass” on the rail), Fatima Moreira de Melo, Phil Hellmuth, and “the missing link” between comedy and poker, Kevin Hart.

Hellmuth’s Expert Fold with Tens Analyzed by Jonathan Little

We’re quite a few weeks into 2022, and the biggest poker event of the year continues to be the heads-up match between poker legends Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan. One of the memorable hands of the game was when Dwan makes a flush on the river, but Hellmuth manages is to get away from his 10’s. In the video below, one of the premier poker coaches out there, 2-time WPT title winner Jonathan Little provides expert analysis about each decision made by either player in the hand.

Aces for Rampage Poker in a Double Board Bomb Pot!

Ethan “RampagePoker” Yau decided to hop in a $2/$5 NLHE cash game at Boston Billiards Poker Club in Massachusetts. Apparently, in this game, it is customary to play so-called “bomb pots”. If you’re not familiar, a bomb pot is when every player at the table agrees to pot in a certain amount blind before the flop is dealt. To make things more interesting, in this game, they deal two boards in bomb pots for one half of the pot each. What’s more awkward for a player than getting dealt pocket Aces in that situation? That is exactly what happened to our Ethan Yau. See how it went for him below.