Poker Videos of the Week: When hero calls go wrong; How to Tell a Great Story in Poker; Playing In Bobby’s Room; DTO Poker Gameplay

In this article we deliver you selected poker videos of the past week.

When hero calls go wrong – PokerStars

When hero calls go right, you often not just feel like a hero, but a superhero. If they go wrong… not so much. In this video, PokerStars has put together a collection of hero calls that unfortunately don’t let Danny Tang, Steve O’Dwyer and Frederik Jensen look like superheroes at all. But we still love them.

Poker Breakdown: How to Tell a Great Story in Poker – The Poker Guys

In this video, The Poker Guys analyse a hand played between elite pros Mustapha Kanit and Timothy Adams during the EPT Online Main Event. The focus of this analysis is storytelling while playing a hand. There is definitely something to be learned when watching the best in the game apply their expertise on the felt.

Playing In Bobby’s Room! – Brad Owen

The most successful Vegas vlogger Brad Owen gets the chance to play in Bobby’s Room (yes, we know it’s actually called “Legend’s Room” now). In this vlog he reports about his experience and what is an absolute poker dream for many poker players. Especially when you get dealt Aces…

DTO Poker Gameplay

In this video Fintan “easywithaces” Hand is taking us through a few hands of 60BB CO vs. BB in a single raised pot in the DTO Poker Trainer app.