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oriental pearl casino sihanoukvilleLocated on the south coast of Cambodia, Oriental Pearl Poker is a poker room in Sihanoukville. There, you’ll find daily Cash Games and regular tournaments. Tables feature USB chargers.

Free food, cigarettes, coffee and soft drinks. Free room for players can be available upon request.

Must be +18 to enter.


  Playing Poker at Oriental Pearl Casino

oriental pearl poker

 Cash Games:

Every day at 2pm cash game of Texas Hold’Em:
Blinds: $1/$1, Minimum Buy-In: $20
Blinds: $1/$2, Minimum Buy-In: $100

Every day at 6pm cash game of Texas Hold’Em:
Blinds: $2/$4, Minimum Buy-In: $300
Blinds: $2/$5, Minimum Buy-In: $500


Everyday at 1pm : Turbo tournament – Buy-in $5, Guaranty 100$
Hyper-turbo Sit&Go
Freezout (no re-buy, no re-entry, no add-on)
Start stack : 25000
Every round blinds up


Rake 5% – 50 cts for every $10 on in the pot. Cap $10.

No rake is taken in the following situation:

  • There is no flop
  • There are less than 3 players seated
  • The pot is under $10
  • The pot is split and the rake would cause players splitting the pot to lose money

poker oriental sihanoukville

Pratical Info

  Address: Oriental Pearl Casino, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Contact:   070 418 434 or 017 684 220



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