Videos of the Week: Is Hellmuth a Cash Game Fish?; The Greatest WTF Poker Hands Ever, High Stakes Action at Live at the Bike; The Latest Rampage Poker Vlog & More!

In this article, we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Is Phil Hellmuth a Cash Game Fish?

We all know Phil Hellmuth has cemented his name into the poker history books with his unmatchable 16 WSOP gold bracelets. However, how is he doing when it comes to another game format, cash games? Is he a winner or a loser? PokerGO asked that question this week. For evidence supporting the latter, they presented “Exhibit A”, two badly misplayed hands with pocket 10’s on Poker After Dark. However, Hellmuth has made plenty of other appearances on shows where played live cash in front of cameras, such as High Stakes Poker on The Game Show Network, and Poker Night in America on CBS Sports. If someone has the time and the will to comb through hundreds of hours of footage to see if the “Poker Brat” is actually a winning cash game player, we would very much appreciate the effort.

Top 5 WTF Poker Hands by PokerStars

The PokerStars YouTube channel put out its strangest compilation yet – on purpose. They collected 5 hands that made everyone that witnessed them ask: what the hell just happened here? Just to give you an example to know what you’re in for, in one hand, actor-comedian Kevin Hart calls a 3-bet all-in bluff on the river with King high, proudly proclaiming that he has a straight. While he did not have a straight, his King high was good, thus he won the pot… And that is just one of the 5 hands Stars have picked out for your viewing pleasure.

3-Way All-In Hands at WPT Final Tables

It is rare to see a tournament end by skipping the heads-up stage. However. it can happen, and has happened before – with multi-way all-in pots at the final table. While the World Poker Tour didn’t manage to find any such hands that abruptly ended one of their events, they did find a few huge 3-way all-in pots at final tables that gave one of the players a massive chip lead, often resulting in a win. These tense moments are sure fun to watch. This video features, among others, Harry Arutyunyan, Chris Moorman, Steve O’Dywer, and Michael Mizrachi.

High Stakes Action at Live at the Bike with Maria Ho

While recently Live at the Bike has faced tough competition from Hustler Casino for the best live streamed cash game action out of California, they are still going strong with some great, exciting poker shows out of the famous Bicycle Casino. This time, they put on a session of $50/$100/$100 BB ante No Limit Hold’em battle that featured Maria Ho, Gal Yifrach, and businessman-poker pro Bill Klein. You can watch all 6 hours of high stakes play below.

The Latest Rampage Poker Vlog out of Las Vegas

While the WSOP in Vegas ended last week, Ethan “RampagePoker” Yau just uploaded his vlog shot at the tail end of this fall series. You can watch him jump into one of the last few events, the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event, then he quickly moves to The Wynn to play a $1,600 “non-WSOP” NLHE tourney.  After a dry couple of weeks (no WSOP cash for young gun Yau), he manages to squeeze into the money in the latter. Elite poker pro Alex Foxen also makes a “cameo” in this vlog.