Videos of the Week: Bluffs everywhere and an Andrew Neeme vlog featuring Doug Polk…

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.


We have a bit of a theme going on this week. Many of the highlight videos have bluffs as their topic. This is the first one from PokerStars with five bluffs gone wrong.

Poker Time: Bluffing the Heartthrob

The Poker Guys also look at a bluff hand in their Poker Time series. Check out this video with an in depth analysis of this $5/1$0 cash game hand.

Dan Smith Attempts Queen-High All In Bluff vs Matt Berkey on Poker After Dark

Completing the triplet, here is PokerGo with a bluff hand between Dan Smith and Matt Berkey from a Poker After Dark show.

INCREDIBLE Pocket Aces Hand! With a Very Special Guest

And to wrap it up for this week, here is a nice vlog from Andrew Neeme, battling it out in a big game in Texas – also against Doug Polk.