Top 10 Beginners Tips for Six Plus Hold’em / Short Deck

It’s been over a year since PokerStars introduced Six Plus Hold’em and since then other major poker sites like GGPoker have followed suit. Six Plus might seem very similar to regular Texas Hold’em, except the ante structure and of course having the deck being stripped of all cards under sixes, but if you jump into […]

Everything you should know before making a deal in a tournament

Over the years, deal making has become an increasingly popular and important factor in tournaments. It allows players to flatten the payouts in the late stages which decreases the variance which can make tournament grinding difficult to manage as a profession. Most live events are happy to facilitate deals between players, and certain online poker […]

Are re-entries and late registrations hurting the poker economy?

There once a time when poker tournaments involved one buy-in, one stack and one shot. In the simpler days of a freezeout you’d only ever see a player bust once. But these days, professionals can fire bullet after bullet until they finally build a big stack they can go to war with. Meanwhile recreational players […]

Five key areas for strengthening your Short Deck game

With Hold’em having been puzzled over and analysed under a microscope for over twenty years, the strategic elements of the game are beginning to follow a choreographed tightrope of game theory. Increasing numbers of players are playing almost every situation optimally with fewer and fewer mistakes being made at the highest level. Short Deck has […]

Top 10 Simple Strategies for OFC Poker

#1. Learn the point system It is possible to win all 3 hands but only walk away with 6 points because each of your boxes have weak combinations. E.g: 2 pairs, 1 pair and Ace high. You need stronger hands if you want to get more points (which you do). As you are learning the […]

Chinese and Open Face Chinese Poker: A Complete Guide

Introduction As poker gains in popularity around the world, players are starting to enjoy a broader diversity in the styles of poker available to them. Thus, Chinese poker, also known as Pusoy, has been gaining in popularity. Although this exciting and animated game has been known in the Asian community for years, it has recently […]

5 Reasons to Start Learning Pot Limit Omaha in 2018

Many players were first drawn to poker through No Limit Hold’em. Televised poker shows, home games or simply trying out the busier tables online all led players towards Hold’em. Once players get a taste for a game it seems that many of them stick with it for years, without ever feeling motivated to learn a new […]

PokerStars, APT, and WPT: The Payout Structure Question

For the avid tournament poker player, tournaments eat up hours and hours of one’s time. Even after multiple days invested at the felt, sometimes the return may not be that fruitful. Depending on what tour one joins, payouts also vary. At minimum, the standard payout is 10% of the field with the top three spots […]