Crown Poker Series: Bien Mai closes Main Event Day 2 as final table chip leader, Yu Shin Lee close behind; Su Jung Park wins Deepstack

The inaugural Crown Poker Series resumed play at Crown Plaza in Da Nang, Vietnam with Day 2 of the Main Event taking place on Wednesday, April 25,  2023. The final 58 players returned to hunt down the money which started at 32nd place. It concluded with Vietnam’s Bien Mai bagging the final 9 chip lead and Korea’s Yu Shin Lee a close second rank. Soo Jo Kim and Vivian Im also found their way into the lineup. Over at the side events, Su Jung Park lifted a trophy at the Deepstack. Here are the results.

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Two and a half hours in, the bubble burst with Nam Hoang Tran knocking out a short stacked player. It was all in preflop, short stack had 6s4s, Tran Kc[qs}, the board ran Kh10c8sKd9h. From there, the first payouts were being claimed. Among the early busts were Hwang Seong Il (31st), Jaeho Lee (26th), Namhyung Kim (23rd), and Nhat Duc Nguyen (21st).

Bien Mai

Down to 15 players, two players were all in on the turn, Vietnamese ace, Bien Mai proceeded to eliminate Korea’s Ta Na Lee with 8s3s two pair on a board that completed 7s7h3c4h10s. Mai also cleaned out Seongmin Lee in 12th place with AhAc crushing 10d8d. Mai will bring in the biggest stack into the final table.

Soo Jo Kim

Day 1B chip leader Soojo Kim went head to head against Bluff & Catch Pro Seungmook Jung and burned Jung’s QhQd with Kd3d that landed two pair on the river 3h2d2c4dKs. Jung settled for 13th place.

Yu Shin Lee

Another strong Day 2 finisher was Yu Shin Lee who eliminated Vietnam’s Harry Duong in 14th place and delivered the bubble to form the final table. Against Duong, both were all in preflop, Lee was ahead with Ac10h, Duong opened Ah8c. The board was 2hAd9hKh10d for two pair to Lee. The final hand of Day 2 was Hyun Sup Kim 10dQd, LeeKc3h, the board 3d9d{kd7h5s.


Final 9 players – by chip rank

Rank Player Flag Stack BB
1 Bien Mai Vietnam 1,375,000 55
2 Yu Shin Lee Korea 1,315,000 53
3 Moonho Seo Korea 1,290,000 52
4 Beab Su Kim Korea 780,000 31
5 Trung Van Nguyen Vietnam 710,000 28
6 Soo Jo Kim Korea 570,000 23
7 Youngshin Im Korea 545,000 22
8 Jiwon Yoon Korea 510,000 20
9 Tun Nguyen Vietnam 495,000 20

Buy in: VN₫ 44,000,000 (~US$ 1,875)
Guarantee: VN₫ 10,000,000,000 (~US$ 426,500)|
Entries: 254
Prize pool: VN₫  9,855,200,000 (~US$ 419,800)
ITM: 32 places

Final 9 payouts

Place Payout in VN₫
1 2,680,000,000
2 1,550,000,000
3 880,000,000
4 740,000,000
5 590,000,000
6 440,000,000
7 320,000,000
8 240,000,000
9 180,000,000

Payouts 10th – 32nd

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫
10 Hyun Sup Kim Korea 140,000,000
11 Louie Yu Korea 120,000,000
12 Seongmin Lee Korea 120,000,000
13 Seungmook Jung Korea 120,000,000
14 Harry Duong Vietnam 120,000,000
15 Ta Na Lee Korea 120,000,000
16 Chul Bae Won Korea 100,000,000
17 Dong Kyu Kim Korea 100,000,000
18 Ji Beom Kang Korea 100,000,000
19 Min Jung Kim Korea 100,000,000
20 Seung Yeol Kim Korea 100,000,000
21 Nhat Nguyen Duc Vietnam 90,000,000
22 Nam Hoang Tran Vietnam 90,000,000
23 Namhyung Kim Korea 90,000,000
24 Jun Hee Kim Korea 90,000,000
25 Chunho Seo Korea 90,000,000
26 Jaeho Lee Korea 80,000,000
27 Jong Jin Han Korea 80,000,000
28 Duc Minh Phan Vietnam 80,000,000
29 Ho Yoo Sun Korea 80,000,000
30 Yangrae Kim Korea 80,000,000
31 Seong Il Hwang Korea 72,600,000
32 Changwook Son Korea 72,600,000

Su Jung Park wins the Deepstack

Su Jung Park

Wrapping up in the wee hours of the night was the Deepstack. Su Jung Park rose above the 99-entry field to capture her first known live win and a substantial payout of VN₫ 273,700,000 (~US$ 11,670).

Buy in: VN₫ 11,000,000 
Entries: 99
Prize pool: VN₫ 960,300,000 (~US$ 40,908,000
ITM: 13 places

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫
1 Su Jung Park Korea 273,700,000
2 Young Jun Son Korea 160,000,000
3 Ju Yeol Lee Korea 100,000,000
4 Anuy Voong UK 78,800,000
5 Vu Dinh Nguyen Vietnam 67,200,000
6 Jung Sup Yun Korea 57,000,000
7 Jieun Um Korea 48,000,000
8 Carlos Shiu Canada 39,000,000
9 Roland Kivi Estonia 33,600,000
10 Jiseung Jang Vietnam 28,000,000
11 Gi Bum Kim Vietnam 25,000,000
12 Sangkyun Lee Vietnam 25,000,000
13 Daewoong Song Vietnam 25,000,000
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