Cui Jia Bin wins the WPT National Korea

The long awaited WPT National Korea has now reached it’s conclusion, with the last pot having been pushed, and a Main Event champion crowned.

The Main Event (KRW 2,000,000 Buy In) starting field was split into two starting days, with day 1a attracting 60 runners, and day 1b adding a further 138 players to the list of hopefuls. Organisers would have hoped to comfortably breach the 200 player mark, but this event will surely see healthier growth in the coming years, with sponsorship from Ourgame, and a beautiful location. 79 players remained after the day 1 exchanges, with China dominating the top of the chip counts, and Lu Chun Rong leading the way. 24 players would eventually reach the money. With many Chinese players making up the field, it was no surprise to see four players from China at the final table.

WPT Finale table

WPT National Korea Final Table (Photo WPT)

Final Table

Our 6th place finisher was Philippine pro and newly inducted member of team Poker King Club, Marc Rivera. Huang Peng Fei from China took 5th place and fellow Chinese national, Ye Rui finished 4th in what was a very short final table of 4 hours. Li Ke Jing managed to take 3rd place, leaving Ourgame team pro, Eddy Liang Gia Yang and Chinese player, Cui Yia Bin to battle it out heads up.

Eddy Liang is no stranger to going deep in WPT events, having won the WPT China National, a little over a year ago. Cui Yia Bin had carried the second largest chip stack into day 2, and had done a fantastic job of putting those chips to work in the latter stages. In the end, his momentum couldn’t be stalled, and he took the title, the trophy, and KRW83,608,000 ($70, 409).

WPT national Korea Winner

Cui Jia Bin ( Photo WPT)

– 1st Cui Yia Bin KRW83,608,000
– 2nd: Eddy Liang Gia Yang – KRW58,500,000
– 3rd: Li Ke Jing – KRW37,600,000
– 4th:  Ye Rui – KRW27,900,000
– 5th: Huang Peng Fei – KRW20,900,000
– 6th: Marcrichelien Rivera – KRW16,700,000

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