USOP Vietnam Day 1 highlights: Chu Anh, Lordrich Nguyen, Hung Gosu win trophies; Vu Ta Nhat tops Mystery Bounty Day 1A


No shortage of action at opening day of U Series of Poker Vietnam with a platter of events on tap at the Crown Poker Club. The day closed seeing three players capture the first side event trophies of the series and ten players surviving Day 1A of the Mystery Bounty VN₫ 2.5 Billion guaranteed.

Here are the highlights and results.

Event 1: Mystery Bounty – Day 1A

Mystery Bounty – Day 1A bubble

The first trophy event was the multi-day Mystery Bounty VN₫ 2.5 Billion guaranteed. After ten levels of registration, 62 players entered plus 17 re-entries for a total of 79 Day 1A entries. Seven and a half hours in, the bubble burst with Vietnam’s Tuan Tien Hai delivering the bad and good news. Tuan’s Ah6s bested a short stack’s Ad2s on a running board 2d6c9s4cJc. Tuan bagged up the third largest stack of 57 bb.

Earning the chip leader’s status was Vietnam’s Vu Ta Nhat (pictured below) with 66 bb, trailed tightly by Estonia’s Roland Kivi with 65 bb. Impressively, Kivi also went on to finish in the money at the evening’s Hyper Turbo event.

Vu Ta Nhat – Day 1A chip leader
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Roland Kivi

The ten survivors await the results of Day 1B and Day 1C before returning to action for Day 2 on Sunday, April 16 at 10:30am. For those that missed the mark, the final two starting flights take place on Saturday, April 15 at 11am and 3:30pm.

Dates: April 14 to 16
Buy in: VN₫ 11,000,000 (~US$ 470)
Guarantee: VN₫ 2,500,000,000 (~US$ 106,600)
Day 1A: 79 entries (62 unique, 17 re-entry)
Day 1A survivors: 10 players

End of Day 1A chip counts

Player Flag Stack BB
Vu Ta Nhat Vietnam 330,000 66
Roland Kivi Estonia 323,000 65
Tuan Tien Hai Vietnam 283,000 57
Nguyen Tuan Anh Vietnam 243,000 49
Nguyen Manh Cuong Vietnam 223,000 45
Hoang Hai Nam Vietnam 216,000 43
Austin Ang Yang Siang Malaysia 110,000 22
Jeffry Kurniawan Indonesia 100,000 20
A. Tai Vietnam 84,000 17
Eric Chan Sai Hoe Malaysia 64,000 13

Event 2: Anh Duy Pham dominates Bao Pham at heads up to win the High Roller Warm Up

Anh Duy Pham

By far, the most popular event of the day was the High Roller Warm Up with 115 entries (67 unique, 48 re-entry) shattering the advertised VN₫ 900 Million guarantee. In its place was a pot that ballooned 3.5x over to VN₫ 3,346,500,000 (~US$ 142,740). Among the many distinguished players that came out were Triton champions Devan Tang and Dao Minh Phu, locals Huu Dung Nguyen, Huy Pham, Anh Duy Pham, international players Michael Kim Falcon, Rolands Norietis, Kelvin Tan, and Nevan Chang. 

High Roller bubble

Nine and a half hours in, the bubble burst on Nguyen Quang Huy whose all in with KhJc top pair on the flop 6sJh3c6hQh was rivered by Bao Pham’s Qd8d. Pham went on to bring in the largest stack to the final table.


Picking up the action at four handed, Pham’s stack ballooned further after he eliminated Tung Nguyen with pocket Nines full house crushing King-Queen overcards. At one point, Pham amassed 15M out of the 18M chips in play at three handed and seemed he was headed for sure victory, however it was not to be.

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After Anh Duy Pham aka Chu Anh finished off Beng Wei Lim in 3rd place, it was heads up with Pham ahead by only 2 bb. Command quickly switched with Anh dominating the action. It didn’t take long for the final hand to land. On a board 3hAd5d10h, Anh raised all in, Pham called for his tournament life and was drawing dead. Pham had AcJd top pair, Anh had the nuts straight 2s4d.

Relive the final table action via the livestream on the CPC facebook page.

Date: April 14, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 33,000,000 (~US$ 1,400)
Guarantee: VN₫ 900,000,000 (~US$ 38,400)
Entries: 115 (67 unique, 48  re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 3,346,500,000 (~US$ 142,740)
ITM: 17 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in VN₫
1 Anh Duy Pham Vietnam 922,000,000
2 Bao Pham Vietnam 575,000,000
3 Lim Beng Wei Malaysia 349,500,000
4 Tung Nguyen Vietnam 250,000,000
5 Hung Wei Yeh Taiwan 200,000,000
6 Harry Tran Vietnam 165,000,000
7 Anh Tien Vietnam 135,000,000
8 Trung Quang Doan Vietnam 108,000,000
9 Nevan Chang Taiwan 90,000,000
10 Duong Hung Dang Vietnam 77,000,000
11 Khoi Nguyen Vietnam 77,000,000
12 Tu Duc Bui Vietnam 77,000,000
13 Sebastian Muller Germany 67,000,000
14 Huy Quang Dinh Vietnam 67,000,000
15 Huu Dung Nguyen Vietnam 67,000,000
16 Dien Van Le Vietnam 60,000,000
17 Minh Quang Nguyen Vietnam 60,000,000

Event 3: Thinh Ba Nguyen wins maiden title at the Deepstack

Milestone moment for Thinh Ba Nguyen aka Lordrich Nguyen who captured his first ever live title at the Deepstack event. Nguyen defeated Po Wen Fang at heads up to pocket the VN₫ 92,540,000 (~US$ 3,950) first prize and a trophy to commemorate the achievement.

Thinh Ba Nguyen aka Lordrich Nguyen

The Deepstack event pulled in 68 entries (52 unique, 16 re-entry) for a prize pool of VN₫ 263,840,000. Just over six hours of play, Taiwan’s Zong Chi He plummeted to 1 bb after his AdJs lost the flip against Japan’s Fumitaka Ikeda KhQc on a running board Qs9s2s9dQh. Two hands later, He was eliminated on the bubble and the final table was formed.

Deepstack final table

The final table ran for three hours. At three handed, Fang shaved down Ng Shun Hong to 1 bb with Ad10c finding the Ten to beat 9c9h. Ng soon busted and Fang entered heads up with a sizable advantage against Nguyen.

Fang attempted to take it down on the first hand, shoving Jh8d, Nguyen risked it with Ad3c, and doubled up. From there, Nguyen stayed ahead and slowly drained out Fang.. Fang won one double up but on his next push, it was all over with Jack-Seven dominated by Nguyen’s Ace-Five.

Date: April 14, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 4,500,000 (~US$ 190)
Entries: 68
Prize pool: VN₫ 263,840,000 (~US$ 11,250)
ITM: 9 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in VN₫
1 Thinh Ba Nguyen Vietnam 92,540,000
2 Po Wen Fang Taiwan 53,000,000
3 Ng Shun Hong Singapore 33,200,000
4 Fumitaka Ikeda Japan 23,700,000
5 Ha Manh Dinh Vietnam 18,500,000
6 Hieu Ngoc Ngo Vietnam 14,500,000
7 Hai Minh Vu Vietnam 11,300,000
8 Ong Beng Wei 9,200,000
9 Viet Trong Nguyen Vietnam 7,900,000

Event 4: Rollercoaster victory for Hung Trong Nguyen at the Hyper Turbo

Hung Trong Nguyen

39 evening warriors took on the Hyper Turbo with an added 12 re-entries for a total of 51 entries and a prize pool of VN₫ 148,400,000. Just under six hours of play, Tai Anh Do eliminated Zachary Lim in 3rd place to face big stacked Hung Trong Nguyen ake Hung Gosu at heads up.


Do caught a lucky double up with 10h7c full house beating Kh7d trips on a board 7h7sJc10s10c. This gave him the lead which soon switched back with Nguyen’s Jh6h also finding luck on a board Qd6c2h8c8h to beat KsJc. Shortly after, the final hand arrived. Both players were all in on a flop 9cAc4c, Nguyen with 8c5c flush, Do with As4h two pair. Do’s outs didn’t show up with the turn Js and river 7c.

Like the Deepstack champion, this was Nguyen’s first ever live win. He earned a payout of VN₫ 56,400,000 (~US$ 2,405) and a trophy to commemorate the win. 

Hyper Turbo final 6

Date: April 14, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 3,400,000 (~US$ 145)
Entries: 51 (39 unique, 12 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 148,400,000 (~US$ 6,330)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Flag
Payout in VN₫
1 Hung Trong Nguyen Vietnam 56,400,000
2 Tai Anh Do Vietnam 34,100,000
3 Zachary Lim Malaysia 21,000,000
4 Max Menzel Germany 15,700,000
5 Bao Thai Vu Vietnam 12,000,000
6 Roland Kivi Estonia 9,200,000

Stick with us here at Somuchpoker as we bring you full coverage of USOP Vietnam from start to finish. 

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