Videos of the Week: The Most Insane Suckouts EVER; Hellmuth vs. Durrrr Heads-Up Highlights; Garrett Adelstein in Hustlers’ Super High Stakes Cash Game & More!

In this article, we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

The Biggest Souckouts EVER By PokerStars

As the poker wisdom says, you can only try to get it all-in good. What happens after that, it’s not up to you, you shouldn’t worry about it – even if what happens after that can be very, very painful. You’ll see many of those painful examples in this compilation produced by the PokerStars YouTube channel. Such as flopping top set with Aces against Kings, just to see the Kings river a flush; or have your opponent hit runner-runner quads against your full house. This video features such stars as Natasha Mercier, Olivier Busquet, and Marcel Lüske.

Hellmuth vs. Durrrr Highlights

The online poker community is still buzzing about the latest installment of the High Stakes Duel, after Phil Hellmuth defeated Tom Dwan in the $200,000 match-up. Now you can watch the most interesting hands of the game, brought to you by PokerGO. Fun fact: in the couple hundred hands played, both players hit a straight flush!  You can see those hands, as well as the classic flip (AK vs. a middle pocket pair) in the last hand that decided the match in the video below.

Garrett Adelstein Wreaks Havoc at Hustlers

Garrett Adelstein, who became widely known in the poker world for his appearances on Live at the Bike, has recently been playing in another live streamed cash game at another California casino. It’s Hustlers in Gardena, CA where he played in a super high stakes, $100/$200/$400 No Limit Hold’em cash game. And, as usual, got into some massive pots with aggressive moves. For example, he raised his 3-high flush draw on the turn, to which his opponent, holding bottom two pair, went all-in. “Gman” Adelstein called and even offered to run the board twice, but his opponent, Israeli Ron, declined. Ron soon regretted that as the 5th Heart fell on the river. Watch!

Andrew Neeme’s Texas Vlog

Fresh poker club co-owner Andrew Neeme decided to try his own tables out down in Austin, Texas. And, per usual, brought his camera with him to vlog the experience. He played a session of $5/$10 No Limit Hold’em cash game, but he bought in for $12,000 (1,200 BB’s!) to accommodate for the spewy, straddle-rich action. He turned out to be right to do so, as the action was heavy, with a bonus 7-2 game running at the table as well. The line-up also featured the other “masters of the house”, Doug Polk and Brad Owen as well.