Videos of the Week: Brad Owen vs. Main Event Champ Koray Aldemir; the Sickest Bad Beats EVER; Analysis of King High Call at the GG MILLION$ Final Table & More!

In this article, we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Brad Owen vs. Main Event Champ Koray Aldemir at the Rungood All-Stars ProAm

Brad Owen, the top poker vlogger superstar out there, and the defending WSOP Main Event champion, Koray Aldemir from Germany, got into an interesting hand recently. It was played at the inaugural $550 RunGood All-Stars ProAm tournament in Las Vegas, a new event that vows to keep a balance between pros and recs in its field. The featured table line-up included Tyson Apostol, Jamie Kerstetter, and the aforementioned Owen and Aldemir, In this hand, Owen, usually a tight player, went for a light check-raise on the flop with King high and some backdoor draws. One of those draws got there on the river g giving Owen a straight, which was paid off by Aldemiir’s pair of 8’s. You can watch the action below.

The Most Agonizing Bad Beats by PokerStars

The poker gods can be cruel sometimes. You can make all the right moves at all the right times in a hand, got it all-in as a massive favorite, and watch your opponent get bailed out by the deck. As you probably know, this is what the jargon calls “bad beats” or “suckouts”. Another type of bad beat is the so-called “coolers”, when your really strong hand runs into an even stronger one. As much as it hurts to live through any of those, they are part of the game we love, poker. So, PokerStars decided to post a compilation on their YouTube channel of the most painful bad beats their streamers had to live through. This video features Ben “Spraggy” Spragg (quite a few times, actually),  Lex Veldhuis, and Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot.

Crazy King-High Call at GG Final Table Analyzed by Jonathan Little coach Bert Stevens recently won the $10,000 GG Super MILLION$ event $1.1 million on Natural8-GGNetwork. In one of the hands he played heads-up for the title, he decided to call a 28.5 BB shove on the river with nothing but King high. Lo and behold, it was good. The owner of the coaching site, Jonathan Little, gave his GTO analysis to find out whether his employee made the right choice or if he was just lucky this time. You can decide for yourself, after watching the 15-minute strategy video below.

Andrew Neeme’s Huge Announcement

Poker player-vlogger Andrew Neeme was rather inactive on his YouTube channel lately. However, he returned not only with an exciting vlog, but also a major announcement. As for the vlog part of it, he played a session of $5/$5 Pot Limit Omaha cash game at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas. And as for the news, he announced that he, partnered with other poker influencer giants Doug Polk and Brad Owen, has bought an ownership stake in the Lodge Card Room in Austin, Texas. While Neeme is originally from Michigan up north of the USA, he will now venture down South to become a card room owner. Hopefully, this new adventure will work ot for all parties involved.