Poker in Asia

Poker in Asia: 6 Wishes for 2016

Every New Year starts with wishes and expectations. Here are our hopes for poker in Asia, in 2016! No more 10 handed tables in live poker – 8 handed tables as a standard. Live poker has been always very slow for players with an online poker background, particularly without automatic shuffling machines and on 10 […]

10 Great Accomplishments in the Asian Poker Scene 2015

Looking back at 2015, the year was truly a big one for poker in the Asia-Pacific region with the game doing nothing but booming all year. As the year comes to a close, we reflected back on some of the year’s incredible moments and compiled a list of 10 great accomplishments from the live poker […]

Tournaments in Asia: ACOP Platinum, IPC Series, Upcoming events

ACOP Platinum Series XI The Main Event for this series saw a large number of regular names from the Asian circuit buying in for HK$5,500 ($709) to take their shot at glory. The field size grew to 228, which is a decent size for this type of event, and an appetising HK$1,028,394 ($132,699) prize pool was […]

Save the date: Upcoming tournaments in Asia

September 23rd – 27th: Manila Megastack 3 The Philippines will be playing host to the Manila Megastack 3 series in the coming weeks, with a number of events scheduled to be hosted in the City of Dreams poker room, run by Pokerstars. The series will cover 5 days from September 23rd – 27th and will involve […]

More poker events in Asia as IPO and Resorts World plan to join forces

On December 14th, in Jeju South Korea, the Paradise Poker Room hosted the first ever International Poker Open in Asia. Based until now in Jeju City, the brand itself is owned by Allwinstar Entertainment.LLC who are based in Maryland, USA. The tour is now looking for an expansion across asia.  IPO3 at Resort World Manila in […]

Asian Tournaments in brief and in figures

APPT Manila:  Total prize pools of $1.14 million  Asian Live Circuit in Figures The APPT Manila has reached it’s conclusion and drew plenty players, with 2079 taking part in the series, and total prize pools exceeding PHP52,832,035 which equates to over USD$1.14 million. These numbers were generated across 14 different events.  APT Cebu: 247 entrees in […]

Will the Philippines take the lead in Poker over Macau?

In early 2007 poker walked out of the dungeons of secret hideouts in the Philippines and bee-lined its way directly into the public’s view with card rooms sprouting in parts of Manila and tables offered at some of the casinos. Later that year, gambling city Macau began to include Texas Hold ‘em tables to the […]

Looking back at APPT Nanjing Millions shut down

On April 17, 2015 the APPT Nanjing Millions held at Wutaishan Sports Centre in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China, was prematurely closed down by the Chinese National Police citing suspicion of illegal gambling, leaving the high number of attendees dumbfounded and confused right at the front steps. The poker festival had already surpassed its halfway […]