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– About PokerBros –


PokerBros is a playmoney app available on iOS, Android and PC.

The application is used to host private poker games.

Its main appeal comes from the fact that just as PPPoker and Upoker, this app offers “a home game experience” via mobile device.

The Games on PokerBros run in PokerBros Chips set by each  private club.

– Play on PokerBros with Somuchpoker –

 Why Trust Somuchpoker Agents to Play on PokerBros? is a company Founded in 2014 by poker players and is currently the 1st source of information about live as well as online poker in the Asia-Pacific Area. We only work with trusted private clubs. We help you to find the right club, VIP Club Loyalty Programs, general support and assist you to buy and sell chips!

  Which are the Softest Clubs?

Find all current available clubs in our clublist: “Join the Best PokerBros Clubs with us!“.

 Can I get a Deal? 

Club Loyalty Programs available for each club via Somuchpoker! We offer the most competitive Loyalty Programs in the industry. We offer very attractive deals in all the available clubs.

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– Games –

  How good is the software?

PokerBros offers Windows (by means of Emulator), iPad, iPhone and Android applications. It is accessible legitimately from their site, App Store and Play Store. Every one of them are truly steady and simple to utilize. On smartphones you can just play on 1 table at once, be that as it may, for PC there’s a method to play up to 3 or more tables!

  What Games of Poker can we play on PokerBros?

You will find NLH, PLO, PLO5c, MTTs and OFC Games! You will find consistent action across lots of stakes.

pokerbrostable 1

🆕 SPIN IT (x1000)

Alongside the original Spin-It format, featuring a wheel with six multipliers (from 2x to 100x), selected Unions can now choose the 1000x option (pictured) for a chance of an even bigger prize pool.


This popular Single Table Tournament format features action before the first card is even dealt (the spin), then plays down to a winner as a Turbo No Limit Hold’em tournament. Starting stacks are between 300 and 2,000 chips, depending on the table set-up (like everything PokerBROS, Spin-It Tournaments are uniquely customizable).

Pineapple Pokerbros

PokerBROS introduces another new pair of popular games to the wide range on offer on the app with the addition of Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple.  These three-card Hold’em variants let players choose the best two of three hole cards to boost their hand – and the action! A simple twist that makes for fun and interesting decisions – whether players discard before the flop (Pineapple) or after it (Crazy Pineapple). 

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– How to get started? –

🎈 For apple users visit the apple store, and search “PokerBros”
🎈 For android users visit google play store, and search “PokerBros”
👉🏻Clublist: Overview PokerBros Clubs via Somuchpoker
💰 Buy Chips via Somuchpoker
✍🏻 App is working exactly like PPPoker – No PC version (but playable on PC via Emulator).

Need any guidance? Please contact us directly and we will help you to get started!

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– How? –

  How to buy Chips?

We have options to serve all players, Contact us for help

  How to sell Chips?

We have options to serve all players, Contact us for help

  How is the Security on PokerBros?

We work only with the most trusted clubs and we process all your transfers quickly. Next to that this application has their own security team, now very actively involved in making sure games remain fair. Their unique mix of poker security specialists and high-tech tools keep PokerBROS free from cheaters.

Game Integrity Bros Team to keep games fair

Pokerbros uses a Live Alerts Engine. This engine is a rules-based framework with various algorithms which scan all the games live, analysing incoming real-time data, events and player behaviour. It swiftly flags accounts which meet certain predefined conditions.

What happens when your Alerts System flags behaviour as suspicious?

Pokerbros gets instant notifications via the lively alerts dashboard with very detailed information about the event and involved players. Based on the nature of the alert and its priority and urgency, it is either instantly picked up by a team member for full review/investigation or if not urgent, it is left pending, to be picked up later in accordance with their daily workflow and internal procedures.

Bros Security

Some alerts have very high fraud hit ratio with a minimal number of false positives and reviewing those takes little time, as usually evidence presented is sufficient for an instant ban. However, there are certain types of alerts which need thorough and extended investigation and may lead to detection of more organized fraud syndicates.

PokerBros 1

– Conclusion –


 Private Poker Clubs offering a “Home-Game Experience”
  Great mobile experience
  Great PC experience (ability to play up to 3 tables or more simultaneously by using emulator)
  Very Soft Games


  Not available on MAC

Pokerbros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service
PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

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