WPT Philippines: Final 6 of the Main Event, Kai Paulsen in the Lead

From 22 players down to six, the final table of the WPT National Philippines Main Event was decided with Norway's Kai Paulsen holding strong as the leader. The Final 6 will be returning tomorrow to battle it out for the first place cash prize of $86,130.

Kai Paulsen – 2,270,000

Paulsen's rise to the leader's seat happened when he eliminated Yuen Wai Loong in 8th place with pocket kings landing a set against Loong's ace-ten. From there, Paulsen picked up several more pots to end the day as the dominating chip leader with 2,270,000 chips. Paulsen is one of the most well-known players in the Asian circuit. He has earned a total of five titles throughout his poker career, and can be seen at almost every APT poker event.

Kai Paulsen

Cui Jia Bin – 1,435,000

China's Cui Jia Bin is back at the final table and looking for a repeat having won the same event at the WPT National Korea last month. Bin had a very successful last quarter in 2015, coming in second at the APPT 2015 ACOP HK$9,000 Spadie in November and earning him his biggest career cash of $117,671. Bin eliminated Filipino player Dennis Gamboa in 9th place to earn himself a seven-digit stack. He ended the day second-in-command with 1,435,000 chips.

Chua Ying Lin – 1,140,000

Malaysian player Chua Ying Lin also crossed the million mark at the Main Event with 1,140,000 chips. Lin had a bit of a card rush during the last several hands of the day, he had pocket kings and big slick back to back, both hands earning him a nice hefty pot. As another highly active player in the Asian scene, Lin made the final table of the APPT 9 Manila Main Event and took 9th place for a nice pot of $10,927.

Markus Garberg – 735,000

Another Norwegian joins Paulsen for the final 6, Markus Garberg, the overall chip leader entering day 3. Garberg ended the day with 735,000 chips, landing him in the fourth rank. He had over a million chips at one stage but lost several pots on pre-flop wars against Bin and Lin. Garberg may not be as active in the Asian arena as compared to Paulsen however, his Hendon Mob stats show him having traveled all over the world and earning some good poker pots along the way.

Michael Wee Tse Hua – 640,000

Like the Norwegians, another Malaysian is in the final table mix, Michael Wee Tse Hua. Hua has played consistently throughout the entire event, even crossing over the million mark when he doubled up against eventual 7th placer Samuele Moschetti. He ended the day with 640,000 chips.

Louis Nyberg – 450,000

Swedish player Louis Nyberg rounds out the final 6 with 450,000 chips. Nyberg was having a great run at the table of ten, but when he doubled up Paulsen, his stack fell and from there and he had a difficult time recovering to the average stack. Nyberg hasn't posted regular results on the live circuit however, he did win the SKr 10,600 No Limit Hold 'em Main Event in his home country back in 2011.

That event earned him his biggest career cash of $114,861.


Chip Count 

Seat 2 – Kai Paulsen: 2,270,000
Seat 5 – Jiabin Cui: 1,435,000
Seat 6 – Ying Lin Chua: 1,140,000
Seat 4 – Markus Garberg : 735,000
Seat 3 – Michael Tse Hua 640,000
Seat 1 – Louis Nyberg 450,000

Average: 1,116,666

In the Money

Samuele Moschetti – $14,340
Yuen Wai Loong – $11,500
Dennis Gamboa – $8,610
William Kang – $6,270
Andrei Kaigorodtcev – $6,270
Alex Henry – $6,270
Kwangsuk Yuh – $5,140
John Niko Costiniano – $5,140
Martin Gonzales – $5,140
Amit Roshanlal Jain – $4,400
Soh Chee Wee – $4,400
Marc Rivera – $4,400
Lita Hsu – $3,860
Terry Fan – $3,860
Thomas Goh – $3,860
Takuya Yamashita – $3,430
Willy Fan Ding – $3,430
Kunal Patni – $3,430
Sam Nee Aik Chuan – $3,040
Raiden Kan – $3,040
Anh Seong Hwan – $3,040
Sparrow Cheung – $2,650
Walken Li – $2,650
Jose Drilon – $2,650
Joseph Ty Sia – $2,650
Xi Xiang Luo – $2,650
Jaime Bertran – $2,650
Sameer Rattonsey – $2,650
Jeon Seung Soo – $2,650
Yeow Chung Chong 36 $2,650

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