Online News: PokerStars and 888poker cease operations in Russia; Partypoker seeks new markets; OSS Cub3d Encore’s $2M GTD Main Events; Upoker launches Scoop Hold’em

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PokerStars and 888poker cease operations in Russia

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With the ongoing attack on Ukraine, citizens of Russia have in turn, been faced with a series of consequences as a direct result of its country’s military invasion. Like numerous businesses, the gaming sector has also been compromised with major operators such as PokerStars and 888poker ceasing operations until further notice. 

The move was announced by online poker giant PokerStars on its official social media channel last March 10th following many international billion-dollar brands including McDonald’s, Apple, and Starbucks among others. The Russian live poker action has likewise been affected with the supposed upcoming European Poker Tour Sochi hosted also by PokerStars, also canceled.

In addition, top operator 888poker has followed suit, having suspended its operations last March 15th considering the turn of events. The support for Ukraine amidst the current war of aggression appears to be a global effort as the fight for peace continues with many common people affected all around.

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Partypoker seeks new markets

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Parent company Entain seems to be keen on expanding partypoker’s player market as it recently applied for a license to operate real money online gaming in the Netherlands. The Dutch online poker scene opened up just November of last year and Entain is already hot on its tail. Executives of the two-decade old site are expecting its online gaming to be up and running as early as mid-2022 with their eyes set on tapping soon-to-open for regulated gaming, Ontario, Canada.

The application is in, We hope to get our license around the middle of the year and are planning as such. And then we’ll really have to wait and see how the performance goes from there. It might depend on a few things — which operators are getting licensed and in what order and so on.”, said Entain CFO Rob Wood.

OSS Cub3d Encore’s $2M GTD Main Events

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Down to the last stretch, Winning Poker Network’s OSS Cub3d Encore series which ran from March 13th through this 21st is wrapping its $12,000,000 guaranteed festival with two thrilling Main Events. This Sunday’s festivities has everyone eyeing the last starting flight for the $215 buy-in $1,500,000 guaranteed Main Event as well as the $1,050 higher tier Main Event for a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. While the field will surely be much larger for the $1.5M Main Event, both tournaments will run for two days with the final days and two champions crowned on the 21st, Monday.

OSS Cub3d Encore Schedule

Date Time Name Buyin Fee
Sunday, March 20th 12:00 PM ENCORE #79H – $500,000 GTD HR $600.00 $30.00
12:00 PM ENCORE #79M – $400,000 GTD WarmUp $100.00 $9.00
12:00 PM ENCORE #79L – $100,000 GTD $30.00 $3.00
12:30 PM ENCORE #47 PKO – $200,000 GTD [Day2]
1:00 PM ENCORE #90 – $1,500,000 GTD [Main Event] $200.00 $15.00
2:30 PM ENCORE #80H – $500,000 GTD [Main Event] $1,000.00 $50.00
2:30 PM ENCORE #80M PKO – $100,000 GTD $50.00 $5.00
2:30 PM ENCORE #80L PKO – $40,000 GTD $15.00 $1.50
3:30 PM ENCORE #81 PKO – $150,000 GTD $100.00 $9.00
4:00 PM ENCORE #82 PKO – $150,000 GTD $300.00 $20.00
4:30 PM ENCORE #83 PKO – $80,000 GTD PLO 6-Max HR $600.00 $30.00
6:00 PM ENCORE #84 PKO – $200,000 GTD Apestyles After Party $1,000.00 $50.00
6:30 PM ENCORE #85 – $150,000 GTD MegaStack $200.00 $15.00
6:30 PM ENCORE #86 PKO – $100,000 GTD $100.00 $9.00
6:30 PM ENCORE #87 – $60,000 GTD $40.00 $4.00
8:10 PM ENCORE #88H PKO Hyper – $100,000 GTD $500.00 $12.50
8:20 PM ENCORE #88M PKO Hyper – $30,000 GTD $200.00 $7.50
8:30 PM ENCORE #88L PKO Hyper – $30,000 GTD 6-Max $50.00 $2.50
Monday, March 21st 1:00 PM ENCORE #89H – $150,000 GTD WrapUp $200.00 $15.00
1:00 PM ENCORE #89M – $100,000 GTD WrapUp $100.00 $9.00
1:00 PM ENCORE #89L – $50,000 GTD WrapUp $30.00 $3.00
1:30 PM ENCORE #90 – $1,500,000 GTD [Day2] $200.00 $15.00
2:00 PM ENCORE #91 PKO – $100,000 GTD WrapUp HR $600.00 $30.00
2:05 PM ENCORE #80H – $500,000 GTD [Day2]
3:00 PM ENCORE #92 – $25,000 GTD WrapUp $10.00 $1.00
4:00 PM ENCORE #93H PKO – $50,000 GTD 6-Max WrapUp $300.00 $20.00
4:00 PM ENCORE #93M PKO – $50,000 GTD WrapUp $100.00 $9.00
4:00 PM ENCORE #93L PKO – $30,000 GTD WrapUp $25.00 $2.50
6:30 PM ENCORE #94 – $50,000 GTD MegaStack WrapUp $200.00 $15.00
6:30 PM ENCORE #95 PKO – $50,000 GTD WrapUp $100.00 $9.00
8:10 PM ENCORE #96 PKO Hyper – $20,000 GTD 6-Max WrapUp $100.00 $4.50

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Upoker launches Scoop Hold’em

Reinventing the classic round of poker, Upoker has since launched Scoop Hold’em available on platforms, Windows, Apple, and Android, for those looking to explore different variants of the game. Scoop Hold’em is introduced as a full strategy-based points collecting mode where players can tailor their card arrangements in correlation with point multipliers after the flop is revealed. To gain a clear understanding of Upoker’s fresh take on online poker, watch the short video introduction below or better yet, test your skill on the virtual felt for an undeniable thrilling experience.

Upoker Scoop Holdem 300x300
Photo Credit – Upoker

How to play Scoop Hold’em?

  1. Scoop Hold’em has between 2-4 players per table
  2. Each player is dealt 7 cards
  3. The Flop is revealed and the players are given a timer to fill 3 rows (top row, middle row and bottom row) with 2 cards in each row
  4. The Goal is to build the best 5 card poker hand combinations
  5. The turn and river are revealed after all 3 rows are filled by the two players
  6. The hands in each row are compared and the higher hand wins the row
  7. Points are given based on the hands formed in each row
  8. The point value is multiplied

– Multiplied by 5 for the top row

– Multiplied by 3 for the middle row

– Multiplied by 1 for the bottom row

  1. The players compare the row and the higher hand wins that row.
  2. If a player wins all three row comparisons, it is considered a “Scoop” which gives an additional 30 points!

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